ATI Radeon X700 PCI-E OEM Graphics Card - £11.74 Collected or £15.73 Delivered

ATI Radeon X700 PCI-E OEM Graphics Card - £11.74 Collected or £15.73 Delivered

Found 11th Nov 2007
See link for the spiel

product Specifications

Device Type
Graphics adapter
Enclosure Type
Interface Type
PCI Express x16
Processor / Memory
Graphics Processor / Vendor
ATI Radeon X700
RAMDAC Clock Speed
400 MHz
Video Memory Installed
128 MB
Max Allocated RAM Size
256 MB

Has DVI and VGA

very good price this if you are just after a card for general PC'ing. Works well in vista and is Aero compatible.

OEM mind so you you only get card and driver cd.

Those who are local can pick this up in store for £11.74!
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How does this compare to the cheap 18 quid graphics card from Will i notice much difference in performance compared to my on board intel g965? PC spec core2duo, 2 gig ram.

Will this be quiter?

This is a very nice card for the price. It's not exactly new, and doesn't stand up to most modern cards (7600GT, 8800GT, X1900Pro), but it will knock the socks off integrated graphics and any entry-level cards of any generation (7300, 8300, 2400, X3100 etc.) plus perform a bit better than a fair few mid-range cards (X1650).

However, unless the £10 is really hurting I'd go with the X800GT AIW for £23 here:…485
Better performance and more features.
:roll: Just need something for my new self build 2.66 Core 2 Due ( OC to 3.16 )

:thinking: to many choices, at the moment stuck my old 8400 in (Oc to 490 Core and 450 Mem ) Just don't do the rest of it justice :giggle: :evil:

roll on a 8800 for 100 squid
very nice price!
i too was stuck for choice, its a mind field

then i looked it logically, i don't play many games on PC, if i do its games like football manager, age of empires which hardly need an amazing gfx card. So i thought i'd buy this for now, untill the new year or so and buy something abit beefier if i intend to do more gaming, but tbh the 360 i have takes care of my gaming!
360 takes care of my gaming to,,, but allways nice to beef up the PC...

and as im looking for a new card anyway..seeing what my 8400 can do ( now up to core 550 Mhz & Mem 475Mhz ) 59oC underload --- toasty

+ .4 on the Vista Score thingy... Progress
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