Audio Splitter 3.5mm Jack for $1.20!

Audio Splitter 3.5mm Jack for $1.20!

Found 8th Jan 2008
Simple audio splitter works totally fine and has an amazing price.


[SIZE="2"]This must surely be the cheapest price for this anywhere. I've not even seen one of these in a pound shop. Good find indeed :thumbsup:[/SIZE]


not gold plated contacts, and looks as cheap as it costs

yeah a good deal if you're willing to wait a little longer (DX est = ]10 - 17 days)

I have already ordered this a few days ago, for the cheap price it is, you cant really go wrong. I posted this earlier today in the belkin post (…pl/) , which incidentally I also went for. One is for my PC the other is for the kids sharing ipod!!!
Belkin is a good make and for the cheap price, I had to go for it.

I think this DX offer looksgood and sturdy. I bought the 2.5mm to 3.5mm converter and that was good build quality.
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