Atticus Men's Bobcat Hooded Shirt £9.99 from

Atticus Men's Bobcat Hooded Shirt £9.99 from

Found 5th Jun 2011
Looks nice, prob better quality than the stuff from Topman similar for treble the price!


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The link automically adds it to your basket, if someone could edit this please! Thanks

I like Atticus stuff, but IMO, tends to be a little on the small side?

Thanks ordered.

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From the reviews for a different colour;…tml?searchtype=allproducts&searchsource=0&searchstring=Atticus+Men's+Bobcat&urlrefer=search

People seem to be saying its a loose fit?

nice find just ordered one of each color , black / blue is 12.99 still good price though

Thanks, ordered the black/white one. Probably would have got the blue one if it was the same price, but had a play gift voucher for £10.
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