Audible 3 Credits for £18 - 25% off normally £24

Audible 3 Credits for £18 - 25% off normally £24

Found 29th Mar 2017
Hi fam!

Pretty good deal for audiobooks! Normally have to purchase an Annual subscription to bring the price per credit down to under £6.00 (£69.99/12=£5.83).

You can instantly get 3 credits without a subscription with this promo.
Each audiobook generally costs 1 credit each (buying an audiobook without a subscription is usually much higher than £6 promo price or the £7.99 without promo.

Not sure if this is applicable to everyone but hit the link to find out!
I go through about a book a month listening during the commute to and from work.

Just finished one on Elon Musk:…RAU

If you have never subscribed to audible before, make sure you go check out the other Audible deal going on right now for 3 FREE credits!…564
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Just found that threatening to leave because it's 'too expensive' will give you 3 credits for only £3.99 each.

Was going to post it but already done by PixelDonkey:
Audible - £3.99 per month for 3 months
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