Asus VE228TR 21.5" LED LCD DVI Monitor £79.98 @ Ebuyer

Asus VE228TR 21.5" LED LCD DVI Monitor £79.98 @ Ebuyer

Found 4th Jul 2014
Good price (Today only!)

- 1920 x 1080 Full HD
- Response Time: 5ms
- Interfaces: VGA, D-Sub, DVI-D
- Built-in Speakers
- Wall Mountable


Voted hot,

Now price matched on amazon aswell

If you're looking for a cheap monitor, this isn't too bad I suppose. However it has lot's of problems. I don't own this particular model, but it's brother the Asus VE228HR. They're basically the same, but the Asus VE228HR has a HDMI port too. Honestly, I'd only get it as a stop gap. The lighting is terrible. Terrible even for the price. The edges (right and left) are far too bright, so much so that on a pure white screen, the middle looks grey. It's not grey of course, just that when contrasting with the over bright edges it looks that way. Build quality isn't fantastic, the bezel is made from very cheap plastic and is quite loose. But that's not a huge problem and to be expected these days at this sort of price. I've also had several random stuck pixels. Giving them a quick tap or flick knocks the sense back into them, but it happens often. The top and bottom edges of the screen are also uneven, but acceptable. It's just difficult to get a satisfactory picture out of it even after fiddling with settings, and no amount of fiddling is going to fix the overly bright edges. Not expecting miracles at this price, but this is really poor. I purchased mine in haste after my previous Samsung monitor (2233BW, that was well over 5 years old) died. That was a fantastic monitor and it was in a similar price range. It also likes to turn itself off completely when it detects a high amount of black in the picture. This is presumably some sort of power save feature and it cannot be turned off. This is particularly annoying if restarting your machine. The bios post doesn't display unless you vigorously move your mouse about. This is a problem if you ever need to enter the bios to change settings as you cannot see when to press the appropriate button, or what the appropriate button even is since you can't see anything! My kid nephew accidently depressed the power button on my machine. That initiates an overclocking feature. But since I haven't set mine, the overclock will always fail. A message is then displayed that tells you to start the machine normally. I took me ages to figure this out as I could not see the message on screen because of the stupid dimming "feature". In the end I just had to unplug the PC from the mains. But then of course it failed to start again as "windows did not shut down properly, would you like to blah blah blah". And I still could not read this message as there was no display. Even moving the mouse around would not get it to display.
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