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Posted 2 June 2022

ASUS X415EA-EB384T, Intel i7, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 14" IPS Silver Laptop £319.99 with code (My John Lewis members) @ John Lewis & Partners

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Nice Asus laptop for a low price.

Save 20% on price shown for new & existing My John Lewis members (Apply promo code MYJL20 at checkout) - free to signup

2 year guarantee included

The ASUS X415EA laptop has been created with a powerful 11th generation Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB RAM, a 14” Full HD display and a 512GB solid state drive. This portable device will enable you to complete work projects, stream films and shows, check out your favourite websites, and participate in online meetings.

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SeeBrand ASUS
Dimensions H1.99 x W32.54 x D21.60cm
Finish Matt
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) 90NB0TT1-M08130
Model name / number ASUS X415EA-EB384T Laptop
Product code 82714170
Range ASUS VivoBook
Weight 1.6kg


Battery life 37WHrs, 2S1P, 2-cell Li-ion
Generation 11th Generation
Graphics card type Integrated
Hard drive 512GB intel optane qlc 32gb
No additional memory
Memory (RAM) 8GB

Operating system version Windows 10 Home (64 bit)
Processor i7-1165G7
Processor speed 2.8GHz to 4.7GHz

Display Brightness 250cd/m²
Display Full HD, LED, 16:9 IPS
Screen finish Matte
Screen resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
Screen size 14"

Keyboard Chiclet keys

Sound SonicMaster built-in speaker, built-in microphone

Ports and Connectivity

Bluetooth enabled Yes - 4.1
Connectivity type Bluetooth, Wi-Fi


2x USB 2.0 (Type A); 1x USB 3.2 (Type A); HDMI 1.4; 3.5mm audio jack
Wireless networking
Wi-Fi 5

Camera (front-facing) VGA

Number of processor cores 4
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    Thanks OP. Bought when you posted this morning, so didn't try the Google Nest freebie code, can you stack codes on JL? Just a thought if others want to try. hotukdeals.com/vou…040

    Replying to

    Don't cancel your order. I tried adding both codes and it wouldn't work.

    Other users have confirmed this and even the T&Cs for the promotion mention only one code per transaction. So either get £80 off the notebook or get a free Nest Hub worth £50 but not both. Use the money saved to buy the hub standalone if you *really* want it and still be ahead by £30
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    Review of the i3 version.
    In summary, poor SSD write performance (but better than spinning hard disks of old)
    Upgradable SSD
    Second slot to add another 8gb stick
    USB c doesn't allow display port or charging
    Smaller than normal track pad
    Pleasant screen.
    I3 version reached 94C in performance test, so i7 will push temps even higher when working hard

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    Upgrade guide
  4. Avatar
    CPU is i7-1165G7 11th gen 10500 cpu benchmark and has Iris Graphics

    so this a beast of a laptop for 320
    Just to be clear. This CPU is only an average performer in multi threaded tests. But did perform well in single threaded tests.


    47553634-FoaUI.jpg (edited)
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    The CPU is worth nearly the price of the entire laptop
  6. Avatar
    What's up with this New format?

    I have to scroll through the post to see people's comments. So Dumb!!!

    Go back to the old format. Please.
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    Is it safe to assume this isn't suitable for gaming, with its integrated graphics card?
    Depends what kind of gaming you do and your expectations for fidelity/framerates. It won't run big AAA titles at any resolution/framerate that I would find acceptable, and I doubt it would even run some titles at all. You might get 30fps at 720p low settings in The Witcher 3 for example. However if you want to play less demanding/esports titles like Fortnite, Overwatch, Rocket League and League of Legends, you could run those at native resolution and playable framerates no problem.
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    How does this compare to last week's various Lenovo student offers ?
    Good but not that good.
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    Just to report that the laptop works perfectly with a 16gb DIMM giving a total of 24gb. 5 minute job to install although note that there are different sizes of screw so keep note of where they have gone.
    Did you go for this ram by any chance?


    Watched a youtube video suggesting this ram for the upgrade.
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    I ordered, received it yesterday. Clearly not a new laptop, returned. Scratches to case and screen, wrong charger.
    Mine was brand new too.
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    Looks like the same price on Asus website, with options on ram etc. Also says backlit keyboard on their website, but could be different models.
    Asus website not the same i3 model £319 and smaller ssd
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    I get 2.5 hours battery life out of mine, battery is this laptops Achilles heel
    Can you reduce the performance to try and compensate ? Use power settings ?
  13. Avatar
    Does anyone know what screen is in this, its either a TN or IPS but would like to know if anyone can confirm.
    It’s IPS
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    You guys did very well at £270, I feel cheated at £320, not complaining, was concerned 14inch would be too small but it's adequate, only major disappointment is the volume, quite low. (edited)
    Connect a Bluetooth speaker to it
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    Can anyone who actually purchased at the time confirm whether it came with Windows 10 or 11 preinstalled.
    Windows 10 but I now have 11. Easy upgrade. (edited)
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    Got one in Glasgow store just picked it up and only £270.01 with code that the assistant put in the box when i paid for it.


    Thanks for posting

    Replying to

    Must be different as not seen any proof!
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    Cracking machine, but poor battery life.
  18. Avatar
    Looks like a solid spec for the price. One spare ram slot and fairly easy to get to. Looks like a pretty small battery (2 cell 37WHrs) so with that processor I doubt it will last long on a charge. Also, despite IPS being in this deal title, I can't find anything in the product page to confirm what type of panel it has. This would be a solid workhorse laptop for most people, especially once the RAM is upgraded, and provided you don't need to spend too long away from the charger!
    On the Asus website, if you search for product code it says it is IPS.
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    Looks like it will be a disappointment. I am gonna return mine as soon as i receive it in person. So that they can process a quick refund.
    Fwiw I'm keeping mine. For the money you won't get much better. The i7 status is a misnomer for this 11th gen CPU, but for is use ( home office) is fine.
    Screen is good.
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    I bought this for my son to do his homework on and it's perfect for him. Starts up so quickly, I was amazed. He's not had any issues with it at all.

    However, whilst it's perfect for a 12 year old I wouldn't keep it for myself. The screen isn't bright enough so I can't see it sitting at my desk, the keyboard is tiny and feels very cheap and the battery life is really poor so it needs to be plugged in every couple of hours.
    Nice to know. Did you change the performance in power options sand turn on battery saver to improve longer battery usage?
    In my case is used with a wireless mouse and keyboard (£30) and an external monitor, so it's the perfect portable and budget setup. (edited)
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    Excellent specs but VGA webcam in 2022??
    I bought the ASUS X415EA-EB196TS from JL cos everyone was raving about it- but the VGA camera is a huge let down!! Wish I’d done due diligence! Kids use it mainly for Zoom and image is so grainy and speakers are so quiet.
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    Heat added, cracking deal. Latest i7 chip and 512gb SSD storage. Good high quality screen. What is there not to like
    It is an old CPU 2020Q3 and not really very quick, so JL are dumping old stock. (edited)
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    Is the non charging from USB definitely confirmed? That's a deal-breaker for me as I need to use/charge it in a camper van.
    Similar asus laptops do not charge via USB C so I would say unlikely.
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    Battery is a nonsense on this. i7 cpu and small battery.
  25. Avatar
    Reading some of these negative comments, heat, battery life, etc. should I cancel my order?
    Cheapest i7 with ao is 679. Cheapest with argos is 489.
    So this is a significant price.
    If its disappointing, return ?
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    Replying to

    Honestly speaking mate the yoga wins hands down.

    The yoga is the equivalent of an Asus Zenbook build. The screen, the better resolution, the build quality of the yoga trumps this all day long.

    Don't get to focused on the future proofing part, your yoga should last a good 5 years, yes 16gb is better but the difference isn't night and day.

    Also depending on which yoga you are on about Intel or AMD they both should have very good built in GPU. I read a comment somewhere on here that this deal is the previous Gen Intel built in graphics which if true is poor compared to xe graphics on Intel and AMDs latest built in GPU.

    Your whole user experience with the yoga will be much more positive and a should be a joy to use.

    However this is a cracking deal for the money and for day to day use you'll be perfectly happy (edited)
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    Q3 2020 CPU, 4c8t. It's ok for the pocket change price tag in 2022. It's 11th gen hence the price, getting rid as it's the generation that's already been forgotten about on desktop due to been intels Fermi moment!
    In fairness 12th gen laptops only came out a couple of months ago, usually cost £1000+, are still not that common on shelves, and 11th gen intel was a good step up over the 10th.
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    Unfortunately you can't use two offer codes in one basket. I tried, others have tried and it even says in the T&Cs so just go for the 20% off and if you really want the Nest then use the £80 save to buy it on offer at £50 and still "be up" by £30
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    Having second doubts on this laptop if I upped my budget to £500 would I get something a lot better with spec and battery?
    Apart from the slightly dated chassis this is a cracking deal for the specification and is quite hard to beat.

    Just compare the spec's with the equivalent specification from other manufacturers.
  30. Avatar
    Anyone getting higher than 3 hours battery life per charge?
    Mines been on since 9 o'clock just been constantly browsing now reading 65% on metre
  31. Avatar
    Does anyone know if this has a back-lit keyboard?. I couldn't find this out
    I don't believe so.
  32. Avatar
    My order confirmation has been confirmed now
  33. Avatar
    Really good price - does this have a usb c port? Images look like there is but spec doesn't mention it? Heat added (edited)
    Though it's not mentioned in the JL description or spec list, it does indeed have 1 x USB 3.2 gen 1 type C port. Unclear whether it can be used to charge the laptop though.
  34. Avatar
    Would anyone know what the graphics card is for this machine? I'm trying to see if it'd run some games like F1 22 and Football Manager 22
    It has 'Iris Plus' graphics, which is a fancy marketing term for integrated graphics only! It will run Football Manager no problem. I can't find any benchmarks for F1 2022 with this processor, but I did find a video of someone running F1 2021 at 1080p using this exact processor (albeit with more and faster RAM) and getting very playable framerates at 1080p medium settings. So I'd imagine it will be a similar deal for F1 2022.

  35. Avatar
    Does this have a spare 2.5 inch hdd slot?
    Yes, but looking at the review for the i3 version no HD support bracket or cable, will be additional cost to consider.

    Still a great deal for the spec's
  36. Avatar
    Excellent deal. Just to point out the battery won't get you much juice.
  37. Avatar
    That is an amazing deal. So close to buying it.
    Same - Great processor, good storage but mediocre screen and bad battery. For £319 it's a bargain but something tells me no.
  38. Avatar
    is this a touch screen laptop?
  39. Avatar
    I've submitted a price promise claim
    How do you do that buddy? Ignore me I have just done it. I should have searched before I opened my mouth lol (edited)
  40. Avatar
    Can confirm this a intel optane ssd 512gb qlc ( probably the h10). Slow write as per video. Overall the screen is not as bad as I feared.
    Not too heavy either.
    Keyboard is a little clicky clacky whilst being okay. Not Lenovo quality obviously.

    Overall not a bad machine, but you shouldn't be under any illusion that even though it's an i7, is not a stellar performer. This will only affect things like video editing or 3d work tbh
    For what is Chromebook money, this is a deal if you have modest requirements. (edited)

    Replying to

    Not all NVMEs are created equal

    Yes can be swapped out

    BTW HUKD, this new 'conversation type' thread format is trash, please remove it (edited)