ASUS O!PLAY media streamer, 63.79 @ Scan
ASUS O!PLAY media streamer, 63.79 @ Scan

ASUS O!PLAY media streamer, 63.79 @ Scan

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Seems quite good for the price, been deciding between this and the:
WDTV LIVE or AC RYAN, but the is over 20.00 cheaper and seems to do the same and reviews on you tube ect seem quite good.

Plays MKV and most other files

And I think you can get free delivery if you sign up to AVFORUM

Youtube video link below
- schizoboy


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I am really stuck, the GUI is not that great on this from you tube, but for 20.00 cheaper than AC Ryan and WDTV LIVE... Uhmm I dont know

ive got a WDHD TV Live and had nothing but trouble. HDMI stopping working, only showing green etc. on a replacement now. this looks good i think.

Received this on Monday from Scan for £58.74 Very happy with it

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Just bought the AC RYAN, seems to have the most support, and they have just upgraded the Chip I think for HD audio. seems as pics and some video can look a but dull on the o-play acording to some, but hey still a wicked price.

The price is tempting although I would go for AC RYAN due to their vast support and regular firmware updates. Also AC RYAN supports wireless network with a wifi adapter. I was also considering WDTV LIVE as well. But again ...they both are £20 more than ASUS. I dont know.. Decision time..
I know this is not an AV Forum (for those who may think wth..) and by the way ...hot deal..
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