Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes (2DVD) Special Edition - £2.99 delivered @ HMV

Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes (2DVD) Special Edition - £2.99 delivered @ HMV

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Next cheapest I see is £ 11.33.

Music, comedy and spoof horror are all combined in this uniquely low-budget attack on conventional horror movies!

When a high-level government experiment goes terribly awry a group of giant, mutated tomatoes roll through suburbia on a spree of mayhem and murder...

Double Disc Set - Special Features

* Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes: The Legacy - Featuring Interviews With Writer/Director, Producer And Stars
* Interview With Writer/Director About The Theme Tune
* Slated For Success: The Killer Tomato Slate Girl - Documentary
* Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes Redux: Chopper Crash
* Interview With Writer/Director, Producer About Genetically Modified Food
* The San Diego Chicken Remembers AKT (The Mascot Was In The Movie)
* 'Where Are They Now' Cast & Crew
* Deleted Scene #1 'Meeting Mason Dixon' (4 Minutes) With Audio Commentary By Writer/Director
* Deleted Scene #2 'The Plan' (1 Minute) With Audio Commentary By Writer/Director
* Deleted Scene #3 'Public Service Announcement' (1 Minute) With Audio Commentary By Writer/Director
* Original 8MM AKT Film (20 Minutes) With Audio Commentary By Cost Dillon, John DeBello & Steve Peace. AKT Was A Film These Three Thought Up And Made For A College Course They Were Doing
* Short Film 'Gone With The Babusland' (Silent) Made In College 1970 (30 Minutes) With Audio Commentary
* Comedy Sketch Of People Cooking - Another College Project (Silent With Music Over)
* Footage Of San Diego Chicken (A Mascot)
* 2 Pieces Of Footage With John Astin
* A Killer Tomato Invades Hollywood - Interview Presented By Wendy Wilder
* 5 Sing-A-Long Songs
* Killer Tomato Radio Spot #1 & #2


I watched this when I was primary school at my friends house on a very old VHS player...which ejected the videos from the top...and I seem to remember it being hilarious (I think now it was more to do with the video player rather than the film!)

I bought it on DVD, to see if it was just as I remember but had to to turn it off after 10 mins...its shockingly bad!

It's a b movie comedy, it's supposed to be bad! lol

For £2.99, this is a steal :thumbsup:

awesome back in the day, but not to be revisted! great price though

hah yeah, this film is pretty awful, but what else is to be expected?

i can remember the cartoon from when i was a kid too, which iirc had a 'tame' pet tomato in it as well, as you do.

random trivia moment: one of george clooney's first ever acting roles was in this films 1988 sequel, where iirc he played a transexual stripper...

i was just gonna ask if anyone knew the clooney factoid
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