ASUS ROG Gladius Gaming Mouse £30.99 @ Amazon (Prime exclusive)

ASUS ROG Gladius Gaming Mouse £30.99 @ Amazon (Prime exclusive)

Found 18th Oct 2017
Appears to be the lowest it has been, and a fair price especially since its one of the few mice I've found with a detachable cable. Only 6 left but more on the way
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Matching eBuyer's price.
They're OK. For thirty quid though..... I'd probably want to spend a bit more and get a premium mouse for fifty or so.
Think I paid £20 for mine but would happily pay £30. Really nice feel in the hand and the cable setup is great.
Pretty shit tbh, roccat kone all the way.

The only other good mouse apart from the kone that ive tried was a razer mouse that they dont make anymore, death adder probs closest to it
I love ROG. Although Amazon reviews are mixed. Users complaining the rubber grip comes off leaving glue everywhere. I'll pass.
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