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ASUS Vivobook Pro 14'' 2.8K OLED i5-11300H, GTX 1650, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD Laptop - Blue £494.10 with code (UK Mainland) @ AO

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Posted 11th Jun 2022

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Earlier deal now has a 10% code ASUS10

Info added by SebK:

This Asus VivoBook Pro might be light, but it’s also packing some pretty awesome tech. With an Intel® Core™ processor and plenty of RAM, you’ll fly through your jobs in record time. It’s even great for multitasking, so get your fingers tapping instead of twiddling. Like the sound of seeing colours the way they’re supposed to look? Its OLED screen does just that. The special panel that makes blacks darker and whites brighter – perfect for videos and games. And if you’re itching to jump straight into the action, that’s where the SSD comes in. It loads ups apps in an instant, and has space for all your files too. Fast and powerful, it’s the full package.

Free upgrade to Windows 11 when available. The upgrade rollout plan for Windows 11 is being finalised and is scheduled to begin late in 2021 and continue in 2022. Specific timing will vary by device and certain features require specific hardware.

Key Features
  • Lightweight laptop with an 8-hour battery life
  • WQXGA screen - for a stunning, clear picture
  • 512GB SSD offers tons of storage & super-fast loading
  • Intel® Core™ i5 processor - for effortless multitasking
  • 8GB of RAM delivers seamless multitasking


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  1. Avatar
    Why on every lightweight laptop deal do we get the same comments about 8gb RAM. The reason manufacturers use 8GB is because that is all you need, these laptops are not designed for AAA games and video editing. 8GB is plenty for browsing, photo editing, office tasks, media consumption and mid level gaming.

    Great price (edited)
    Disagree with you about 8gb ram plenty on the basis that you might plan on upgrading to Windows 11, Windows 11 is RAM hungry and will struggle with things like photo editing on 8Gb, it'll work but you'll get smoother performance with 16Gb. My main issue isn't that they supply 8Gb it's that the RAM is soldered in so you don't get the option to upgrade if you want.

  2. Avatar
    This is a great machine ruined by having just 8GB of soldered non expandable RAM and usb c that doesn't allow charging or DP. (edited)
    Exactly my thoughts, strange machine.

    It almost feels like they crippled it on purposes, Asus is becoming the Xiaomi of laptops, so many models
  3. Avatar
    is it possible that this has 8Gb soldered, but has a slot for one sodimm as some devices do? The ASUS web site is a little misleading
    Nope. Just checked the service manual (asus.com/Lap…de/) and while the M.2 drive is replaceable, the memory is soldered without any means of expansion.
    Nice machine otherwise though.
  4. Avatar
    HUKD members '8gb just isn't enough to run windows 11 in 2022'
    Microsoft surface pro 8 designed for MS W11 runs on 8GB RAM

    Who do you believe
    HUKD members
  5. Avatar
    This is a Great little lappy for everyday use, 8GB is enough for most tasks this is not designed for 4k video editing or high end gaming, I use one for emulation and it does great at upscalling most things to 1440p or above, The screen is Fantastic bright and Colourful, 3dmark timespy score is around 3.5k, never gets overly loud even when gaming hard on Resident evil village. Build quality is very good at the price but this was around £799 when released, often have 10-12 chrome tabs open and never run out of memory on Windows 11. The SSD can be upgraded but there is no spare slot, as others have said the ram cannot be upgraded which is a shame as for me this would be near perfect. I have just ordered another as at this price I think it's very hard to beat with the OLED 90hz screen.. HOT 🔥

    Replying to

    I purchased one for £433 described as having large scratches on top, however it's absolutely immaculate!
    I still think this is an excellent price for a brand new unit.
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    Not had mine long but some notes for buyers. Subsequent to all the Windows updates:

    - The screen is pre-configured to 8-bit / 60Hz which you can change to 10-bit / 90Hz in the Intel Command Centre.

    - HDR needs to be enabled via Windows Display Settings.

    - Windows does not update the Nvidia driver to the latest version, recommend installing that directly or using GeForce Experience.

    - Use Intel Driver Support Assistant to update the WiFi/Bluetooth/Iris onboard Graphics to latest.

    - One of the updates installs and enables DTS Audio Processing, it drastically alters the audio so I recommend opening to see if you prefer it off / adjusted. (edited)
  7. Avatar
    What is the screen ratio on this? Is it a 16:10?
    Yes it is 16:10
  8. Avatar
    Not sure why anyone would complain about cheap laptop with good specs. 8GB RAM is more than enough for most people on every day tasks. If you're a gamer or want more RAM for intensive tasks, pay more to get a more expensive laptop
    Having only 8gb does mean you will be able to run only a few apps concurrently and you will need to make sure you don't have many tabs open in browsers; but as long as you are happy with this it will be ok.
  9. Avatar

    get this
    get xbox game pass- its currently £1
    cloud stream any game
    it works great
  10. Avatar
    I went for it, I've been looking for quite a while and this ticked all my boxes, so I treated myself
  11. Avatar
    This is perfect for Football manager, So with that I’m buying
    Would you have to be a bit careful playing football manager on an oled screen? I’m assuming you can’t really leave the main screen open too long.
  12. Avatar
    Heat added, better deal than mine haha
    Would have bought yours if Iwas on five minutes later (edited)
  13. Avatar
    A good saving especially when you see it started at £649.God knows why the've done it but that white on the Enter key looks awful and detracts from the whole keyboard for me.Although im not overly impressed with the figures on the trackpad but then i guess these are illuminated and could be turned off.Still voting hot for savings.
    It's not like you have to look at it much, your attention will be on the screen.
  14. Avatar
    If the screen on this is 100% srgb and 300 nits plus then this is an amazing deal. 1650 gaming card is awesome for old AAA games. If I didn't have a hp envy 13 with mx450 already I'd definitely buy this
    400 nits
  15. Avatar
    Not a surprise this is getting shifted so cheap... 8gb soldered was a blooper and a half.

    Loving the cpu gpu combo and as much as the looming fear of oled screen is.. can be plugged into a monitor in the future when the burn kicks in. (edited)
  16. Avatar
    Does it have a back-lit keyboard?
    It has three brightness levels plus an off setting on the F7 key.
  17. Avatar
  18. Avatar
    Mine has just arrived. very fast seeing I picked the free delivery option.
    Mine came quick too! I am a little bit in love right now
  19. Avatar
    Does have a different keyboard layout to standard UK?
    I don't think AO would send out a non-UK version. The pictures are just for illustrative purposes as most manufacturers don't take separate pictures / high quality renders for each version.

    That said, you can always confirm with AO to be sure
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    This seems a fantastic deal. I got the i3 vivobook some months ago. Fantastic for the price. I was looking at models up but just didn't think it was worth the extra money they where going for. (I paid £370) this however I feel would have been worth the extra. I mean mine does me fine. But having multiple things open and some games do hit the ceiling of what it's capable of. Plus the battery isn't brilliant. Reckon this will cover most people more than fine! (edited)
  21. Avatar
    Anybody who own this laptop can comment on battery life please?
  22. Avatar
    £934.99 RRP on ASUS.Com
  23. Avatar
    There’s no real difference between Win 10 and 11 regarding RAM. Also remember that it’s there to be used, frameworks like .net will use loads of it and stuff gets moved out if something else needs memory too. It’s the amount of swap and disk thrashing that matters.
  24. Avatar
    Not bad..ye.. pity about the ram.
  25. Avatar
    So this is good for gaming but not video editing? Just want to make sure. Thanks
    Relatively speaking it's not a good gaming machine, it's a bit like going back to 2014 desktop class but has some capabilities. I consider it a nice bonus.

    The screen quality is superb and will be hard/impossible to beat at £500. The speakers and build are nothing spectacular and a clear step down from my old Zenbook but certainly good enough. I'm quite impressed with the keyboard though and the trackpad is large and responsive.

    The downsides are really the poor battery life and inability to upgrade the RAM beyond 8gb, though at least it's Dual Channel.

    (As an additional note, the SSD is an Intel 670p / PCIe 3.0 X4). (edited)
  26. Avatar
    Amazing price
  27. Avatar
    That's a lot of laptop for the price.
  28. Avatar
    Wondering whether a 16X with 4K display, 16GB RAM and a 3050 is worth the upgrade compared to this. Double the price though
    Personally don't think it is, but will depend if you need a larger screen?