ATI Radeon X800 GT All In Wonder PCI-E under £30 delivered
ATI Radeon X800 GT All In Wonder PCI-E under £30 delivered

ATI Radeon X800 GT All In Wonder PCI-E under £30 delivered

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Seems a cracking price for those wanting to content with XP and wanting to play older generation games. This is an All-in-Wonder card - it has an analogue & a DVB tuner and the X800 graphics all on one-card - a cracking upgrade for onboard motherboard systems. Wouldn't recommend it for Vista users though.

Its on Aria Super-Special so may not be around long!

Price is £30.49 but if you order via google checkout the delivered price is £29.87 (no cheap delivery unfortunately!).

Technical Details:
Analogue video standard S-Video, composite video
Clock rate 400 MHz
Digital video standard Digital Visual Interface (DVI)
Features FM tuner, MP3 encoding, Analogue & DVB-T Tuner, Remote Wonder Plus
Graphics processor ATI Radeon X800 GT
Interface type PCI Express x16
Interfaces 1 x S-video input, 1 x VGA - 15 pin D-Sub (DB-15), 1 x S-video output, 1 x DVI-I - 29 pin combined DVI, 1 x composite video input, 1 x composite video output
Processor technology GDDR3 SDRAM 128-bit
Ramdac 490 MHz
Tv interface TV tuner / video in / video out
Video memory installed 128 MB
Warranty 1 year RTB


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Excuse my sloppy english there. Don't recommend this card for anyone thinking about Vista or playing the latest and future games at high settings, but if you want to be able to watch TV on XP and be able to play most games albeit with some eye-candy this should be good.

Not the newest card but here are some reviews from back in the day:


£9.34 delivery... I don't think so!

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Very expensive delivery I agree, but at least you should not have to wait as long as you do with ebuyer deals! Still think its good value at under £30 delivered though, remember its a analogue TV tuner, DVB TV tuner, radio and remote on top of the graphics card you get.

what's up with it working on Vista? No drivers?

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Yes, no drivers for the tv tuner part and no support for shader model 3 (for Aero interface etc). Good card if your using XP or MCE but not for Vista unfortunately. Don't think AMD(ATI) have any plans to release Vista drivers for the TV tuner parts so probably best to stay away if your going down that route (or have already). Its also a bit hampered by the memory - only 128MB, but if you use 1280x1024 or lower this wont be a problem for most games, particularly those from early 2006 or before.


£9.34 delivery... I don't think so!

Typical of Aria, robbery and daylight spring to mind.. ;-)

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To be fair to Aria I have already received a parcel tracking number and dispatch note and I ordered it less than 2 hours ago. Thought the all-in-price was pretty good myself, particularly as I'm building a MCE PC for connecting to the telly, guess others don't think so lol!

Just checked my emails and it appears it took 43 minutes between order and dispatch. I'll follow up and let people actually know if it arrives as it appears it should tomorrow, but if it does I have to say thats pretty impressive response from Aria and makes up quite a bit for the delivery cost.

Excellent price if you want a basic PCIe VGA card, DVB-T tuner and a good remote and don’t care about Vista. I have the older Remote Wonder and they are excellent as they use Radio Frequency rather than Infra-red so you don’t need line of site and they work through walls. I used to use it to control my PC’s Media Player functionality from the lounge, when the PC was in the study.

Am I interested in people moaning about Aria’s P&P costs? No. Do you care that I’m not interested? No. So why don’t we all shut up and just focus on the actual total cost of the card. Who cares even if the card costs 2p and the postage is £29.98. The end result is the same, a £30 card.

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Thanks SmilingCrow, nice to see at least one other person saw it as I did! Was really tempted to get one before from Retek the other week then spotted this at Aria, works out a full £10 cheaper than Retek delivered.

Recieved mine this morning, comes with the following:
RF Remote + Dongle + Batteries
AV-Out breakout cable with VGA + SVideo + SCART
AV-in cable with s-video + composite + audio (RCA)
FM Aerial
Card itself has DVI and aerial sockets on it

I ordered one and it comes with an impressive amount of cables and software. I forgot to mention in my previous post that it’s also an FM radio so even better value for money.
Unfortunately this card has reinforced my experience of ATI as having issues when it comes to writing software. The software is very bloated and I experienced a system freeze almost immediately. After installing the software my system now consumes an extra 80MB at start-up which is excessive. The system power consumption at idle has also gone up by 23W when compared to a 7300 GS. I’m going back to using a Hauppauge Nova-T with 3rd party software and will eBay this and keep the remote which is a lot more compact than my older Remote Wonder.

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Not really surprised at the extra power consumption there smilingcrow (remember you are comparing a high-end card from 2002 to a low-end from 2006, the latter is clearly going to be more efficient). Gaming wise this card seems to perform about the same as my X1600 pro (minus a bit of SM3 eye-candy). Loving my Remote Wonder to be honest, worth at least a tenner on its own - might consider doing as you have and selling the card but keeping the remote.

Don't reckon there is a deal at the moment where you get more graphics card for £30 anyway, and next-day delivery is always a bonus!
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