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Posted 12 December 2022

60 Day Free Trial (New Members Only) @ Audible

Shared by MichaelParker
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Get a 60 day trial of audible.co.uk (cancel straight away to avoid paying)
For new customers.
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    I signed up to audible yesterday..assumed it was like spotify and I would have access to lots of books. But no, just had one download able one. Can anyone recommend anything as I feel like I'm missing something.
    You can return that book within 1 yr while you have a membership active and choose a new book
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    Nice one! Works for me
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    Pretty sure I’ve been a customer way back. Anyhow, I put a . in my email address as I usually do when signing or resigning up to things, and it allowed me to have the free trial. Give it a try!
    I wasn't so lucky unfortunately. Looked as if it would work on the first screen but then as soon as I went to the final confirmation screen (where you "pay") it said "Promo code error Promo code could not be applied." Guess you have to have not been a customer for a certain length of time or something (edited)
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    Audible seems to think you can have a deal every so often, I'd.guess about 12 months
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    This is the first offer that’s worked for me for a long, long time - thank you!

    (obviously not a new customer )
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    not had a deal for awhile probably 12 months or so and this worked for me

    i also had a 2.99 for for 4 months offer earlier this month and was about to pull the trigger

    thanks for posting heat added
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    Incidentally if anyone has a savings account with moneybox, I believe you can get an extra bonus couple quid through their moneybox+ rewards / cashback scheme!
    Not 100% sure of the details as I don't really use it & have already had an audible trial, but worth a look if you're a moneybox customer.
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