At Last The 1948 Show/Do Not Adjust Your Set 2 disc DVD RRP£29.99, £3 delivered@Woolworths misprice?

At Last The 1948 Show/Do Not Adjust Your Set 2 disc DVD RRP£29.99, £3 [email protected] misprice?

Found 30th May 2007
Seems cheap, 4-5 week wait, but worth it at this price for 2 classic dvds!!

Teatime. 1968. In millions of homes something strange was happening and TV comedy around the world would never be the same - 'Do Not Adjust Your Set'. Hitting audiences like a wet fish in the face it was weird, wonderful and hilarious. 'Do Not Adjust Your Set' combined the writing and performing skills of Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin, added a dash of David Jason, a dollop of the legendary Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band and a hint of Terry Gilliam. Feast your eyes on the madness and discover how something completely different began...

At Last the 1948 Show" triggered a revolution that was destined to change the face of TV comedy forever.

Bursting onto the nation's small screens in an explosion of unrelated and often surreal sketches, its main perpetrators were John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Marty Feldman and Tim Brooke-Taylor, and what 'At Last The 1948 Show' began the inestimable Monty Python would one day finish in mind-blowing style...

This 2 DVD set features the recently rediscovered 5 episodes of the classic 'At Last the 1948 Show' series and a Comedy Family Tree poster booklet.


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As you will see from my posting on that thread you only get one Disc with 3 episodes of 'At Last The 1948 Show' on one side and 5 epsiodes of 'Do Not Adjust Your Set' on the other side.

No booklet is included, not even a cardboard inlay.

Not to say it's not worth £3 but just to let everbody know what you get.

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