ASUS GeForce Dual-GTX1060-O3G Graphics Card £179.99 @ GAME

ASUS GeForce Dual-GTX1060-O3G Graphics Card £179.99 @ GAME

£179.99GAME Deals
Found 18th Jun 2017
Ok so it's not the 1080ti so I'm sorry to disappoint you fellow hukd fans however it does seem like a decent upgrade at a reasonable price.

Free postage.
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Not sure why people are voting cold?

Miners have snapped up everything less than £190.
im shocked asus could get away with such a misleading product name.
GPU prices seem to have gone up a bit next cheapest i can find is…wcB
This isnt a bad price considering the crazy prices for Radeons. I assume its cold because people are comparing it to gaming terms, not mining. However, have some heat OP, this is the cheapest so far!
Does this Feature bold designs and bright colors, an exciting new series possessing a spirit of fierce individualism that charges every gaming experience with thrilling energy ??
other than that, yes good.
hot but you are in the wrong site, here are mostly ATI and AMD fans
3Gb vram is not enough anymore. Pay a bit more for the 6Gb version, you won't regret it.
This is not really much of a deal, £179.99 seems expensive for a 1060. I would expect the 60 series of cards to be priced at less than £140.
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