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Audible DOTD, Alien: River of Pain (audio book) £1.99
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
Alien: River of Pain An Audible Original Drama By: Christopher Golden, Dirk Maggs Narrated by: Anna Friel, Philip Glenister, Colin Salmon, Alexander Siddig, Marc Warren, Michelle R… Read more

You listen to what you want to, and I'll do what I want. It was an example based on something I'm interested in. Steven Fry reading Sherlock Holmes, at a vastly inflated price doesn't do anything for me.


Any suggestions on sci-fi / apocalyptic series? I've read/listened to the complete Extinction Cycle (Nicholas Sansbury Smith) Mountain Man (Keith C. Blackmore) and The Breakers (Edward W. Robertson)... all pretty lengthy collections and would be interested in any similar suggestions? I do like to get a decent bang for my buck with Audible! I can certainly recommend Extinction Cycle if anyone likes zombie / apocalyptic has a very good narrator as well in Bronson Pinchot.


Audible great for long journeys on Ship/plane,just put the head phones on. I have listened too 60% of my downloads. :{


I'd also recommend Stephen Kings The Stand which is 48 hours.


Just bought it, been really missing having an audiobook since I finished Stephen King's IT, which I would recommend if you have a spare 40+ hours! (shock)

2 Months Free Membership + 2 Free Audiobooks +  $10 gift certificate @
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Edit: Original deal expired but this one still live - credit ubicomp Hopefully this is working for you via the deal link You can get 2 months fr… Read more
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Follow the op’s 2nd link.. still works :)


Promotion finished now due to its overwhelming success


You can, sign out of the app and, at the bottom, there is an option to select the marketplace. Choose instead of and you can access the US version


thanks added to the OP as was just about to expire the deal


Just done it via this, worked without issues. You get another credit the following month. Got a few active amazon us accounts so will repeat this :) I don't believe there is an option to cancel auto renewal, just have to calendar it (wunderlist for me). Also make sure you spend your credits as it may not allow you to cancel with credit. Query, If I use credit to purchase from and later cancel audible trial would I still be able to access that purchase on my kindle?

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Audible DOTD: "All Our Wrong Todays" by Elan Mastai £2.99
Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
I used a credit to buy this a few weeks ago after numerous recommendations. This is a really enjoyable time travel book and worth picking up, especially at this price. Washington … Read more

Listened to The First 15 lives of Harry August in the 2 for 1 credit sale last month. Maybe a little repetitive but enjoyable and well read nonetheless. Love this style of paradox, thanks O/P.

Audible Members - Get A Free Credit And 50% Off For 3 Months - £3.99
Found 1st AprFound 1st Apr
I've done this twice now, if you go to account details and press cancel membership, it'll ask you why, press 'it's too expensive'. It'll give you four options Pause Membership 50%… Read more
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do you you attempt to cancel the second time straight away?


You went in, selected cancle account then chose to take the free credit, then went back in to cancel again and there was no other offer? You have to do the free credit first I think


I don't get those options twice.


This sounds exactly like you've signed up for an American account and then signed in on the British account and "found nothing to cancel". Sorry but that is no reason for people not to take advantage of this deal.

The idiot - Dostoyevsky Audible audiobook for just £2.99 @ Audible
Found 1st AprFound 1st Apr
The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoyevsky on Audible audiobook for just £2.99

Just listened to a few minutes of the librivox recording and the narrator is pretty good. Main problem is the production quality is pretty poor, with a low quality mic that clips and lots of echo in the room. If you can't live with that the £3 to get the pro recording seems reasonable. Thanks OP!


The Internet Archives also has a recording in four parts (free) and free pdfs of the book all in English. Read in English by Alia Makki; Jan Moorehouse and others. Actually they are Librivox recordings. PS At least a lawful use for a P2P client :)


And after discussion on the last Audible deal, credits can be purchased on Fleabay which brings the cost down to £1.70 ish per book but as Mud8oy points out, there is a Librivox recording of this (human read, not computer generated, I just checked) so I'm not giving any heat either way. Thanks Mud8oy btw, I wouldn't have purchased but your post may save someone some money. Great information.


there are already free audiobook versions on-line like this:


Classic book,the idiot is not a idiot.Great read. :{

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Audible DOTD Michael Connelly's The Poet (audio book) £1.99
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
The Poet Jack McEvoy, Book 1 By: Michael Connelly Narrated by: Buck Schirner Series: Jack McEvoy, Book 1 Length: 15 hrs and 21 mins Unabridged Release date: 17-06-08 Summary With … Read more

Ok thanks, I have purchased this so it was appreciated by me. I have audible set as a keyword here, so picked it up even without much heat.


They rarely go above £2.99 but that's the usual price. Occasionally drop to £1.99. I only post the DOTD if it's something I am willing to pay for myself. Doesn't generate much heat but that's okay. It's been up for 10 hours now & is below 30 degrees.


Looks good, I'll think I'll give it a shot for £1.99. Heat added. Is it just me or have the audible DOTD's reduced in price from £2.99 to £1.99? I have not been a member long so not sure if they mix it up.

40% off audible (members only)
Found 25th MarFound 25th Mar
I’m terrible and spend quite a bit on audible books so this has come in handy for me and it’s a great deal for me. I know some people won’t find this a good deal but might come in … Read more
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Sorry for the late reply... around 2 quid per credit... two sellers I can vouch for on eBay...


Thanks op. Might have to check out Audible as i seeI’m offered a 3 month free trial with amazon prime. Been using iBooks on the iPhone up until now. Is the audible app and overall experience better?


Happy I checked out this thread, will def be checking out the eBay credits and inaudible to strip the drm,I always do that with ebooks but didn't know you could with audio, so that's great


Audible used to sell credits at £18 for 3 if you were out of credits. Do they not do that any more? Better deal (on many books) than 40% off


You mean about 50 days :D

Audible 2 books for one credit
Found 17th MarFound 17th Mar
Audible are currently doing a 2 for one credit on specific audio books Get two audiobooks for one just credit on over 300 brilliant listens. Browse below by genre. The custom sho… Read more

Oh, I didn’t know that. Thanks.


You can still add the credits bought on ebay if you have stopped your subscription (although they seem to have disappeared from ebay for the time being!)


Once you cancel your subscription, you can’t add any more credits, but you can access your purchased books. Sorry, don’t know about cheap credits.


if you don't pay the 7.99, you still have access to your account to add credits? I want to get on this cheap credits before they get pulled. any sellers still doing them sub £20? never had audible before so not sure how it works.


any link to the seller please. thanks. got the 90 day trial so want to get a few books in on my own uk account.

Audible free returns - anytime anywhere
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
Before anybody comments, this is not a deal (ish) and it's not new - but I just found it and I couldn't see another post about it. I'm a HotUKDeals tart as I am sure most of you a… Read more

Red Rising and the rest of the series are very good, IMO. The narrator works well for me. One of the best series I have listened to in years (3hr+/day commute) - but each to their own I guess. I hope you find something enjoyable with your return.


Done it, no issues. However if you listen to something the whole way through and then do it, they'll no doubt cut you off at some point. That being said they seem fairly tolerant of my using of offers all the time


Good reminder, my son accidentally bought me a book so was able to return it. Might take a look through and see if there is anything I didn't like. I couldn't get on with IT, I only really like tom listen to audiobooks of things I've already read


Yeah it was terrible, was swayed by the great reviews as well. Having the option to return is great, I think if you don't get more than 1/3 (or even half of the way through) its fair enough to send it back imo.


My god I was the same - could only get 1/3rd of the way through. Hated the narration, didn't like the protagonist. Disappointed since the series was raved about!

Kermode on Film By: Mark Kermode - FREE on Audible
Found 4th MarFound 4th Mar
I think I recall him talking about this on the podcast before, should be quite interesting!!!
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Voted hot. In all the years I have been listening to the church of wittitainment I think I have disagreed with only a handful of his reviews. The review of Independence Day resurgence with one word spoke volumes, meh. Everyone’s tastes are different and of course a review is subjective but in general his reviews are well thought out, backed by evidence and fair. Btw I loved the Last Jedi, complete departure from the previous 7 and whilst that left some fans out of their comfort zones the story and setup for episode 9 and beyond was worth it.(*caution, low flying princesses may reduce your viewing pleasure) Ending reminded me of the last episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer!


I liked it lol. And this isn't just for Kermode. And it's free. So good heads up, cheers OP. Harsh voting it cold.


Mark Kermode is a muppet so have to vote cold. You should have seen his review of The Last Jedi - he actually thought it was good!!

Shinoke He gave Baby Driver 5/5 Not seen it but imagine that has at least one explosion in it.


I like art house films but I do feel critics can get it wrong plenty of times - it's very much about personal taste and opinion. Ones tastes may not match that of the critic. It can help to find a critic with similar taste I think, but I haven't done so. The one time I used an Empire review as the basis for going to watch a film (they gave The Descent 5 stars) I was deeply annoyed. Aggregators can help. But yeah, it's more for the commentary. I'm not sure I'd use one person's views as a basis for deciding a film to watch - especially if you don't know if their tastes match. I listened to his podcast quite a bit at one point. One issue I take is he never seems to have any interest is reading the novel of an adaptation. Sure, the film should stand up on its own merit - but a lot of people watching it will have read the book first - or intentionally read the book before seeing the film (as I did with Cloud Atlas for example). So yeah, he doesn't bother to read the novel which can make a big difference. He slates Transformers which I totally agree with.

Try cancelling your Audible subscription at get... a bunch of goodies!
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
a) One free book b) Option to pause your subscription c) £10 credit d) £3.99/month (50% off regular subscription price) for three months!
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At what point in the cancellation are you made those offers? I've just got the the end of a 3-month free trial and when I cancel it asks me why I'm cancelling (gives me options to choose) then says thanks for the feedback and gives another 'Cancel Membership' button (with a link to customer services above it) - I've not clicked that in case that's the actual final cancellation. Am i just not being given the options? I did have a free trial a year or so ago when I cancelled (and did get an additional free credit to continue) so maybe it remembers that and isn't making me another offer?


I wasnt aware of the cashback and just signed up for half price too


Worked for me, three months break


I've just cancelled and the only offer I got was 1 free credit. :(


Just signed up for the 3 months half price and also ten quid TopCashback tracked as well, so 2 quid for 3 books

Bill Bryson's Appliance of Science - Free Audible Audiobook (with LIVE subscription only)
Found 25th FebFound 25th Feb
This has been on my Audible wish list for a while, and I noticed today that the price was £0.00 so I snapped it up. Reviews are mixed, but hey - it's free! NOTE: apparently it's o… Read more
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Worked, thanks


Ok listen if you ask me!


Worked perfectly. Bill Bryson is brilliant! Thank u. Heat added.


£0.00 for me with an active subscription thanks


I have a sub and got it but also there seems to be a lot of offers on other Bryson books A short history of everything is £3.99 Down Under is £2.99 The Lost Continent is £1.99 and quite a few more too

Audible, best selling DOTD title's from 99p to £3.99 loads (over 300) available, members only
Found 25th FebFound 25th Feb
Audible are having a "Throwback Sale" of their best selling deals of the day. Most genre's available, quite a few Bill Bryson, Audible Originals, Sci Fi, history & well, you ge… Read more

Page turn, yeah, left it too late, urgh.


None of the offers are showing for me. I just signed up with the Topcashback deal which expires today to make use of this. Makes sense - £3.99 per month for three months, and £10 cashback. But yeah, all showing full price for me...


Looks like it's over. Expired


this deal has finished, this can be expired, confirmed by amazon via chat


has this deal finished now? just tried and the discounts were not showing on the books?

new Audible - Audio Shows : Short listens - requires Audible with credit though doesnt use the credit
Found 9th FebFound 9th Feb
Audible is now providing some audible shows free seems to be a few full stories and some series How much does it cost? Do I need to pay/use a credit for each new episode? Audi… Read more
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BTW The Dark Web is excellent The Dark Web


hopefully of help to some ppl facts can be found here Audible Audio Shows FAQS BTW can a MOD move this to Freebies please ?

West Cork free on Audible (Members only!)
08/05/2018Expires on 08/05/2018Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
New Audible original free for members, membership is £7.99 a month but you can get a 30 day trial of Audible for new members which gets you West Cork free. Amazon Prime members can… Read more
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Worked thanks


I have got it for free but when I ask my Echo to play it, it says I have to go to Audible to get it.


I am (annoyed)


You've got to be a current member.


Not free for me (skeptical)

Audible Cancellation Offers - 50% Off or Free Credit
01/01/2019Expires on 01/01/2019Found 28th JanFound 28th Jan
If you have an Audible subscription and go to cancelled it, selecting the option "It's too expensive", then you will be offered either 50% off for three months (£3.99 per month) or… Read more

I did the exact same thing, also a great audio book, better dare i say it than the film, which i though was great.


I have read the book and somehow in my head it felt like Matt Damon is narrating it even when I was reading it :o


The offer didn't come up for me when I went to cancel. Only had the option of one free book. I then accidentally cancelled my membership with no offers. Went on live chat and asked if they could renew my account with the 3 months for £3.99 offer and they were happy to do so.


My 11 year old was harry potter mad, David Walliams, Bill Bryson, ready player one, Yahtzee Croshaw (maybe) and The Complete Chronicles of Narnia my recommendations.


Spend before you cancel even if on preorders? maybe i misunderstood.I sometimes try and hold one back as often do a buy one get one few on selected books but finding its similar books each time and got what I wanted. Also a tip.... If you have a Xiaomi phone that will do dual apps... I do that for audible as lets me access my account and am also signed in on my partners account. So phone has access to both our books while you can't family share found this fine. Little issue if want to listen to same book as you will both be loosing your place.

First book in a truly epic SciFi series. Red Rising by Pierce Brown audiobook £2.99
Found 20th JanFound 20th Jan
Very enjoyable series, not much new SF out there these days that I find that enjoyable, but this trilogy was brilliant. Publisher's summary Earth is dying. Thousands of workers, … Read more

Ah well. I'll try and catch it next time. I spent my credit this month on that Sherlock Holmes Collection which says its 70 Odd hours so that will keep me busy for plenty of bedtimes. Cheers for replying.


Yeah, sorry, deal of the day. It's a different one now. The kindle version is still 99p and you can get the audiobook cheap if you own the kindle book, usually.


Sounds interesting, but says £22.83 for me. Signed in and still the same. Offer expired already?


It's also only 99p on Kindle Red Rising: Red Rising Series 1 (The Red Rising Trilogy)


Actually its a tetralogy (4), soon to be a quintet (5), if that is the correct nomenclature (embarrassed)

Mo-Joe: Episode 1-4 for free! on Audible (Members only)
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
Sale price: £0.00
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An 18-week marathon training diary. New episodes released every Monday. Olympic champion Sir Mo Farah and Body Coach Joe Wicks lend their advice, expertise and moral support to George Lamb as he trains for the 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon. This blood, sweat and tears journey follows George as he transforms from couch potato to long-distance athlete in just 17 short weeks. Packed with entertaining anecdotes and essential training tips, this series gives budding runners all the help they need when it comes to getting marathon fit. Follow George's natural progression as he embraces the challenge, beginning with choosing the right footwear and ditching the worst-offending foods, tips on pacing and motivation, and finally race day hacks: like a last minute caffeine boost and how to avoid chafed nipples. Mo-Joe episodes are free for Audible members, £2.99/episode for all other Audible customers.


Looks like its Members only! Thanks for the heads up, updating.


Not free for me, showing as £2.99 each.

Astrophysics for People in a Hurry (Audiobook) by Neil deGrasse Tyson £1.99 @ Audible
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
Deal of the day!
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Neil deGrasse Tyson for President!




Either that, or an Audible credit


Purchased through Amazon and the confirmation email says it was free, guess it used my amazon no rush delivery credit


Thank you. Downloaded. Love Neil deGrasse Tyson