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ASUS Zenfone 8 ZS590KS 5.92" FHD+ Mobile 8GB RAM 128GB Storage, Black + screen protector - £278.99 With Code @ Laptop Outlet / Ebay

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Credit to @majorwedgy666 for their deal yesterday, slightly cheaper from laptop outlet ebay with free screen protector

The Asus Zenfone 8 series is now official, and one thing that might have come as a surprise - there is no Zenfone 8 mini. It's because the Zenfone 8 itself comes in a mini for factor this year. Asus wanted to make one of the most compact Android phones without compromising anything - speed, screen, camera, battery, not even stereo speakers and a 3.5mm jack. And they did it! Meet one of the most intriguing phones of the season - the Asus Zenfone 8

The compact class has been barren for quite some time. The iPhone 12 mini was probably the only glimmer of hope that some Android maker might do what Apple did and what once Sony liked to offer on a regular basis - a compact yet proper Android flagship.

And that's what the Zenfone 8 is all about - it revolves around a 5.9" 120Hz AMOLED screen, there is the latest Snapdragon 888 5G chip, a large 4,000mAh battery, a flagship dual-camera that can take wide, ultrawide, 2x lossless zoom and macro photos. Oh, and the Zenfone 8 is water-resistant, too.

Indeed, it seems Asus made sure to include everything in the Zenfone 8 and we can't complain. In addition to all these flagship features, we should also note the presence of the little things that sometimes make for the biggest of troubles - there are two loud stereo speakers, a 3.5mm audio jack with Qualcomm Aqstic DAC, NFC, and even FM radio if you are in a non-EU market.

The camera department seems thoroughly impressive, too. There are only two snappers at the back, but they are pulling double duty. The main 64MP camera with OIS is for your everyday shots, but it can do 2x lossless zoom. The 12MP ultrawide shooter has a large sensor and autofocus and that's why it can do macro shots. Finally, the 12MP selfie cam is AF-enabled, too, and it is 4K-enabled.

The Zenfone 8 sounds incredible, and we can't wait to unbox it. So, let's take a quick look over at its specs and ger this review started.

  • Get Free ASUS Protective Film for ZenFone 8

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  1. Avatar
    Avoid, had one for 6 months, battery is poor, software is poor, potential ramdump, camera average, couldn't wait to be rid.
    Don't recommend it then?
  2. Avatar
    Currently getting an android 13 rollout as well. Good price.

    Quite a few updates coming with android 13 as well:

    m.gsmarena.com/asu…php (edited)
  3. Avatar
    Amazing form factor but it looks like 2 yrs of updates, shame though as the phone itself ticks a lot of boxes. Anyone recommend simular size phone.
    The recent £200 pixel 5, also going out of support this year, the more expensive S22/S23 or the taller Sony Xperia 10 IV with its amazing battery life
  4. Avatar
    Ordered this direct from Asus as ebay are a nightmare (most of the time).

    I'm honestly deciding between this and the S22, anybody got any opinions?

    I love the headphone jack in this which is a major bonus over the Sammy, is the Samsung worth £250 more than this?
    Performance will probably be negligible favouring the s22. But other than that you're saving a lot of money and have a jack if you don't mind flashing a custom ROM on it.
    Continued support is not guaranteed on custom roms (but a lot of older devices are still supported on LOS) and you're breaking the android security model, having to root phone to use banking apps and such Which I have done countless times but its still a considerable risk to be aware of.
  5. Avatar
    Isn't it 299 from the Asus website brand new?
    This is brand new
  6. Avatar
    Is this the gaming phone from a few short years ago?
    Their ROG phones are their dedicated gaming phones.

    This has a Snapdragon 888 processor though so should be good for gaming.
  7. Avatar
    As far as I remember the 8 got decent reviews, although battery life was the major complaint.

    Not sure on the 8, but I know the 9 has been released with only 2 years of Android updates, which if you keep the phone longer than 2 years can be an issue, and if you look to sell after 2 years may hurt re-sale value (since it won't get android updates). Asus shot themselves in the foot with that I think ... and poor environmentally too. I'm guessing the 8 is the same?
  8. Avatar
    Excellent phone but that awful screen on time kills it
    Doesn't really matter when you work at a desk all day. Definitely a problem if you have an active 9 hour job.
  9. Avatar
    I have it after 3 Samsungs S-series phones and I like it. No rawdump issues, and it's one of the last phones to still have the 3.5mm jack.
  10. Avatar
    Investigate the ramdump problem before buying!
  11. Avatar
    Thought I had a great deal, this is a cracker!

    Apologies I reported expire on this rather than expire om mine (which I've now expired!) (edited)
    No worries, thanks again man
  12. Avatar
    For brand new one? Wow that's pretty decent price Heat added
  13. Avatar
  14. Avatar
  15. Avatar
    Looks like a great phone, and at that Pixel 5 ish size...just nearing its end of updates though, any Roms like Pixel Experience for this ?
    It has official LineageOS support, though it hasn't been updated to Android 13 yet.
  16. Avatar
    Cheapest I've seen this and have always wanted one of these, not sure how I can justify it but I might come up with an excuse! Ticks a lot of boxes for me.

    The ramdump thing has put me off previously but now it's cheaper it's less of a risk. What interests me about that is, you still hear about it happening to people now, and can they all be in the first batch?
    I did read about that before, didnt put me off and I still went for it this summer. Even if it does have that issue which I highly doubt, got the warranty till 2024 august.
    For this price its a hell of a phone! Flagship specs when released. The CPU is mighty fast believe me
  17. Avatar
    Can anybody name a better new phone for this price, ignoring limited software support?
  18. Avatar
    Wanted this since it came out - perfect size! Cheers, ordered.
  19. Avatar
    Tempted, but with probably less then 6 months of security updates lessens the appeal.
    Be afraid, be very afraid Muahahahahahaha!!!
    Always had a smartphone, mostly second hand and never had a hack. Do you work for MI6?
  20. Avatar
    Eh might have got one for someone who needs a new phone, but they need wireless charging and so many including this don't have it