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ASUS X515 15.6in i7 8GB 512GB Laptop - Silver - £409.99 with click & collect @ Argos

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Whether for work or play, ASUS X515 with Windows 11 Home is the entry-level laptop that delivers a powerful performance and immersive visuals. Its NanoEdge display boasts wide 178 degree viewing angles and a matte anti-glare coating for a truly engaging experience.

Stay constantly connected. With the reversible USB-C 3.2 port, featuring an any-way-up design that makes connecting devices as easy as possible. It also delivers data transfer speeds up to 10x faster than older USB 2.0 connections! It also includes USB 3.2 Type-A and USB 2.0 ports, HDMI output, so you can easily connect all your current peripherals, displays and projectors with zero hassle.

My ASUS is the easy way to access handy ASUS apps that help you get more out of your laptop or desktop PC. Multitask using your iOS or Android phone with your PC, optimise your PC's performance or contact after-sales service and support. There's also a huge range of popular app downloads and exclusive offers just for you!

Model number: X515JA-EJ3076W.

Part number: X515JA-EJ3076W.

General features:

  • Size H1.99, W36.02, D23.49cm.
  • Weight 1.8kg.
  • Up to 7 hours battery life.
CPU, Memory and Operating System:

  • Intel Core i7 - 1065G7 processor.
  • Quad core processor.
  • 1.3GHz processor speed with a burst speed of 3.9GHz.
  • 8GB RAM DDR4.
  • 512GB SSD storage.
  • Windows 11 Home.
Display features:

  • 15.6 inch screen.
  • Full HD Display.
  • Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • Refresh rate60Hz.
DVD optical drives:

  • Disc drive not included.

  • Intel UHD Graphics .
  • Shared graphics card.
Interfaces and connectivity:

  • 2 USB 2.0 ports.
  • 2 USB 3.2 ports.
  • 1 HDMI port.
  • Headphones jack.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Wi-Fi enabled.
Argos More details at Argos

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    I voted cold, the i7 1065g7 processor in this is from 2019 and is about 35% slower than an i3 1215u. (edited)
    Help - im looking to spend around this money any suggestions im a tech thicky
  2. Avatar
    Asus laptops have the best OLED screens

    Too bad about this deal... Once you go OLED you can't go back

    Also the CPU is 4 years old (10th gen vs 13th gen now). That also represents 2 big generational changes to 10nm and to bigLITTLE 12-16 core CPUs.

    Very bad deal. I bought my 2021 model 11th gen asus 14X OLED laptop for just £330 on Amazon in November (edited)
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    That is another fake deal from Argos which is not available. Just advertised to increase rating and attract website visitors
    Its available at my local Argos, Cannock.

    edit: and several others near me. (edited)
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    Whoa! I knew at once this was an old 2019 CPU spec because, way back then, people were looking at using the Intel Core i7 - 1065G7 as a last hurrah if they wanted to make a fake Mac laptop before Apple transitioned away from Intel and AMD in 2020 to their own silicon! To put things into perspective, this is 10th gen Intel, Ice Lake, with 14th generation out later this year. So, in other words, if businesses replace their laptops after a business replacement cycle of 3 years, you could surely pick up a used laptop with that spec at a pretty good price?

    Is it worth £409 for just a four core CPU, not terribly good screen quality and build quality, limited battery life (presumably even more limited if these have been in a warehouse for a while??) I don't know, laptops are so cheap and cheerful fragile, these days, I guess you could do worse at the price but strange that Argos have a 'NEW' badge next to it, the spec isn't. Haven't voted either way, I'm sure someone will be happy with theirs, just not seeing a lot to attract me, here, and that 'NEW' is a bit puzzling unless ASUS really are still making these.
    This laptop must have been released at least 2 years after the cpu came out, windows 11 was only released near the end of 2021

    For the average user just browsing the Internet, checking emails and watching the odd video it will be more than powerful enough, it's a bit expensive to be a good deal though IMO and the screen might not be the best either.
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    Ok processor for the price but with screen at 15.6 inches, the screen is too big! Laptop manufacturers need to consider that laptops are supposed to be portable, compact and light. How is anyone supposed to lug this around airports and trains???
    They do all the time. 15.6 is normal
  6. Avatar
    But what's the screen? Asus TFT panels suck really bad, atrocious viewing angles.
  7. Avatar
    Cheers, just bought one, availability seems quite good.....
  8. Avatar
    How does this have 400 votes lmao. People just see i7 and assume its a good laptop?
  9. Avatar
    Is the keyboard backlit
    I shouldn't think so
  10. Avatar
    Not a great spec for the money. Very old CPU and fairly poor quality screen.
    Worth holding out for something a bit more modern imo
  11. Avatar
    I believe Lenovo v15 g2 is better for that price