ASUS U1E-P038E Laptop - £593.14 (£587.19 + £5.95 Standard Delivery) @ Currys

ASUS U1E-P038E Laptop - £593.14 (£587.19 + £5.95 Standard Delivery) @ Currys

Found 22nd Jan 2009
Hi all, I've been visiting this site for a couple of years now and I thought it was time to pay back.

* Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo U7500 Processor - 1.06GHz, 533MHz FSB, 2MB Cache
* Genuine Windows Vista Business
* 2GB Memory
* 100GB Hard Drive
* 11.1" Brightview
* Graphics Card Type - INTEL PM965 (Shared 128 MB)
* 1 kg (Height 29 mm - Width 261 mm - Depth 190 mm)
* External DVD Super Multi Optical Drives
* Wifi Enabled
* Bluetooth Enabled
* Built in Camera

I couldn't find any specific review for this laptop, but what I could find was quite nice. Currys claims battery life is up to 4.5 hours. That and the weight lead me to think it ships with the 3-cell battery, that can give you around 3.5 hours, or so I read. I also read there are 9-cell batteries available for this model.

I hope someone finds this useful, I've already ordered one for myself. You can check the price at Dixons is £978.71. One of them must be a misprice...


This seems a bit expensive to me? Is the Samsung NC10 not a similar/better spec but half the price? or am I missing something?

Processor Type CORE 2 DUO ULV U7500
Processor speed 1060 The higher the number of Megahertz (MHZ) the faster the processor should be
Memory Size 2048 MB
Memory Type DDR2 667DRAM
Hard Drive Capacity 100 GB The bigger the capacity the more you can store
CD-ROM Speed 24 x Enabling access to CD ROM data. The higher the number the faster the speed
CD-RW Speed. 10 x Enabling you to access and store data on CD-RW disks. The higher the number the faster the speed
DVD-ROM Speed 8 x Enabling you access to data on DVD. The higher the number the faster the speed
DVD-RW Speed 8 x Enabling you to store data on DVD. The higher the number the faster the speed
Screen Size/Type 11.1 Wxga
Graphics Card Type INTEL PM965 To enable images to be displayed on your monitor
Graphics Memory Shared 128 MB The higher the memory the better quality images you are display
Sound Type AZALIA To enable you to have sound from your computer which is great for games, movies and music
Modem Type 56k Enabling communication with others via the telephone line. A modem is used for the Internet, e-mail and faxing
Wireless Enabled YES Allows you to connect to an existing wireless network such as in a office or a wireless hot spot
No. of USB Connections 4 The more connections the computer has the more equipment you can connect to your computer e.g. a modem, printer, scanner, digital camera, PDA
No. of Firewire Connections 1 High speed data transfer link for digital video and other media. Ideal for quickly downloading video images from a camcorder to PC
Other Interfaces Bluetooth
Battery Type LI-ION
Battery life (up to) 4.5 hours
Software Titles Included Norton Internet Security 2007
Weight 1 kg This is the weight of the appliance in KG
Height 29 mm
Width 261 mm
Depth 190 mm

Just weighs 1Kg - seems too good to be true.

OP send us some thoughts when it arrives. Hot


This seems a bit expensive to me? Is the Samsung NC10 not a … This seems a bit expensive to me? Is the Samsung NC10 not a similar/better spec but half the price? or am I missing something?

This is a 'Proper laptop' not a netbook. If you need the DVD drive and the power for multi tasks etc then this would be the way to go.

It also has a bigger screen but is lighter according to the details I have posted.

That said the NC10 seems to be a great machine.:?

These C2D U7500 equipped machines are damned expensive.Can't see the point of them really. I suspect there's a niche market but not for the man on the street.

I don't get it, 2 x 1.06ghz with a 533mhz bus is rubbish isn't it? Not much memory, pretty small HD, shared graphics.. Why is it nearly £600?

(Not voting cold because I think I must be missing the point..)

That picture looks suspiciously like my Asus G1. And trust me, the G1 isn't 1kg!
That's what it actually looks like.
It's aimed at office/business types who need good battery life and portability for running your standard office apps

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Hi again, I guess I'll have to wait until I receive it to check how good it actually is. The closest thing to a review a found for this model is here:…/p1

Which is for a model with lower specs.

dont tell me you bought one?,dixons must be laughing.2 year old discontinued stock by the looks of it.cancel and get 2 nc10's or just cancel full stop.

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Hi, this thread is already dead but I just wanted to say I already received my netbook.
So far I'm happy with what I got. It looks quite ok (…u=1), it's really very light, 1Kg with the 3-cell battery, a bit more with the 6-cell one, and luckyly enough both are included in the package. With the 3-cell battery I get around 2 hours in high usage and around 3 in battery-save mode, I expect quite better performance with the 6-cell battery.
I'm not sure why this laptop has been compared by some of you with the NC10. For a start it has a core 2 duo processor, not the most powerful one of course, it's an Ultra-Low-Voltage one for improved battery life. It has 2Gb of RAM, and the screen allows you to set a resolution of 1,366 x 768. In the package I also received the external DVD writer, and well, a carry bag, a wireless mouse... and a piece of leather
I know this deal would not be good for everyone, it really depends on your needs. Bur for someone who wants a very portable laptop with more power than the NC10 or MSI Wind this is not too bad.
Hopefully I'll find a better deal next time.
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