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Posted 29 November 2022

ASUS Vivobook Pro OLED 14" 2.8K (AMD Ryzen 7-5800H, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Backlit Keyboard) £599.97 @ Amazon

£599.97£632.895% off
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    Download Ryzen controller and limit the CPU to 10w and you'll get double battery life for a 5% reduction in performance. Thank me later
    I can't seem to get Ryzen Master to work on mine, despite updating the bios and software. Looking online, it says it's only for desktops. How did you get it working Anon?
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    Still a good price but this was the one that was £509 and £549 before Black Friday, expected them to at least match that… but guess they won’t now.
    Not according to Camels it wasn't: uk.camelcamelcamel.com/pro…5K4
    The non-pro vivobook was cheaper (slightly) last week, but that was with Intel processor.
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    Zero reference to the battery life in the amazon description, is it any good? Looking to replace my 7 year old macbook
    2 reviews I've found from Tomsguide and Asus's website:


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    I'm typing this comment on an ASUS VivoBook 15 with last years specs (i5 11th gen) The battery in mine is useless. (3 hour max) This years specs are way better, and the price is less, and AMD CPUs use more power than intels.

    I'd look elsewhere.

    "AMD CPUs use more power than intels".

    That is just objectively wrong.
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    can the graphics be upgradeable and the other components such as ram/ssd..?
    Unfortunately not - that would be mostly Lenovos, business or gaming laptops.
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    Was £509 1 month ago, I would wait for that...
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    Bought one of these for my daughter to go to uni with in September. I was very impressed (My last 2 laptops were ASUS (and my current one)). The screen on it is lovely. Well worth it.
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    i'm surprised by all the -ve comments : a 5800H processor with a decent screen and 16gb RAM at this price ... is it the battery life or what's the problem ?
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    Just had mine delivered, paid £400 new sealed and it's a stunner for that price.
    when & how could you get for 400?
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    Good price tbf.
    It was £90 cheaper less than a month ago but is currently the cheapest price as they surprisingly didn’t drop in over Black Friday period.
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    Hi guys. Can anyone give some advice on the durability and build quality of these Asus Vivobooks after ownership over time? The Zenbooks look solid in the shops, but some comments about Asus track pad issues and a few Amazon reviews are quite worrying. Thanks much. (edited)
    The touchpad isn’t an issue over time, if it’s wobbly/loose then it’s there from day one but simple to fix. These are too new to judge but fairly durable. ASUS main issues normally floppy hinges and thermals - I don’t usually like them but seems ok and I didn’t want to turn down this spec for the money. I’ve had Zenbooks before and hinges feel similarly weak. 
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    This or Macbook Air M1?
    Same question but between this screen and M2's screen.
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    Bought this from Box last Friday for a similar price, still awaiting delivery thanks to DPD.
    DPD are useless. They pretend they come to your house and then drop of your parcel in a random shop 2 km from your house. I have had many orders which I abandoned because of dpd
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    Got the Ryzen 5 version of this a few months ago and I had to send it back because the battery life was poor. It was discharging pretty fast, even when completely off. Not even a fresh install solved the problem. Asus customer service was pretty useless.
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    I bought the Vivobook S14 OLED from Amazon a week ago for the same price. Which one is better?
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    Would this be ok to run steam games?
    That's an open ended question. The problem with the question is that steam games means any game on Steam of which there's 1000s and they all have different resource requirements.

    So the simple answer is NO

    The longer answer is YES but with caveats. The Ryzen 7 5800H CPU has Vega 8 graphics so it'll run some older games pretty well and some modern games very badly. Again it depends what detail and resolution you want to play at and crucially which games you want to play.

    My advice is this buy a laptop with 3060 graphics then your child will be happy

    Should be £799 for that. There is a £799 deal currently. This one >

    hotukdeals.com/sha…986 (edited)
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    Did I miss all the good laptop deals such as Lenovo legion? Looking to game and run programs like tableau, SQL etc
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    Was surprised that no vivobooks came up for Black Friday.
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    Waited for this on black friday, I cannot put heat on this with this price..
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    I wish they had these models with a 3060 (with 15.6incher too ofc).
    Asus Vivobook Pro 15 < this is the closest one to what you want but it comes with an RTX 3050 instead. (edited)
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    soldered ram as usual?
    Even then can't go wrong with 16gb.
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    I bought a similar model (not pro model but with powerful 12 core 16 thread pentium 12th gen i5-12500h) a week ago for £565 with discount from currys, slightly less resolution but preferred 15.6" inch screen instead. Great laptop for the price, battery life is fine with me, but the biggest disappointment is the sound volume is super low. Any one got low volume output issue with these Asus laptops? Also the output speakers are underneath the laptop, which doesn't make sense and poorly designed!
    currys.co.uk/products/asus-vivobook-s-15-k3502za-15.6-laptop-intel-core-i5-512-gb-ssd-grey-10240522.html?awc=1599_1669925628_0628b51aa97c813de53dd06c05e606d3&srcid=369&xtor=AL-1&cmpid=aff~HotUKDeals~Discount%20Code~47868~Pepper+Deals+Ltd&sv1=affiliate&sv_campaign_id=47868 (edited)
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    Is this the same model as on Box .Co.uk?
    HUKD wouldn't let me list it as a deal...its £449.97.
    Says they're banned
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    How many Nits is this, does it have backlit keyboard, what generation architecture is it, what's the refresh rate, is it plastic or metal, will it works in a PS5.