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ASUS X415EA-EB741TS Laptop, Intel Pentium Gold Processor, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 14" Full HD, Silver £199.99 at John Lewis

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Posted 5th Jun 2022

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Asus x415 laptop.
Pentium gold processor (not too bad)
4GB RAM, which is ok for browsing and office but if you want more than upgrade it.
Commensurate with processor type.
128GB SSD drive , fine for docs . Use cloud if you need more.

There's been a flurry of i3 and pentium gold laptops posted , all around the 220 to 250 mark. This one is priced lower at just under 200 so worth consideration.

It's got a nice keyboard. Screen is fine.
Windows 11 available.

Being open, it's achilles heel is the battery which is small so you'll need to keep that charger handy.

It's not a gaming laptop. It's designed for those that need to study or browse the Web.
It can be upgraded RAM wise.

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    Would this be a good replacement for a 10yo Samsung i3 laptop that has got incredibly slow for light use?
    Here's a comparison of the cpus roughly, as don't know which exact one you have but will be around the same, maybe slightly better if 3rd gen (this is gen 2). Sounds like the laptop is too old to be a more recent generation then that.
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    The cheapest I came across was about £205 with ebay code but that was a while ago.
    Voted hot, the specs are in line with the price and the good part about it is it can be upgraded.
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    That's an impressive price for something that can be upgraded. I have a similarly-specced Asus laptop from a year ago that has very little in the way of upgrade options- just a Wi-Fi card slot, but soldered-on RAM and eMMC storage. It'll not have the longevity of the one in this deal, unfortunately. (edited)
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    I've commented on this laptop on a previous deal. I was underwhelmed with it and that was coming from a much older Samsung laptop, screen is washed out, speakers are tinny and the battery life is woeful, it runs fine for internet and browsing but if you need more than that then I'd advise to increase your budget and spec. I have gone to a MacBook Air and the Asus is currently for sale on Ebay
    Did you buy it from JL? According to the model number it should be an ips screen.
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    Hot from me, especially as it's not chinese
    how do you know it's not Chinese? Isn't China one of the makers for Asus electronics?
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    Isnt this a better deal from lenovo? Looks to have the same specs apart from the lenovo being 15" and slightly cheaper?

    There are pretty much the same. Apart from about £15 difference and screen size. I guess it is up to you if you want a bigger screen or not. In terms of built quality, both of them are the lowest models of the brand. The Lenovo is that price only if you have access to the education site. Also, some people suggest is easier to deal with JL than with Lenovo in case of issues. (edited)
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    Op, you wrote "It can be upgraded RAM wise."

    Can't find it now but the spec page for this range of laptops had the low end 4gb as non expandable. Not sure if it related to this Pentium gold version or a lower spec laptop in the range.
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    I have a 2012 dell inspiron 15r and it was terrible until i changed the hard drive to anSSD type , 2.5inch. You could try that for fun. They cosy aboutb20 quid but you need to create a windows usb instal drive (free to do)
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    I bought the i3 version of this earlier in the year. Paid about £260 at the time. It replaced a 9 yr old Asus i3 Vivobook that had become too slow. Only used for internet and occasional Office 365. It updated to Windows 11 after a few weeks.

    Quite happy with performance. Boots quickly. Screen is decent too. Build quality is fine for the price. Worst thing is the webcam which is a really poor VGA model, so I'd get something else if that's important to you (or use a USB camera).

    Can't speak to this model, but added an 8gb SODIMM to take it to 12gb. SSD was NVME so can be upgraded at a later date.

    Assuming this is the same machine with a slightly slower CPU, this is a really good price.
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    Bought this a month ago, does anyone have a part number to upgrade ram from 4gb to 8gb
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    Promotion code is invalid. Deal's dead.