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Audible Deal of the Day (for subscribers) - Winter Rising (Book 2 in series) £1.99
TODAYTODAYPosted 23 h, 57 m agoPosted 23 h, 57 m ago
Enjoyed this myself when it first came out earlier this year and now it's the audible Deal of the day! Winter returns to face the most feared hitman of all time, the Guardsm… Read more

No problem mate. Hope you enjoy it!


I seem to have already purchased book 1 without having listened to it yet. Ordered this as it sounds like something I would like. Thanks for posting, heat from me :)


It could work as a standalone but youd be better off listening to the first one beforehand. If anything the first one like many series is the best in my opinion too.


Does this require to have read the first one or is it fine to read as a standalone?

Get 1 Audio Book & £10.00 Credit for £3.99
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Sign up to Amazon Audible using the link for £3.99 per month. 1) Use the first credit on any book you choose. 2) Go to cancel membership and choose it’s too expensive for £10 free… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Same here.


Thanks. I got offered 3 months at £3.99pm, 1 credit or £10 credit.


Thanks. I got £3.99 per month for 3 months which is still a good offer as I've already had the cheaper option.


Not really a deal as £10 credit not guaranteed...op plz change description


You lucky things, this is literally all they offered me 😔 Effectively just paid 3.99 for an audiobook.

Free Audio Books for Children through Audible (New and Existing Subscribers)
30/06/2020Expires on 30/06/2020Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Hope this is useful. Some good free audio books available to listen to for free on audible.

I haven’t seen this posted before - Thanks for this :)


I couldn't see it posted on here, will certainly serve me well anyway.


Streaming only and this has been on the go from around the start of the lock down


Been available for a while now

Audible 2 for 1 sale - Members only (Free trial in-thread)
TODAYTODAYPosted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Latest Audible offer - ends Sunday 31 May 2020
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Be very careful with Scribd. It is a good service but - and it's a big but - cancelling the subscription is not easy. You have about three "are you sure" screens to pass through and it is too easy to miss the fact that the subscription is not cancelled. Also, Scribd advertises its price minus tax so if you do describe, you'll likely end up paying more than you think. Scribd also has resources that have been placed there by third party users. Not sure what the licensing arrangements are.


Thanks for posting, we have added this to the Highlights section


Just let me know what you think to the book!! Ive had my free one already. I doubt you'll be disappointed!!


Thank you very much. Maybe I can return the favour?


Then this one is for you!! Believe me its an epic series. I've listened to Off to Be the Wizard and thought you might enjoy it too. It's totally free, if it's your first time accepting a book from a friend. You can get it here:

Audible 3 for 2 Deal - Members Only at Audible UK
171° Expired
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
The 3 for 2 deal is back for members only. But you should be able to sign up for the free trial for new members and be able to join in or restart your membership too.

Just tried this again after rejoining. Looks like they've plugged the loop hole now.


Deal now ended.


I bought books 2 and 3 of a series that I enjoyed book 1 of and was struggling to choose a third book. I refunded Book 3 of a different series i'd already bought and bought it again as my 3rd choice. Now I've got all three books and a credit sat back on my account =)


Does anyone have a complete list of the books on sale? For some reason Audible never wants to show their sale to non-active members.


Some good stuff this time round, unfortunately I already own or have read them already.

Audible members only. The Fellowship Of The Ring - J R R Tolkien audiobook £2.99 @ Audible
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Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
The Fellowship Of The Ring by J R R Tolkien audiobook for £2.99 today only at audible. Length 19 hours and 53 minutes. Narrated by Rob Inglis

I've listened to all three and they're very well done, it's a shame that they haven't been mainstream as the quality is top notch.


This is a great shout @kester76; had a little listen and the quality is great. Loads better than the stuffy sounding audible version.


Fabio is right mate, I have been buying daily deal books for a long time They are usually £1.99 if the book is either short or a niche market book But most longer or more popular publishing retail at £2.99 which is still brilliant value for money compared to the cost of credits in my opinion. Have fun, stay safe


Have a look online for Phil Dragash fan made take on the LOTR audio books, he does the voices and has mixed in the music from the films. It's very well done an is a shame it's not sold as an official audio book.


No... they have always been 1.99 or 2.99 depending on book length and/or popularity

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Alien: Out of the Shadows free on Audible with subscription
283° Expired
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
I'm an active subscriber so not sure whether it's free for everyone.

I'm a member and this showed as free. I purchased it for £0.00 and it's now in my library.


Shows as £7, with membership?


Loved this!!!


I've not long finished the short stories "Aliens: Bug Hunt". I enjoyed the stories although a couple of the narrators were completely and utterly woeful.


Laurel Lefkow is near spot on with her Ripley. I had to check that it was not Sigourney Weaver. Rutger Hauer is also spot on with his Rutger Hauer too unfortunately. Overall it's great and I enjoyed it.

Free : 11 Short Relaxation Audibles (Performed by Diddy | Nick Jonas | Agapi Stassinopolous | Gabby Bernstein and more) @ Audible
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Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
Audible is introducing a free collection of new sleep, relaxation and meditation content. Performers such as Diddy and Nick Jonas join sleep, meditation and wellness experts and … Read more

You are right indeed - looks like the team at audible didn't do a proper testing on those links :(


Thanks for that. The links above work fine If you go to "Get Deal" and click on the links on that page, they show as product unavailable. Just so people know (y)

Free Audible audio book stories for children - Incls Harry Potter, Peter Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh, Alice in wonderland
Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
Free Audible books for children. Go through link can't find it through the app. Includes some Harry Potter, Peter Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh, Alice adventures in wonderland etc

it’s only free if you go to the special link not your audible account


Works on my alexa. I have audible app on same account so I just asked alexa to play Harry Potter and it worked to my surprise


When I ask Alexa she says she is doing a sample but plays the whole thing


The Scarlett Johansen narrated version of the wizard of oz is fantastic aswell. My son loved it - Really well acted. we are now on black beauty... Thanks audible!



Free 30 Day Audible Audio Book Trial - Subscription Service - £7.99pm After Day 30, if Not Cancelled
-83° Expired
Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
FREE 30 Day Audible Audio Book Trial Get a FREE 30 day trial membership then carry on at only £7.99 per month or cancel at anytime. Download the app for both iOs and Android and l… Read more

Arnie's book Can't find Travis Barker's book.


You’re welcome. That is unusual, I haven’t seen them do that before. But you might be right, potentially a licensing issue there.


Thanks very much (y) 🏻 Unfortunately the Travis Barker AB isn’t available but maybe they cycle which audiobooks are on there a bit like Netflix?



You can’t buy via the app, only the browser. Try logging in there and you can purchase it

Locked Together - Free on Audible
Posted 16th AprPosted 16th Apr
Please note: contains adult themes and language. At this extraordinary national moment, with the country in lockdown, Audible teams up with some of our country's biggest stars, as… Read more
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Yep. I've deleted Facebook and Twitter et Al off my phone for this exact reason. Sick of it - I know what's going on, I don't need John from Blackpool's opinion on it too. Urgh.


I still gave you heat, don't worry....


Not sure what part of that worked but something did... thanks


That's ok for this one time, but don't do it again!


There is no lockdown really.

Audible subscription half price - £3.99 for three months (Plus possible cashback)
504° Expired
Posted 4th AprPosted 4th Apr
Three months half price - £3.99 plus Quidco £10 or TCB £11.20

Working fine!


I've looked in the T&C of topcashback but can't see whether it needs to be a new account to receive the cashback? Does anyone know?


As above - this was a lifesaver for my mum as she went progressively blind with macular disease over the last ten years of her life. I downloaded her audible books onto a little MP3 player which she was able to operate by touch. She loved audible books, they helped her to get to sleep at night.


It seems to be automatic for everyone I think - it’s showing up on my account without actually cancelling


FYI for those with elderly parents and grandparents, this was life changing for my 93 year old grandma. She is tech-savy enough to use a phone but still struggle to understand how to download and delete books, but it's great. I'm not one to push Amazon products, but if you have old relatives struggling to hold a book or lonely I really recommend this.

53% Off Every Book Sale (Member Only) @ Audible
297° Expired
Posted 4th AprPosted 4th Apr
Every book appears to have 53% taken off the regular price. However, many books still cost more than a single credit so this probably won't suit most. Member Only.

All the David Walliams books can be had for £3-4 each, which is quite reasonable if you want something to keep the kids entertained.


Nice! Good time to stock up on Julia Donaldson audiobooks for the kids


Go to - Log on to your Audible account & then next to shopping basket at top right of page there is a link to 3 credits


All ways on for members


How do you get this? Thanks!

Classic Books Available As Audible Audiobooks for 78p via Amazom
496° Expired
Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
OK, saw recent post by @JRSC01 for 55 free Kindle books (so thanks to you in the first instance) In a bid not to only self-isolate myself due to Coronavirus but also to seek so… Read more

Thank you so very much


36p each for me. Thanks for posting :)


Thanks OP


Great. Thanks OP.



The Tales of Beedle the Bard (JK Rowling) - Free @ Audible (Subscription Required)
238° Expired
Posted 31st MarPosted 31st Mar
Free for Audible members until january 2021 The Tales of Beedle tbe Bard As familiar to Hogwarts students as "Cinderella" and "Sleeping Beauty" are to Muggle children, Beedle’s st… Read more

This seems to be free if you've joined Audible in the past and dont even have a current subscription


That's ridiculous. Free for audible members in the title would be fine. I was wondering what the deal was! Already have it, but cheers.


My membership expired in August, but this was still free. Thank you


Possibly more like £7.99 since that’s the cost of membership but I already had it so got this, thanks. Heat!


Fair enough. I've added heat based on your intentions. (y)

audible Daily Deal (members only) - Hornet Flight, by Ken Follet - £2.99
43° Expired
Posted 23rd MarPosted 23rd Mar
audible Daily Deal (members only) - Hornet Flight, by Ken Follet - £2.99
Deal ends at 11:59pm today (Monday). Narrated by: Nigel Carrington Length: 13 hrs and 1 min Unabridged Audiobook Release date: 22-05-14 Language: English Publishe… Read more
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It's in the description already, but I'll add to title too.


Good to know, may be useful to put that in the title in case others aren't aware


Always has been


Members only

9 Free Audiobooks (Half Life Of Marie Curie/ An Act Of God/ Mountain Man/ Feeding the Dragon/ Sakina's Restaurant and more in OP) @ Audible
416° Expired
Posted 22nd MarPosted 22nd Mar
9 Free Audiobooks (Half Life Of Marie Curie/ An Act Of God/ Mountain Man/ Feeding the Dragon/ Sakina's Restaurant and more in OP) @ Audible
Some interesting audiobooks are free here to pick up on Audible. Description In 1912, scientist Marie Curie spent two months on the British seaside at the home of Hertha Ayrton,… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Can I just say this is a way for you to join audible then it goes onto subscription payments. I only buy audible though these new originals are a way to entice people to subscribe I think. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s my exper


Very good buddy






Thanks matwalaboy. I've never really got into audiobooks, as my mind tends to wander, which doesn't happen when reading, which I love. These books gives me the chance to have another go, without splashing the cash. Cheers!🌞

UK Audible 2 for 1 Sale (Members Only)
321° Expired
Posted 21st MarPosted 21st Mar
UK Audible 2 for 1 Sale (Members Only)
This isn't featured on the website, but I just stumbled upon a book that was included. Seems to be officially starting tomorrow. Quite a few decent books included!

always seem to be on when I'm 2-3 weeks off getting a credit.


Couple things that help browsing and choosing between hundreds of titles: 1. If it doesn't have 'Only on Audible' banner it is nearly always on Google Play Books. Those have minimum 9 min previews but many have previews of up to 90 min. 2. The app (on Android at least) in most cases doesn't allow background play so best to browse on mobile browser to allow to multi-task (prevent app from defaulting to opening associated web addresses in App Info---> App Settings )


Thanks, good deal.


Wow (lol) thanks 🙏🏽


Thanks, got 2 Alistair Reynolds books the 1st and 2nd in the Poseidon's Children series

Stream dozens of kids audiobooks for free (e.g Winnie-the-Pooh/Beatrix Potter) during the school closures (No membership required) @ Audible
3304° Expired
Posted 19th MarPosted 19th Mar
Stream dozens of kids audiobooks for free (e.g Winnie-the-Pooh/Beatrix Potter) during the school closures (No membership required) @ Audible
Very nice offering from Audible with there are books for all ages included such as Jane Eyre and Frankenstein. "For as long as schools are closed, we're open. Starting today, kids… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Sorry to quote myself, but I just wanted to add that I've now tried this and it works


Not what the conversation was about. The question was can you ask alexa to play these books directly from audible. The answer is no. I have echo dots in every room in my house. They control everything from lights and heating too radio play. They can't play these books


I have an Amazon echo dot and I can stream audio from my phone. The Echo dot is Bluetooth - Enabled so you can pair and use it as a speaker. check this out:



If you are existing Audible member - remember to use the link above only, otherwise you may loose 1 or more credit by mistake. Only link above allows for free reading. Do not navigate to children categories from your audible account