Asus ZenBook UX303LA Core i7 6GB 128GB SSD 13.3 inch Full HD Windows 8.1 Ultrabook £566 @ Debenham Plus Delivered

Asus ZenBook UX303LA Core i7 6GB 128GB SSD 13.3 inch Full HD Windows 8.1 Ultrabook £566 @ Debenham Plus Delivered

Found 5th Mar 2015
Are you looking for an Ultrabook? This is fantastic deal with Latest 5th generation Core i7 Broadwell chip. If someone have any discount code please provide one to make this go down further in price.

Review :…-i7

Screen size - 13.3 in - 1920 x 1080 pixels
Processor - Intel Core i7 5550U - 2.4 GHz
RAM - 6 GB
Hard Drive - 128 GB SSD
Operating System - Windows 8.1 (64-Bit)
Optical Drive - None
Warranty - 1 Year

Note, this is a Dual-Core i7, not Quad (in case you automatically thought it was Quad). Still fast though
- Max-Power
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Crucial SSD upgrade 500gb BX100,if you can afford : Here
Crucial SSD upgrade 512gb MX100

Else, if your a Samsung fanboy, 250gb 850 EVO here
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Performance of this CPU isn't too impressive, just bear in mind it's low clocked, low TDP, power efficiency over performance.
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Nice! PC Pro loved it and they know what they're talking about. Performance wise "In our Real World Benchmarks it performed well enough, with an Overall score of 0.75, but this is only 7% higher than the Haswell Core i5-based MacBook Air 13in we reviewed last year" should be more than sufficient for the majority of users. Hot.
Nice machine. Good price. Heat.
nice machines but I have to question why so expensive when its only got 128ssd in it, way too little storage for such a premium machine....not the only one out there putting measly ssd's in their kit wither!
I personally am waiting for the xps13 to drop in price, the signature asedition is roughly this price in the states

nice machines but I have to question why so expensive when its only got 128ssd in it, way too little storage for such a  premium machine....not the only one out there putting measly ssd's in their kit wither!

If u put this Ssd it came on ebay u will get between £30-£50.
Then u deduct this amount from a 500gb range ssd costing abt £135. It would be in ~ £650 price range. This is signicant saving as most Ultrabooks with this size ssd sell over a grand.

I personally am waiting for the xps13 to drop in price,  the signature asedition is roughly this price in the states 

Xps 13 9343 and Hp Spectre x360 look nice N light But they gonna be 800+ with lowest ssd n ram option include student/staff discount. Plus upgrade can be a challenge.
I take it this is not touch screen?
Anyone know the graphics card on this? Would've been perfect with a decent one (assuming this doesn't), but wouldn't find one at this price point!
I have an earlier version of this machine with an SSD (also 128GB) and sadly for me the SSD is proprietary so it's very difficult and expensive to swap it out. Hopefully ASUS has moved away from this.
delivery from thurs 19th March
I don't think this model comes with Full HD screen according to some amazon reviewers. That model is UX303LN. Worth double checking.…NLA
two of these came up on ebay on tuesday night... both new and packaged. they went for just under and just over £400.00. an outstanding bargain.

I don't think this model comes with Full HD screen according to some amazon reviewers. That model is UX303LN. Worth double checking.

thats a different model mate, this one is UX303LA-R4338H
Hard Drive is only 128GB....I think it is too small....

Besides, Is there some problem about Radiating?
Was looking at this, but delivery is 19th March, and lots of people complain that the deliveries don't come. May also be a pricing error, as was £100 more the day before yesterday on this very site.

I asked Dabs to price match, and they alluded to the fact that this might not be UK stock, as this price is less than even trade price for the laptop.
DKB07£560.97 at LaptopsDirect, am I missing something?

Laptops Direct, BHS Direct, and Debenhams Plus are all run by the same company.

Laptops Direct works out more expensive once you take in to account postage.
For that spec, I'd expect a quad core.
I this this is a great deal - strangely it does seem to use a 2.5" SSD not M.2/NGFF as most other ultrabooks so cheaper upgrade and more choices. It is also likely to have 1 SO-DIMM slot but I hope it's not 2GB on the board and 4GB in the slot
Dual code i7's again.. why do intel do this!

I this this is a great deal - strangely it does seem to use a 2.5" SSD not M.2/NGFF as most other ultrabooks so cheaper upgrade and more choices. It is also likely to have 1 SO-DIMM slot but I hope it's not 2GB on the board and 4GB in the slot

4GB soldered, 2GB stick (replaceable).

Dual code i7's again.. why do intel do this!

Genuine question: I was worried about this. Will it only really be noticeable with things like video editing encoding? Everyday use won't be much different?

Are there even many laptops with quad core that have a good battery life and are 13"?

Genuine question: I was worried about this. Will it only really be noticeable with things like video editing encoding? Everyday use won't be much different?Are there even many laptops with quad core that have a good battery life and are 13"?

I have a dual core i5 macbook. Even video encoding is fast, and everyday use is fast. I can only see an argument for quad core processor if you are using this for work/professional reasons and the time savings when doing processor intensive work (i.e video encoding) amounts to an increase in productivity. Dual core is more than enough for 90% of users.

Anyone know the graphics card on this? Would've been perfect with a decent one (assuming this doesn't), but wouldn't find one at this price point!

Intel HD6000. Google the CPU model if you need to know. Basically, it's pretty slow ie not really suitable for anything but the most basic / or older games.…tml

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Intel HD6000. Google the CPU model if you need to know. Basically, it's pretty slow ie not really suitable for anything but the most basic / or older games.

Yeah not the best, but I'll be mainly using it for university work, and I'm probably better off building a PC for gaming, would probably be cheaper to do that anyway.

So do people think this won't be honoured, cause they've changed the price in all three websites?

Laptops Direct, BHS Direct, and Debenhams Plus are all run by the same company.Laptops Direct works out more expensive once you take in to account postage.

Cheers, knew I was missing something.
My trusty 2009 xps 1530 with a t9300 died the other week. Been waiting for a replacement with ssd, hd screen, light weight so ordered, i7 is a bonus. cheers op
if you are not bothered about outright performance, i am typing this using a samsung ativ 9 lite which can usually be bought for nicely sub £300 on ebay or refurb outlets. it has a quad core amd processor (which is pretty slow in all honesty) BUT it is beautifully put together, has a 128gb ssd and the battery power is stellar (i am using mine in lieu of a desktop right now and run it pretty much all day between charges).

having said that, this morning i bought a hp spectre pro 13 touchsmart with i5 4200u processor, 128gb ssd and touchscreen for £375 as a refurb from the laptopcentre. this is purely so i can run ms business contact manager which refuses to run on the samsung on account of basic clock-speed.
Anyone who might be interested, been deliberating this for 2 days, and decided against Debenhams Plus. Multiple reports online of the retailer (who runs Debenhams Plus, Laptops Direct, BHS Direct) cancelling orders because of a "mis-price", multiple reports of items not turning up, reports of being difficult with returns, terrible Trust Pilot rating, and Dabs suggesting to me that this is not UK stock, hence low price.

On top of that, available in 2 weeks, plus 5 days delivery time.

Decided to pay £650 to get it on Tuesday from a trade shop.

I hope people update with their experiences, though, and hope you get it for the price!

PS Those debating the XPS 13 against this (particularly the 8GB, 25GB SSD version), it appears this has 10% better performance, is cheaper (although offset by smaller hard drive), and is upgradeable. XPS 13 is smaller, but more expensive. Mixed reviews on the actual battery life of XPS 13, but only 1 review of this exact model on PC Pro (which said the battery life is better than the 2014 MBA). Bit of a toss-up between the two! Dell XPS 13 UK store link here (including non-touch version) -…/pd .

Anyone know the graphics card on this? Would've been perfect with a decent one (assuming this doesn't), but wouldn't find one at this price point!

Most likely on-board intel HD graphics


No Touchscreen
So can one easily open the laptop up and upgrade the components? I haven't been able to google any instances or examples of this but some of the posts seem to imply it is possible.
There is no touchscreen but as you can see on LaptopsDirect, they comment that there IS a touchscreen.

But there ISNT. So, when you get it and if you don't like it, you can just kick up a fuss over false advertising and return it
Looks like a good deal to me - just ordered. Close call between this and pc specialist's Sigma which has a touchscreen, 240GB SDD and a 360 rotation for just £40 more, albeit with a slower processor.
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People might want to bear in mind the negative feedback on the retailer:…com
how does this compare with the Acer at Currys in this deal?…852
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