Audemus Pink Pepper Gin 50 cl - £36.50 @ Amazon

Audemus Pink Pepper Gin 50 cl - £36.50 @ Amazon

Found 9th Feb 2017
5 stars on Amazon although only 13 reviews.
Lowest price for a while average is £46 according to camelcamelcamel.
Not tried it myself but may interest someone..
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£36.50 for 50cl but states £52.14 / litre.......hmmm. Whilst an extreme price to begin with compared to regular sundries, companies should get fined for having misleading calculations on. I'm livid if a tin of spaghetti hoops cost me 0.2p more per 100gb than the other one cos it lied
I think Amazon has made a mistake here and it should be a 70cl bottle. Be worth contacting them.
Amazing gin, never seen at this price level before. Heat!
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