Asus rt-ac88u ac3100 ADSL/VDSL modem router

Asus rt-ac88u ac3100 ADSL/VDSL modem router

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Found 14th Dec 2017
Fantastic Modem router for use with ADSL/VDSL
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Only 4 aerials. Gotta get that one that's £400 and has 8 aerials, otherwise your bytes will be slow.
I want this, but not at that price. I'd like to replace my TP-Link VR900 because the 2.4ghz band is failing me constantly. Also need something I can get OpenVPN on, and that's compatible with Sky MER. Not much choice tbh
Correct model number is ASUS DSL-AC88.
why would you need 867Mbps for ADSL in the UK
synasla10 m ago

why would you need 867Mbps for ADSL in the UK

Because some people have more than one machine in their house, and this speed refers to the internal network's maximum speed
synasla11 m ago

why would you need 867Mbps for ADSL in the UK

Intranet file transfers? I regularly transfer large VMs even at home and though usually do it hardwired sometimes use wireless.
Ah alright, I use GbE for that. Never tried large transfers on WiFi between 2 PC

Not a deal?

The difference between this (dsl-ac88u) and the OTHER RT-ac88u is the DSL has a VDSL modem to plug it directly into the telephone and 4 gigabit LAN ports. The RT-version has 8 gigabit LAN but no VDSL modem, so requires a separate modem (such as BT openreach) or Virgin Media connection. Also the RT version is able to use Merlin's excellent firmware, while the DSL is not.

There is a known fault with these (DSL AND RT) where the 2.4Ghz band basically doesn't work. I spent ~8 hours playing around wondering what I was doing wrong before realising this. Beware Amazon warehouse deals!

For this reason, I can't recommend. However if you get a 'good' one however they seem excellent!
If spending this kinda money I'd get the Fritzbox 7590 which does broadband & also replaces your DECT base, acts as a virtual switchboard giving you multiple voicemail boxes, advanced phone menu, can handle landline and route VOIP calls to handsets plus allow internal calls and it can block nuisance calls too.

The networking side gives you a proper mesh network if you use extra WAPs plus the NAS stuff, print server and home automation support.
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