ATI Power Color HD 2900 XT PCI-E - £258.62
ATI Power Color HD 2900 XT PCI-E - £258.62

ATI Power Color HD 2900 XT PCI-E - £258.62

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512MB Power Color HD 2900 XT PCI-E(x16) 512Bit 1650MHz GDDR3, GPU 740MHz CrossFire 2 x DVI/HDTV VIVO

£258.62, either collect in bolton for free or if u have the i29 free delivery or pay about £7 ish for delivery if you cant do any of these.

This has about the same performance as the 640mb 8800gts and about the same price. The drivers are bad and in 2 months the drivers should make this card alot better than the 8800gts. Reviews were released on lots of sites over the past 24hrs.

The high-end next-generation graphics card, PowerColor HD 2900 XT. This 700 million-transistor monster clocks in at 740MHz with 512MB GDDR3 memory at 1650MHz. It is built with 320 unified stream processors and the world's first 512-bit memory interface to take on the demands of DirectX 10 games. The HD 2900 XT even comes with built-in HDMI for single HD display and audio connectivity.

Next-Generation Graphics Card with Unified Shader Architecture
Ultra-Wide Memory Interface
Physics processing support
Dual dual-link DVI with full resolution HDCP support
Integrated CrossFire support
DirectX 10
Comprehensive DirectX 10 support exploits Windows Vista to the fullest to deliver stunning realism, amazing effects and enhanced interactive game processing.
Built-In HDMI with 5.1 Surround Sound
The ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT has a built in HDMI with HD audio support for single HDTV connectivity. This unique feature is enabled with an intelligent DVI to HDMI adapter; no internal SPDIF or other audio cabling is required.


Isn't this supposed to have an rrp of £249?

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Isn't this supposed to have an rrp of £249?

no, its $400, but we get ripped off, so its £258-305 depending on the brand and which company you get them for e.g scan, overclockers etc. This is the lowest price available.

This has 2yrs warranty btw.

Oh cool, also How do you get it for that price and not £297?

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they just changed the price, they will prob change it a few times, they compare to their competitors and choose a price that way. they had another which was £262, thats been increased to about £290 too:(.

looks like a nice card once good drivers are out.

Looks like the pice just went up

Bear in mind this card, from what I have read from reviews and testing runs well over +90C and is 80nm, not 65 and draws around 200W per card from your PSU.

If you can wait a week, Komplett will have it for £249 - komplett.co.uk/k/k…740

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[SIZE=2]fingers crossed komplett wont put their prices up. all these card come with 1 game minimum, some come with 2 or 3 and have different warrantys too. hopefully we will see a comparison of each of the cards soon.[/SIZE]
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