ASUS K31BF Desktop PC £299.99 @ pc world

ASUS K31BF Desktop PC £299.99 @ pc world

Found 16th Dec 2015
Posted here before at a higher price I think - Anyone know anything about the graphics? Not sure about this but otherwise seems a good price.
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Lack of graphics marketing, cheap windows serving pc
AMD rubbish.
It's got an ok integrated graphics card. Fine for home use and light gaming
Thanks for the comments so far - I'm only looking for a new PC for web browsing and MS office work. I also have the opportunity of a 10% discount at PC world which would bring the price down to £270. Unless anyone knows of a better deal I might go for it.
This is a good price for the specification. It'll cope with most common computing tasks admirably, but don't expect high end gaming performance.
Amd a10 great five years ago no graphics card. Cold from me.

Amd a10 great five years ago no graphics card. Cold from me.

It was only released last year...

@Rugger8: The A10-7800 et al. are reasonable. It's £55 worth of CPU* combined with fairly expensive integrated graphics. It's perfectly competent competition to Intel's £55 CPUs (Pentium G3450 etc.). If you can benefit from the faster integrated graphics it may be worth considering paying the extra but the trouble is that a separate graphics card is often more attractive.

*The A10-7850k is actually sold without the graphics as the 860k for that price.

With the 8GB of memory and 3TB hard drive it's not a bad deal if it's what you're after.

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For an extra £20 you might want to consider this:

They probably use a bog standard psu, but for general use it should last a while. They also do a 1tb version for £300 too.
I had an a10-7700 machine recently the graphics is on par with a gt730. AMD have on the marketing its beats an i3 with a gt730. However I think its pretty similar performance wise with standard ram (the benchmarks AMD use are with higher speed RAM which benefits the APU performance).
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