Asus EN9800GT 512MB £53.84 @ SaverStore (RRP > £120)

Asus EN9800GT 512MB £53.84 @ SaverStore (RRP > £120)

Found 1st Dec 2008
This is pretty obviously a missprice, so it may/may not come off.
Manafacturer's part number is wrong.

But if they honour / don't notice... Bargin !

Crackin' card tho'

Good luck !


Nice1 :thumbsup:

Good price, Can't add to my Dell Mini though

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Good price, Can't add to my Dell Mini though

Did u get one of the £98 ones ?? Didn't think Dell would honour them !

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Not a mis-price, the part number 90-C1CLL0-J0UAY00Z refers to this…319 which means that the title in the description is incorrect.

Yeah, googling finds that the part number is for a 8500GT.

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Yea, i spotted that. When you add to the cart, still listed as 9800. Depends on how their ordering system is setup as to whether this will fly or not ... Like I said at the start, its a gamble

Take a gamble, it's the only way these things work! Very good find

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Take a gamble, it's the only way these things work! Very good find

Remember to take screenshots, incase of argument :thumbsup:

Good luck!

Was tempted but £25 to post to NI

I would say 90%+ probability that their picking process goes to pick up their internal part number of 20026592 and tthat for the real Asus EN9800GT is this ]http//ww…870
Quickcode: 20026547
Manufacturer Part#: 90-C1CLE5-L0UAY00Z .. just have to pray that either you are in luck or end up with a lot of hassle to return and to get refund! Worth a gamble for some. ..

I've ordered one based of the title description. As a consumer you aren't expected to hunt through the manufacturers codes so the worst that will happen is they will send out a 8500 then have to organise a refund / collection.

Ordered, couldn't find how to cancel anyway. If it is the wrong card I took a screendump as proof and if that fails, DSR comes to the rescue

nice1. Have ordered 1 too.

now showing as unavailable

Just got an email saying cancelled

Their whole website is down now

Just got an email:

This email is confirmation that the above order has been cancelled.

The reason for cancellation is - Pricing Error.

Any monies already paid in respect of this order will be refunded back to you using the same method as the original payment.

Thank you for your custom.

Yours sincerely
Customer Services
Part of Online Distribution

Same. Was worth a try at least.

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Oh well. Ce'st la vie. I got a 1900xtx from a missprice on Savastore once, so sometimes works.
Expired the deal.

surprise surprise mine cancelled too!

While we missed out on a good deal, hats off to Saverstore! They saw the error, took the product off the site and informed us our orders were cancelled all in about one hour - some companies will take your money and leave you in the lurch for weeks expecting your product! I'm impressed!

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Agrred. Much better than having to return the wrong item. Anyone who still wants a cheep graphics card ...…86M
8800GT 12MB £58 . .. . One only!! (pwcb return).

Quickly resolved, but always a shame when they don't come off
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