Asus X102BA Touch Laptop+MS Office 2013+Free P&P from

Asus X102BA Touch Laptop+MS Office 2013+Free P&P from

£299.99Ebuyer Deals
Found 6th Nov 2013
The ASUS X102BA is a compact and lightweight ultraportable laptop with a 10.1-inch 1366 x 768 display with 10-point multi-touch for responsive fingertip control with Windows 8. The X102BA also features the latest AMD A Series APU and comes bundled with Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 for high-performance productivity, straight from the box.

- AMD A4-1200 1GHz
- 4GB RAM + 500GB HDD
- 10.1" Touchscreen
- HD Webcam + AMD HD 8180G
- Windows 8 + Microsoft Office
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Asus x200 from tesco appears a better buy for the same price.

Asus x200 from tesco appears a better buy for the same price.

Not agree because this one has got
1) More USB ports
2) Separate Graphics Card
3) Bluetooth
4) Office
5) 64bit vs. 32 bit
Very very slow CPU.

Very very slow CPU.

Good find!

With that penny, now I can afford this! :…-27

Thanks again!
I got a netbook last year thinking something cheap and cheerful for browsing and the odd word excel stuff. But the cpu on these low end laptops are so killing slow that if you have a tablet or a better desktop/laptop you will be loath to use these. Personal experience: waste of money even for basic stuff. Might as well spend on a nexus 10 and get a more performant hardware and if screen size can be reduced then a nexus 7. OK you dont get ms tools on these but they are far better specced for browsing etc.
seems poor value
This has more "balanced" cpu/graphics, so while it is a slower CPU compared to Intel Celeron/i3 etc, it actually has better graphics. Depending on the usage, it might be a better or worse match for you. But I don't get the "hotness" of this. It is a pretty standard price for such a netbook...
Then again, I have MS Office already, I guess if you'd have to buy it, it is a 70 quid savings, so it makes it a bit better.
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I agree with others that the cpu is slow. A large chunk of the price is for the touchscreen and msoffice.

It is a pretty good deal compared to similar laptops but I'd recommend caution if you're after a laptop, even for everyday use.

Thanks OP - even if I don't think an awful lot of the laptop, it's good for others to gauge opinions.
Couple of months back I got a SAMSUNG laptop;

AMD A8 1.9GHz Quad Core
AMD 6620G 512MB GPU
Windows 7 64-Bit
750GB Hitachi Hard Drive

for £290.

So this ASUS Touch laptop ain't worth £299.99.
Who ever buys this, well it's a complete utter waste of money.
CPU is the major killer! AWFUL!
How does this compare with the new Asus T100?

How does this compare with the new Asus T100?

The T100 is basically a Windows 8.1 tablet with a keyboard dock. It has the advantage of a significantly faster CPU and a better (IPS) screen and the ability to be used as a tablet. The disadvantage is that you only get 32GB of storage (+MicroSD card) and less connectivity.
I purchased one based on this post. it's excellent. Windows 8.1 seems very responsive as does the touchscreen. no problems with speed or stalling when watching videos or browsing. you may struggle with big games but for office based work, photo editing and browsing its great.
I'm looking to buy a laptop for my son who has just moved up to secondary school and needs one for his schoolwork and general use. I have no idea when it comes to computers and you all sound like you know what you are talking about. In your opinion would this suffice? Thanks in advance.

Not agree because this one has got1) More USB ports2) Separate Graphics … Not agree because this one has got1) More USB ports2) Separate Graphics Card3) Bluetooth4) Office5) 64bit vs. 32 bit

Just a few corrections here as 2 and 5 are wrong. The GPU in this AMD is part of the processor, no different than Intel's "onboard" graphics. The Celeron in the X200 is also 64bit.
Hello from Canada,

The computer appears of average speed, except for MS Office apps. Even typing can be frustratingly slow.
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