Atelier Iris 2 for PS2 £11.99 Or Less Delivered!

Atelier Iris 2 for PS2 £11.99 Or Less Delivered!

Found 15th May 2007
Another price drop at BlahDVD on Artelier Iris 2 for the Playstation 2 at just £11.99 including delivery...

Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth Of Destiny is the sequel to the popular RPG about a young alchemist looking to prove himself. In this continuation of the story, you'll take control of two main characters, each with their own playing style. You'll switch between them at will, as one travels the world for turn-based battle, while the other uses his skills to stay behind and create magical items. The two characters will magically share a common item pouch, allowing them to communicate as well as share & use different items.


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[*] The story events set the situation and explain your mission. The initial goal of the game is to save Eden from destruction.
[*] In the beginning of the game, Viese is the only alchemist who can create valuable Mana items. Therefore, you are required to switch your characters between Felt and Viese to synthesise items.
[*] Travel between destinations is conducted on a simple map. Simply point and click the destination you wish to go.
[*] Improving upon the cost turn battle system of Atelier Iris 1, Atelier Iris 2 adopts a whole new active time battle system. Fight your way through to save Eden from destruction.
[*] The world of Iris is powered by spirits called Mana. There are wood Mana, flower Mana, lightning Mana, and others. Characters can work with Mana to create items and special spells to use during the quest.
[*] Elemental extraction is an ancient art of alchemy used to collect natural elements required for wielding items and spells. Both Felt and Viese can extract elements by destroying objects found in dungeons and action maps.[/LIST]

Fantastic game. Good spot!
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