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Audible DOTY 'Dreams of my Father' by Barack Obama 99p (Audible Members Only)
Found 16th DecFound 16th Dec
I thought this was a pretty good deal of the day from Audible (they're doing 12 days of Xmas deals on there currently). It has good reviews and I've wanted to read/listen for a whi… Read more

I would have thought people would be happy with the amount of time he spends on the golf course, at least then he is not involved in the political arena.



Platforms don't have to provide free speech, they aren't obliged to host every piece of crap people want to share with the world.


I had Obama in mind when i made the comment, as this is a thread about Obama’s book after all. But having read back through the linked comments, they were based generally around presidents and more specifically, Trump. So, fair cop. The thing i remember being said about Obama at the time, was that he spent more time on the golf course than Tiger Woods!

D.M._Sheen've somehow managed to get Trump and Obama completely mixed up:

Audiobooks for 99p! It's the 12 Daily Deals of Christmas @ Audible
25/12/2018Expires on 25/12/2018Found 13th DecFound 13th Dec
Starting 14th December Blockbuster audiobooks for 99p

The get deal link button will direct you to the book of the day, even if you are not a member but will only show the 99p price after you log in(provided you are a member)

dozy_puss Their lost daughters by Joy Ellis on offer for 99p today.


Why not just get the free trial anyway because you'll get one credit to spend on a full price book then you can just pay 99p for the specials if there are any that catch your eye. The books you buy stay with you.


Can someone who is a member post what the offer is each day? if there something good then it may be worth getting a free trial membership for a month.


I guess it’s members only as I can’t see anything. Shame as I was a member until 2 days ago. does anyone have a direct link to today’s book?

Free Audioshow for audible members including Alien: Out of the Shadows
Found 9th DecFound 9th Dec
Alien: Out of the Shadows An Audible Original Drama By: Tim Lebbon , Dirk Maggs Narrated by: Rutger Hauer , Corey Johnson , Matthew Lewis , Kathryn Drysdale , Laurel Lef… Read more

Can you still listen to the audio shows if you buy it as a member and then your membership expires? My membership runs out in 5 days so want to know if I need to listen to it before then or not.


Nice one (popcorn)


its been on youtube for years!


Alien audible original audiobooks are brilliant


Whatever you buy, even if you're 'buying' it for free, stays with you. That's how I understand it.

Audible 2 for 1 sale (Existing members)
Found 2nd DecFound 2nd Dec
Audible 2 for 1 sale starts now. Quite a lot of great titles this time including: Animal farm Fahrenheit 451 Lord of the flies Pages and pages of each category, much better than … Read more
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Cool! Glad that worked out. Cheers.


Sincerely thanks @Hgbnk_Bggj for your like on this a few moments ago whether it was intended or not. I had a reminder for this set up for yesterday but I forgot all about it :) Got the 4 months and will take advantage of the 241 deal that ends tonight. Thank you again :)


I'd recommend Artemis if anyone is a science fiction fan. It's written by Andy Weir who did the Martian and is one of my favourite audiobooks. I also enjoyed His Bloody Project, although I read the physical book so I can't say how good the narration is.


Sometimes it is better to simply acquiesce and enjoy, rather than protest from the wilderness. Up to you though.


Sheer stubbornness :) It takes just as much time to create a dummy account as it does a real one. Besides, if Audible has storage space to host their audiobooks they have space to host their own files.

Audible sale, one day only, 300 books, 2.50 each
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
For members only and for one day only a selection of 300 audio books at 2.50 GBP each
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Thanks. Just spent £27.50. Good collection of books.


You can try But simply if you are a member log into the app, click on browse and then the banner at the top... or log in into your account online...


I don't think I've ever paid full price to be honest...I always wait until they have an offer or try to tempt me back. Between that and deals of the day and other events like prime day I've got a fairly hefty collection now. Haven't even touched the podcasts and other new things they've introduced! Picked up the Millennium trilogy on Prime day (I think) for a couple of quid each. Fantastic books...I think they're all in this deal and I thoroughly recommend them (not done books 4 or 5 yet since they're by a different author but will probably give the a try anyway ;) )


Sorry I didn't even think about it being an offer for existing subscribers. I'd never get through enough books to keep active all the time, have enough trouble getting trough podcasts but it is a great service.


I think you misunderstood what I meant. You can't see the offer unless you have an active subscription. I cancelled mine last month as I have about 10 books to listen to. Doesn't matter, I Google Audible Black Friday and you can rejoin at £3.99 for the first 4 months so I've signed back up on that. Had a quick browse at the £2.50 books and the only ones of interest to me I already have but no doubt there's some good stuff for other people. Obviously I'll be cancelling again as soon as my 4th credit comes through (y)

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Audible - The Count of Monte Cristo Audiobook, new version just released, only 78p
Found 5th NovFound 5th Nov
I bought the version narrated by Bill Homewood recently, yet to listen to it. At over 52 hours long it is quite a commitment. So Audible sent me an email telling me this new book b… Read more

It's a great deal, but to fair, the one of Librivox is very, very good. And free, obviously.


Because they are probably taking Oregan's word for it. On other recordings (I don't know about this precise one) Oregan have been accused of removing the Librivox identifier and using a name other than the original reader. For more details search using the terms Oregan and Librivox taking particular attention to the results from the Librivox Forums. Librivox like other volunteer public domain operations don't have the time to chase abusers of their goodwill. This is also an issue with Public Domain ebooks. Unsurprisingly the suppliers of these rebadged ebooks and audiobooks are not interested in getting involved.


I don't understand why Audible are calling this new then. It even says (P) 2018


This narrator sounds like the Librivox Monte Cristo version 3. Try it for free.


Poor quality

Audible 2 for 1 Members sale, over 300 titles.
Found 4th NovFound 4th Nov
Time for the monthly members promo, looks like theres some great titles in there.
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Red dragon was my first audible book, really good, some aspects are different to the film too. Would definitely recommend, I've picked up the silence of the lambs today, unfortunately the third one isn't in the sale :(


Thinking about the first two silence of the lambs books!!! Anyone tried them before??


Yeah you should be able to, I did the same about 2 months ago


Is this sale limited to only two books? Can I buy 6 from the lists at 2 for 1?


Yeah it has all but dried up now. The only thing I see on eBay are new accounts with credits now and they are still way dearer than the credits were and who wants to have to leave behind their existing library and have to sign into a different account on their devices to read different books? - no thanks. I think when they were on eBay it was through a loophole in gifting credits from one account to another that Amazon (Audible is Amazon) have since closed. I think it was probably a case that the credits sellers made lots of new accounts to get the free trial credit and then probably gifted it somehow to a master account allowing them to offer credits in bulk and cheap. I once got 25 credits for about £30, little more than £1 per book, those were the days. Wish they had left it alone hardly as if a company like Amazon need the money, they could probably make the whole Audible library free to everyone forever and still be fine....

Audible membership £3.99 per month, for 4 months (for returning members)
Found 31st OctFound 31st Oct
Note: The offer is not available to existing Audible (paying) members or those currently in their free trial. I wanted to refund an audio book last night and noticed on the Audi… Read more
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Four month offer didn't work for me. But yours did, which I then combined with the two for one offer. Champion. Thanks.


Worked for me as a returning member. As mentioned previously, you need to be logged out of the site when you click the link attached to the deal.


Like education, whilst doing other stuff.


Also if you know someone with audible, one person can send you a free book from their library



The Count of Monte Cristo - Unabridged (52hrs) - Audible £2.99
Found 25th OctFound 25th Oct
Fantastic price for a great classic. Was just browsing audiobooks and grabbed this. Unabridged at 52 hours and very well received by reviews. Deal ends at 11:59pm
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52 hours? I know he was on that island for a good length of time, but 52 hours? Let's hope they don't do Joyce's Ulysses or Tolstoy's War & Peace next. You'll be still listening to em when they announce a third referendum...


I cant tell you the amount of times people have mistaken me for a count while walking down the street, its mind boggling, i don't see the resemblance myself. 8)


Thanks purchased


There's a few audio versions on Librivox of monte cristo&search_form=advanced


This is a great story. IIRC though it is irritating in parts as characters are sometimes referred to by first name and sometimes by surname. Can get confusing if you have a rubbish memory like me! However it is a great story. Can also recommend the three musketeers, also by Alexandre Dumas.

All Oregan Publishing audiobooks are 89p @ Audible
Found 24th OctFound 24th Oct
Was just looking for a book and I needed up spotting one produced by Oregan Publishing .I’m not sure if it’s the norm for Oregan Publishing audiobooks to be 89p each or not. Seems … Read more

Thanks ProwlingBoy. (y) Hadn't heard of Librivox before. Downloading right now...


Amazon says there are over 500 titles on sale at audible for £3.99, but there is no banner on the Audible website. Anybody else having this problem?


It has been suggested that these are rebadged Librivox editions (which are free). I have just listened to sample of the Oregan Oliver Twist and the voice seems to correspond to the version 6 Librovox edition of that book. Test a book for yourself or look at the Audible reviews for the Oregan Pinnochio.


The Complete Wizard of Oz one is 15 books in one - and the "10 Masterpieces you must read" also saves on buying individual books. - 2 books free in first month with free trial
Found 23rd OctFound 23rd Oct
So this month i signed up for free trial to where you had 30 days free which included 1 free credit (equates to 1 book) . Today i went to cancel my membership havin… Read more

free trial via Imutual. followed by discount membership via TCB/quidco.


Not sure sorry. Just thought this was good so shared. Love something for nothing :)


Good to know


Anything available for people already been a member available ?


Mentioned few times. Added that when cancel can get 3 months half price too. Lots of Audible offers half price. Currently on 3 months £3.99.

Children's Audiobook Sale - Audible (members only) starting at 99p
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
Our kid’s audiobook sale includes over 150 titles all for £2.99 or less. Now’s the perfect time to invest in a library of imaginative tales for bedtime stories they'll love, includ… Read more

Thanks. Got a few on my wishlist for less than standard credits. :)


Thanks, got the William book. Could have got quite a few but stopped myself, got Elmer for the kids


Seems that there's also a 3 for 2 sale too


Brilliant find thanks, my kids love audio books!


Should say ‘Members Only’ in title!

Audible DOTY 'Just a Minute, Another Classic Collection' £2.99
Found 3rd OctFound 3rd Oct
Good Deal of the Day from Audible today, 10 hours of classic radio comedy from the long running BBC radio show 'Just a Minute'. Summary: A sparkling collection of 22 classic epis… Read more

Thanks worth a try


I think it's just online purchases, i.e. not using your credits. They generally track and pay up though I've had a couple get declined.


You have to log in to get the deal.


Expired? Showing at £22.00.


Wasn’t aware of this. Do you get money for monthly fee too? Will try

Nonviolent Communication. Audible deal of the day £1.99
Found 1st OctFound 1st Oct
Heard great things about this book, worth a punt at this price. Amazon sell the paperback for £12.59.
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Nope - didn't work when I was signed in. Oddly I normally get the deal of the day email, but nothing today. I do have Prime membership, but I don't subscibe to Audible.


Is this similar to "Verbal Judo"?


Did it work when you signed in? Audible said they staring to allow daily deals for prime members but I was told I was wrong today and it hadn’t began by a HDUKer though they only received the email and not actually tried to purchase the book! So just checking. Very sad if they stopped daily deals for not members


Come on then. You want some?


You need to sign in

Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams Audio Book @ Audible £1.99 (End tonight!)
Found 26th SepFound 26th Sep
Supposed to be a good book! Just tried the sample and it sounds like its read well too :)
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Back up in price. Just missed out.

MRGRINGO! What I really meant was "do sheep dream of electric androids"


You mean "Do androids dream of electric sheep?".


You're right. I got confused. This is the short stories.


I thought that was "I dream of electric sheep"?

Audible 2 for 1 books for members - huge selection of 2 for 1 credit titles
Found 23rd SepFound 23rd Sep
Audible are doing a 2 books for one credit offer for members. there is a good selection of boos on offer. Great time to get the most out of your credits. if your not a member but … Read more

Just realise if you only want one book you can add two get a refund for one and get the ticket back while still having the book. I don’t recommend abusing it but may be of interest to sone



You can’t I will take some screen shots if u like


My membership lapsed, and I can't seem to look at the sale without buying more credits first. Anyone got any way to browse before renewing membership?


They emailed me this morning telling me about the offer. It’s members only but I just assumed that all members received the email

Audible DOTD: The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu £2.99
Found 6th SepFound 6th Sep
Audible DOTD: The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu £2.99
£2.99£18.2884%Audible UK Deals
Barack Obama cited the three-volume book when asked what he reads to “get out of his head”, describing it as “just wildly imaginative, really interesting [...] the scope of it was … Read more

It was an OK listen. It got 4 stars on Audible but I'd only give it 3. I may give it another listen, I listen while I work so get distracted from audiobooks at times so I've maybe missed important parts of the story but I got confused at times and the characters having Chinese names got me muddled. It took around 3/4 of the book before I got the premise of it. I'm sort of disappointed in this as I expected better.


Never heard of it but sounds good. Got it. Good price


Guess what was on my wish list lol :)


Was on my wishlist for a while too. Gotta buy.

Audible Offer - 3 Extra Credits for £18 - Possibly account specific
Found 3rd SepFound 3rd Sep
Not sure if this is account specific, but noticed an offer on my audible account next to the available credits (top right of the screen), for 3 credits for £18. Appreciate half pri… Read more
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Libby / overdrive is great,as is audiobook specific borrowbox , but the volume of books available on kindle / audible makes the account still worth having , especially the latsest books




Might be wrong, but not seen any uk credits on ebay for a while, can't see any currently. But would be interested if you know of any for sale?


EBay. Credits on there a lot cheaper . Always worked for me


Nope because my library has an app called libby. You never have to visit the library and any audio book you take out is downloaded to your phone. When 14 days is reached the book is returned or you can extend by another 14 days. Its brilliant and totally free.