ASUS EEEPC 900 - BF001 NETBOOK £175.49 + P&P! @ CDiscount

ASUS EEEPC 900 - BF001 NETBOOK £175.49 + P&P! @ CDiscount

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Found 1st Oct 2009
I dont know how long this deal will last for, but if people missed out one of the deals from Acer Aspire One A150 a few months back I think this one is very good too!

Also this one is a 16gb SSD version rather than the previous 8gb makes me think this is a much better deal!


For a shock proof mobile computer choose the Asus EEEPC 900 BF001 netbook.

The Intel mobile processor delivers high performance across all of your programmes, and simultaneously preserves and extends the battery life of this mini netbook. 1GB of ram guarantees all your applications run smoothly, while a large 16G storage capacity provides plenty of space for all your media and data.

The EEEPC 900 BF001 netbook also features revolutionary Solid State Drive Technology (SDD) which guarantees your mobile netbook runs quietly and efficiently and ensures that it is entirely shock proof for use outdoors or on the move.

For your comfort the EEEPC 900 netbook is equipped with an 8.9" screen which is compact enough to easily transport.

Linux Operating System is a user interface for PC consumers of all levels and guarantees that even novice computer users will benefit from this highly portable netbook.

With a weight of less than 1kg, outstanding wireless capabilities and shockproof mobility you can take the Asus EEEPC 900BF001 netbook wherever you go.
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On CDicsount's webpage they have netbooks with 10% off on top of competitive prices on some lines... Worth checking into as they have EeePC's too...
3% at topcashback. good deal

Ahhh they are already out of stock so quick!
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