Asus Zenpad 3S 10 Android Tablet 32gb £269.99 - John Lewis

Asus Zenpad 3S 10 Android Tablet 32gb £269.99 - John Lewis

Found 10th Apr 2017
I'd been waiting on the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 for a while to replace my Tab S but when the ridiculous price was revealed I had to start looking at alternatives and the Zenpad S3 seemed like the best value for money.

I know it was available for a bit less last week from Hughes Direct and Currys are the same price but they don't have the JL 2 year guarantee which is handy thing to have when you're buying this type of item imo.

"Cinematic entertainment meets supercharged performance, the ZenPad 3S 10 tablet with stunning 9.7-inch 2K In-Plane Switching display (2048x1536) delivers lifelike videos and stills. Its ultra slim 5.32mm bezel means you get 78% screen-to-body ratio for vast viewing yet a compact body."
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Nice spot. I saw this a few days ago on Currys for the same price and have been considering it but it's been cheaper previously on here as you say (I think £250 plus cashback) and I hate paying more than a previous low price! great tablet tho. The only other tablet im holding out for is a Google pixel c 32gb. Hoping it might come along for £300 again like it has been many times on here in the past but that has yet to materialise!
What an excellent price with the extended John Lewis warranty to back it up. Awesome
Using this right now and love it tbh
What is its performance like vs nvidia fire and samsung s2?

Theres no way I'd pay 400 quid for a tablet so samsung ruled themselves out, so its basically one of these or a k1 but this has a mediatek chip thats apparently a bit sluggish in games?
My parents got one each when they were on the £250 offer in Currys. I had to set them up (obviously). I was very impressed with the look, feel and quality. I found the Asus skin/software a little annoying - I kept bringing up a menu accidentally whilst doing things on the home screen - but if it were mine and did get too annoying I would just use the free and fairly standard Google launcher instead. I particularly pushed for them to get this model because of the 32GB of storage which is still seriously rare on decent priced tablets - I have a 16GB LG tablet and quickly ran out of space for apps (I do like a few apps in all fairness!). Really good at this price, if it dropped to £200 (wishful thinking) I would get one myself.
Expired now
I'm currently looking for a new tablet to replace my aging Nook HD+. I considered this one, but I'll mostly be watching Youtube, Twitch etc. on it, so there will be a lot of wasted space on the 4:3 ratio screen.

Honestly, there's not a lot in the £100-£300 range with 1080+ screens. One I had my eye on was the "Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus" with 2560x1600 screen 16:10 ratio, but typically it went from £250 up to £300 in the last week (at Amazon, Curry's & JohnLewis). Looking at camel price tracking, it has went up and down between those prices, so hopefully it will go back down to £250.

If anyone reading this is looking for one sub £200, have a look at "Huawei MediaPad T2 10.0 Pro" which on 22nd May is £160 at Argos. Arguably the best spec sub £200 known brand tablet available at the moment. There's an Acer at £180 but its a quad-core vs the Huawei octo-core CPU.
I'm in the same boat as you. Was looking at this
I know it's refurbished but it comes with a 12month warranty.
Anything else worth looking at? The Samsung s2 refurbished from trustworthy sellers is coming up either at the same price as this or more expensive.
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