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ASUS VivoBook S14 S435EA: i7 11th gen 8Gb 512Gb SSD "all day battery" 400 nits IPS screen. Grade A refurbished by Asus. £407.98 @ xsonly.com

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Posted 6th Jun 2022

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Sending my Matebook D15 back to Amazon to get this instead. A lot of good laptop deals at the moment, but for my needs this is the best balance of specs/cost I can find.

For context, the i5 version is nearly sold out on Amazon for £599, and the 16gb version is £799 on laptop outlet (reduced from £1,100)

Key points for me:
i7 11th Gen processor
400 nits screen
"all day" 67 Wh battery
fingerprint reader
backlit keyboard
USB 3.2 port
2 x USB-C thunderbolt ports (suitable for charging)
Micro SD card reader
Numberpad built in to the trackpad
Wifi 6
Although refurbished, they have 100% feedback on ebay
32gb intel optane memory

Only thing that put me off slightly was that the 8gb RAM isn't upgradeable. However, from what I've read, with the i7 processor and spec of RAM, 8gb should be enough unless you are doing heavy gaming or multitasking with several heavy loads such as video editing. However, it does include 32gb intel optane memory, which can help with this also.

This ships with win10 but can be upgraded to win 11 for free.

Asus have really gone to town on the landing page for this machine so have a look here if you're interested

There is also the i5 version available for 50 quid less
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    The trackpad is horrible. Mine developed a fault just over an month after buying one. Sent it for repairs only for the replaced trackpad to fail again. They ended up replacing it once more and also replaced the motherboard. A few months later, it’s failed again but now it’s out of warranty and they don’t want anything to do with it.

    Their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. (edited)

    Replying to

    I’ve currently got my ASUS Zenbook at the same repairer in East Kilbride as it failed to switch on. Keep getting emails saying the are ordering parts, fixing the problem and then finding a different problem. They are currently waiting for “technical advice” from ASUS
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    I would avoid XS ONLY if possible. I had an order placed with them for 2 items that showed in stock at the moment of purchase and OOS after I purchased them. I got confirmation in email etc. Some time after, they sent me an email, I quote, "Your order has been cancelled at your request and your payment has been voided." I did not request any cancellation order. They blatantly lie in your face.
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    Probably worth saving £50 and taking the i5. Both are 4c8t CPUs.
    The GPU is better on the i7 though.
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    Thanks for the heads up. Amazing price for that spec! Just ordered one. They have one more left in stock.
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    I purchased an Asus Gaming laptop a couple of years ago and would never have anything of theirs ever again. Build quality was dire, no updates, and performance throttles back, akin to that of my old ZX Spectrum!!! I also had one of their tablets where the build quality was superb, but again, no updates whatsoever! (edited)
    You must've purchased a cheap device, ASUS are profoundly superior in performance and build quality at mid-high price points.
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    Thunderbolt? If yes, it's an absolute bargain!
    Yep, x 2 apparently!
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    Is this black or dark green? I can't tell from the pictures
    Dark green
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    What would the battery be like on this being refurbished?
    The battery is obviously huge. I haven't done a proper test yet but it seems to deplete very slowly. Going by the condition of hte rest of hte laptop, it looks absolutely brand new, not a single mark on it. SO I would assume it's had very little use, if any
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    has anybody got one just wondering how you find it ?
    Mine arrived yesterday. Very very impressed. While it was updating with Windows 11 it got quite hot which worried me, but since then it's been great. Screen is very crisp and clear, much better than my matebook d15 that I'm sending back. Trackpad with the num pad on is very handy. It is tiny, about as small as it could be, very thin bezels. Feels good, looks good. Haven't fully tested the battery life or power of it yet, but with these specs it should be good.
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    Can RAM be upgraded to 16gb on this?

    Found this... Ram can't be upgraded (edited)