Asus Zen Watch, reduced at Expansys + £5 delivery

Asus Zen Watch, reduced at Expansys + £5 delivery

Found 31st Dec 2015
A genuine stitched-leather watchband provides all-day comfort and has a unique clasp design that makes ASUS ZenWatch easy to put on and remove in an instant.

The curved case and crystal provides a stylish look and a smooth surface for easy and responsive gestures.

100+ combination watch face choices to fit your mood and personality.

View incoming calls, notifications, and other useful timely information, as well as get straight answers to spoken questions without removing your phone from your pocket or bag.

Display your smartphone's camera viewfinder on ASUS ZenWatch and easily capture great-looking selfies with the phone's high-resolution rear camera. You can also compose and take pictures from creative angles, opening up a new world of unique photography opportunities.

Smart features such as Disconnect Alarm, Find My Phone, Cover to Mute, and Unlock My Phone seamlessly integrate with your smartphone to help make daily life easier.
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Free delivery.
Spend a little more and get the zenwatch 2 from Amazon Germany. Very good watch
Avoid Expansys at all cost, even if it costs you a few quids more somewhere else. post-sales they do not want to know you. Even the manufacturers customer support staff tell me they are awful !!
I wouldnt touch Expansys with the Eiffel Tower never mind a barge pole.
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