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Tannoy Revolution XT 6F - Floorstanding Speakers (Pair) - £799.20 (using code) @ AudioVisual Online
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Posted 13th Sep 2015Posted 13th Sep 2015
Tannoy Revolution XT 6F - Floorstanding Speakers (Pair) - £799.20 (using code) @ AudioVisual Online
AudioVisual Online Use code - TYXT at checkout to get this price. 20% off. Possible 0% finance also offered. Richersounds price £999.95 The Revolution XT 6F is Tannoy's mid-s… Read more

That bundle is the deal of the century - been pondering buying these speakers at full price unbundled. Thanks to both posters.


Thanks to original poster, I've just bought the oak veneer speakers, code still working and for £1 extra got the bundle with the Brunoco digital amp which is very good. Great speakers and audiovisual posted next day, excellent service!


I am looking to replace a pair of Mission speakers that I am using as front left & right, in a 7.1 home cinema setup. Budget is up to £1k. Should I replace with the same brand, to keep things the same? Is there a recommended best speaker for this purpose I can see reviews of somewhere please? Or should I also replace the centre (mid) speaker at the same time?


For this prices i get KEF or Monitor Audio ......cold for me


I forgot about TCB, I have bought from them before and TCB tracked and paid quickly. The service is great, if you want a specific day for delivery just give them a ring once you have checked out.

Monitor Audio Bronze BXW-10 Rosemah Subwoofer £225 audiovisualonline
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Posted 17th Jul 2015Posted 17th Jul 2015
Monitor Audio Bronze BXW-10 Rosemah Subwoofer £225 audiovisualonline
I know some of you were looking for this subwoofer to drop in price, there it is, Monitor Audio Bronze BXW-10 Rosemah Subwoofer for £225. Use following code AH21 to get it for £225… Read more

The walnut are now also available at this price. Same code - AH21


I'm tempted, just for gaming; these are SOLID subs for the moolah :{


Not a great sub unfortunately, although most other MA products are superb there subs do let them down somewhat. If it were myself I would put a few extra bucks toward something like a BK XLS200 mk2, now that is a superb sub for the money.


any vouchers for it in walnut?


You sir mnet are a bar steward ;) posting deals I want and can not afford. Heat added

Monitor Audio Bronze BX6 Rosemah £325 audiovisualonline
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Posted 17th Jul 2015Posted 17th Jul 2015
Monitor Audio Bronze BX6 Rosemah £325 audiovisualonline
Whoever missed previous deal, here they are again - Monitor Audio Bronze BX6 Floorstanding Speakers in Rosemah colour. Use following code RT19 to get these for £325.
Wharfedale 155 Speakers £199 @ Audiovisual £50 cheaper than elsewhere ( must join Free AV club online to get price)
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Posted 13th Jul 2015Posted 13th Jul 2015
Wharfedale 155 Speakers £199 @ Audiovisual £50 cheaper than elsewhere ( must join Free AV club online to get price)
Good reviews and a decent £50 saving when you join their AV club online which is free and will also entitle you to other offers. Link takes you to the join page.

Great deal!

Sennheiser PX360 Headphones £49.99 AUDIOVISUALonline
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Posted 11th Jul 2015Posted 11th Jul 2015
Sennheiser PX360 Headphones £49.99 AUDIOVISUALonline
With the comfort and ergonomics of a sophisticated easy-chair and audio performance that only acoustics experts Sennheiser can provide, the Sennheiser PX 360 is an ideal headphone … Read more

shame it's not the bluetooth version......

Monitor Audio BX6 (Very Slight scratches) £325.00 @ AudioVisual online
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Posted 9th Jul 2015Posted 9th Jul 2015
Monitor Audio BX6 (Very Slight scratches) £325.00 @ AudioVisual online
Bought these the last time they were on offer. For those who missed it last time.

^^Are you looking for a pair of stereo speakers[This post] or a 5.1 setup? :| as they are two different kettles of fish.. These would be better in a 5.1 setup as they are large floorstanding speakers. But if you are looking for a BX 5.1 setup? you would need to buy another 2 rear speakers, a centre and a subwoofer. As it says on the tin.. Focal dome 5.1 is a complete set of 5 speakers and sub. They are small wife friendly satellite speakers. :{ I have them myself and have replaced the sub with a bkxls400. They will never beat any floorstanding speakers at stereo as they need a sub to get the best out of them, for their small size though they sound amazing as you can see from online reviews.


would you prefer these or focal 5.1 dome speakers?


These are my go to speakers, they are a bit boomy and position sensitive but I'll never get rid of them as long as I live


I have the RX6's and they sound awesome hooked up to my Rega amp. This is a great price


I bought a set of these in the offer a few weeks back (£325). I have them running off my ONKYO A/V Amp - the sound is the best I have ever heard - really makes a difference over my previous AR18s Bookshelf speakers.

MONITOR AUDIO BRONZE BX2 £125 @ Audio Visual Online (code XY9T)
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Posted 7th Jul 2015Posted 7th Jul 2015
MONITOR AUDIO BRONZE BX2 £125 @ Audio Visual Online (code XY9T)
Found this in their AV club. Code takes £74 off the listed price at £199 = £125 Even cheaper than richer sounds...
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How do you get the code for this price? I signed up but can't find it in my offers.


Depends where you place them.


Ordered a pair just wondered if these would be best on speaker stands ? Advice welcomed ...


I thought the drivers were just better quality in the silvers, are these really made from chipboard or the likes?


Silvers are a big chunk more expensive than bronze!

Dali Zensor 5 floorstanders + Marantz PM6005 amp £549 @ audiovisualonline
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Posted 14th Jun 2015Posted 14th Jun 2015
Dali Zensor 5 floorstanders + Marantz PM6005 amp £549 @ audiovisualonline
For those that were interested in the Monitor Audio BX6 deal earlier this week but missed out, I think this is a cracking deal if you need a solid amp as well. Dali Zensor 5 floor… Read more

Page not found when clicked on link


How do they compare to old mission 704 speakers?


just took a punt with these and the marantz amp all for £599 delivered.Hope there a good match.Reviews seem good


Eventually I want to upgrade my Zensor 1's to these. Dali manufactures great speakers


The Marantz PM6005 is a stereo integrated amplifier, please bear in mind if wanting to increase to a full blown home cinema setup in the future.

Get Monitor Audio BX1 Walnut Speakers for £99 using code 3FWP @ Audio Visual Online!
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Posted 12th Jun 2015Posted 12th Jun 2015
Get Monitor Audio BX1 Walnut Speakers for £99 using code 3FWP @ Audio Visual Online!
With thanks to zippyr for the earlier deal .... Review Here: "For such small boxes they make an impressive fist of filling… Read more

Speakers are such a personal thing. You really need to hear them. There's no point me telling you one is deeper than another or more natural when to you they could be completely different.


How do these compare to the Tannoy V1's? I'm looking for decent fronts for my 7.1 setup.


Yay, they just arrived !


I'd snap these up of I hadn't just bought a pair of Tannoy Mercury V1. These would look proper tidy on my desk in the office & probably make a better noise too.


No, not in connection with an AV Receiver, always your best bet is decent speaker cable and cable trunking.

Monitor Audio BX6 Walnut £325 with code AP1A at Audiovisualonline
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Posted 11th Jun 2015Posted 11th Jun 2015
Monitor Audio BX6 Walnut £325 with code AP1A at Audiovisualonline
Shows at £549 before code but £325 at the basket. Cheapest I could spot elsewhere was £499. Seems like a bargain for big floorstanders

I finally set mine up yesterday running off an ONKYO TXNR535. I recently moved my LP collection into my lounge and I spent pretty much the rest of the day going through my favourites and EVERYTHING SOUNDS FANTASTIC! I have never heard music sounding so good :) Last night I linked the amp to my Spotify premium account (another HUKD) and spent 2-3 hours auditioning every possible bit of music I could think of through these babies. BLOODY AWESOME!


I have an old Onkyo TX-SR806 which I decommissioned when I replaced my 5.1 with a Yamaha sound bar. I have bought these BX6 solely for music. My Onkyo should do the trick no?


Yep - much more convenient than the bare wires. Until a week ago, I had a 'basic' Sony 5.1 surround system (DZ680W). I've bought the 1050 (refurbed from Sony Outlet) and connected these BX6s as the main fronts. I've repurposed the old Sony front speakers as the rear/surround speakers and kept the old Sony centre speaker. I'm on the lookout for the rest of the BX range, but happy to wait on a good deal to get the rest upgraded. To be honest I'm not in a rush since I've spent so much because of HUKD this month (inc the eBay glitch). X)


Thanks mate, I'm very tempted to buy a set. Do you also have them plugged in to other BX speakers? I can't see any reason why they wouldn't also connect to BX centre, BX1 rears? I don't really understand what they are for, is it solely to provide a more convenient connection rather than stuffing bare wire in to your speakers/AV?


It sounds great - there is no snap, crackle or pop - so I don't think it's missing anything.... (hence my post asking if there is any difference that I'm not aware of).

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Posted 20th May 2015Posted 20th May 2015
Some great deals on HIFI bundles from this retailer, an example is above, but also very good deals on Denon DM39DAB and Marantz MCR610 etc The Zensor 1 are £200 speakers, and very… Read more
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Thanks for your help mate



Well I bought a Monitor Audio A100 and some Zensor 1 in white paired with a Sonos connect and everything is white inc the speaker cables and digital interconnect.....sounds great via deezer elite and tidal lossless....this place do great package deals, eg marantz mcr510 is £220 cheapest online, white Zensor 1 cheapest is £220 online so saving of over 100 quid....


Was looking at a similar amp/speaker package a year ago. Marantz seemed to be the amp to go for when I was looking, and these seemed to be the budget speakers to go for, or the Monitor Audio MR2 speakers. So tempted to buy this package right now, but I currently don't really have much room for it anywhere. However, the grass isn't always greener. My brother bought a Denon DM39 amp a while ago and hated it. It made a buzzing noise and the audio output sounded flat. He thought his old Aiwa stereo sounded better, and I had to agree with him. Forget which speakers he bought to go with it, but they were decent.


If you still like the idea of a network player but need a CD player, the Marantz MCR610 has all those features but it is still at a more premium price. Think you can get it as a bundle for a little less than £500 with the Dali Zensor 1's, no cables included however.

Denon RCD-M39 Micro HiFI + DALI Zensor 1  speakers - £285 @ AudioVisual Online
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Posted 27th Mar 2015Posted 27th Mar 2015
Denon RCD-M39 Micro HiFI + DALI Zensor 1 speakers - £285 @ AudioVisual Online
This package is £299 everywhere else Speakers alone are £199 so you effectively get the Denon for £85 3% Tobcashback also available. A gret deal in my books.
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I've the dali speakers and while certainly not audio file quality they are a fantastic combination with the m39. way better than sound dock. In fact it's a stupid comparison.


Received my speakers and Denon unit on monday - the sound quality is fantatic, and ive hooked up my tv via optical input so thats great too!


Sound quality is better than say a £500-£700 sounddock unless someone knows of a sound dock that actually sound good (don't mention sonos -they are ****). If you want to dock your I-device buy a separate one and plug it into the aux inputs. Total win-win in the sound department for a hell of a lot less money.


You will love it :). Just remember to turn of the special eq settings for the (sometimes) bundled Denon speakers, its always on by default.


Arriving on Monday ;)) cannot wait

AudioQuest Diamond RJ/E Ethernet Cable 12m  £6899.00 (Free Postage) @ AudioVisualOnline
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Posted 9th Feb 2015Posted 9th Feb 2015
AudioQuest Diamond RJ/E Ethernet Cable 12m £6899.00 (Free Postage) @ AudioVisualOnline
If those £2 CAT-6e compliant Ethernet cables just don't cut it for those highly tuned ears of yours, this may be the next best thing to waste^H^H^H^H^H spend your money on! ------… Read more
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A great post. I wondered where the chaps walking out of HSBC Zurich with little brown satchels were taking their hard earned (OK, untaxed) money to. But surely 12m isn't long enough to reach the other end of the penthouses.


Gold plated connectors and solid silver surley this will cause horrendous distortion and sound sharp and tinny until the molecular diffusion has completed. This could take years for it to run-in. But what can you expect from such a cheap cable


Don't worry Ed Millipede is going to make these available on an NHS prescription to prove that he is listening to the peasants not living near him. I hear Hattie what's her name is gonna announce a price of £7.20. So there.


OOS, noooo I missed it :'(


just ordered one cant wait always wanted one of these lol

Yamaha NS-C700 Gloss White Centre Speaker (Single) £95 @ audio visual online
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Posted 3rd Feb 2015Posted 3rd Feb 2015
Yamaha NS-C700 Gloss White Centre Speaker (Single) £95 @ audio visual online
Very cheap price for this centre speaker. Peter Tyson are selling this in Black for £314.90. Remember Quidco too.
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The speaker package that this is from doesn't seem to be well rated. What HiFi review Looks to be an old speaker. They were reviewed in 2009.


Black one is not available.


Unfortunately the Black version is sold out now on Audiovisualonline.


looks like a good price, heated. the black one is also @£95 at audiovisualonline if someone is after a black one..



Yamaha RX-A2030 Aventage Black AV Receiver £799.00 at  AudioVisual Online
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Posted 10th Jan 2015Posted 10th Jan 2015
Yamaha RX-A2030 Aventage Black AV Receiver £799.00 at AudioVisual Online
9.2-channel Network AVENTAGE AV Receiver that ensures audiophile-grade performance and features Advanced HDMI Zone Switching, Anti-Resonance Technology Wedge, superior quality ESS … Read more

each to there own for the prices yamaha sells for there excellent receivers obviously theres better out there but at alot more money


You can but your opinion matters to you :-)


you cant beat a yamaha receiver


Ok :-)


Hi Im planing to team up Yamaha with Tannoy revolution Amps in consideration YAMAHA RXV677 at £339 from Amazon; or this or PIONEER SCLX77 for £800

Yamaha YSP2500 £619 with code RWIP at Audiovisualonline
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Posted 29th Nov 2014Posted 29th Nov 2014
Yamaha YSP2500 £619 with code RWIP at Audiovisualonline
£749 on page but code takes £130 off this weekend Cheaper than richer sounds deal, wish I could demo it first, tempted. Deal can be seen here (and others): http://www.audiovisual… Read more

I'm tempted by this c&m deal. I wonder if John Lewis will price match c&m so we would get the 2 years warranty. Also does anybody know if you can wake it out of standby to play music off your smartphone. Or do you physically have to turn it on and switch it to Bluetooth


Reading the reviews it has auto wake and sleep with Bluetooth . Think they have 2 year warranty as standard . Ordered one from cm


I'm tempted by this c&m deal. I wonder if John Lewis will price match c&m so we would get the 2 years warranty. Also does anybody know if you can wake it out of standby to play music off your smartphone. Or do you physically have to turn it on and switch it to Bluetooth


Crampton and Moore have it on offer for £609 delivered. Shows 669 and select 60 discount.


In a nutshell, this sound bar contains 16 sound beaming speakers which bounces sound off walls to create 5.1 or 7.2 surround sound. I own the YSP 40D which I bought in 2008 for £999 and has a staggering 42 sound beaming speakers inside! Mounted on my Yamaha Kinsei TV stand which complements the looks. No cables or satellite speakers to deal with.

Onkyo CR-N755 (black) with Dali Zensor 1 (black), £315 delivered at Audio Visual Online
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Posted 8th Nov 2014Posted 8th Nov 2014
Onkyo CR-N755 (black) with Dali Zensor 1 (black), £315 delivered at Audio Visual Online
I just had to share this deal. I've been looking at this bundle for some time and the cheapest has always been £349 at Richer Sounds and Exceptional AV. But I came across this toda… Read more

Oooh this got hot all of a sudden... It was sitting on 100 for a ages.


I used to listen to internet radio with a powerline adapter but two of them stopped working (Zyxel rubbish). Now I have it hooked up to my TV using the optical input, a bit underutilized but it can't compete with my McLaren pre/power amp, so got relegated :-)


Great speakers, but don't believe the Onkyo supports Gapless playback, which could be a pain.




You want the best audio then it's true British are best. Arcam for me all the way and contrary to popular belief Sony Is make awesome AV Receivers in the same category as this Onkyo. For me though it's British Arcam and British Bowers and Wilkins... Solid sound engineering folks.

Q Acoustics BT3 Urban Active Wireless Bluetooth Speakers (Pair) - Available in Black, White and Red - Delivered @ AudioVisual Online with code (CL601939) - £279
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Posted 24th Oct 2014Posted 24th Oct 2014
Q Acoustics BT3 Urban Active Wireless Bluetooth Speakers (Pair) - Available in Black, White and Red - Delivered @ AudioVisual Online with code (CL601939) - £279
Use code CL601939 to get this price. Highly rated speakers for a seriously tempting price. Check out the reviews:… Read more

great find

Yamaha 2030 receiver & Monitor Audio Shadow 5.1  £1999 @ AudioVisual Online
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Posted 15th Sep 2014Posted 15th Sep 2014
Yamaha 2030 receiver & Monitor Audio Shadow 5.1 £1999 @ AudioVisual Online
i think this deal is unbelievable! Receiver retails for £999 from last years £1499. Putting the speaker package together yourself elsewhere is over £2000, so like getting free r… Read more

****.. forgot quidco!.. just checked, not on bundles!


Great company... I ordered a Yamaha RXV-375 with the Tannoy TFX package and £100 worth of cable and accesories for £340 just before christmas.... they offer fantastic deals. Also remember Quidco :-).


I have to have a discrete speaker package so this is perfect for me! Yes, there are perhaps better speaker options, but I simply don't have the space, and the boss don't want big huge speakers either! But as a deal, theres a saving of well over 1k!


Personally for this money you should be looking at the Bronze range and a bronze package over the shadow. A lot of money for such a small system. However, taking it at face value it is a pretty good deal!


great saving, yet so cold!

£4.99 Fisual Pearl HDMI To HDMI Cable - 3m @ AudioVisual Online
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Posted 6th Jan 2014Posted 6th Jan 2014
£4.99 Fisual Pearl HDMI To HDMI Cable - 3m @ AudioVisual Online
Looking for good quality and cheap HDMI cables and came across these, 82% off (SRP £27.99) used the site many times before and always had good service. 3% cash back using Quidco. … Read more

All HDMI from 1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and upwards, support 1080P


Maybe I should have posted this cable instead: Good reviews and cheap at £2.99


This is a really bad deal, i dont know who would buy this nonsense. Hdmi v1.3 doesnt even support 4k, full 3d and lots of other things. 24-karat gold my ass, it's not making the cable better in any way.


I dont see how this is hot ? can get for alot cheaper than this ,am i missing something ?


I'm guessing that is why it is 82% off :)

Yamaha YAS-101 £99 w/code @ Audiovisual Online
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Posted 26th Dec 2013Posted 26th Dec 2013
Yamaha YAS-101 £99 w/code @ Audiovisual Online
Yamaha YAS-101 soundbar for £99 using code YAS101. Limited to one purchase per customer. I presume while stock lasts and today only.

This site is costing me a bloody fortune lol. Limited stock now but code worked. Thanks op. Heat.


Happy days! :)


thank you MrT04d. just popped back on the off chance and they had one in stock and the code worked :)


Price was correct while stock lasted. mchammer's report is correct, it is now showing as out of stock. As it is likely to be a while stock lasts/one day only deal I have now expired it.


Incorrect price it's actually £179

Monitor Audio Vector 5.1 speakers + Yamaha RX-375 receiver + cables £498 @ Audiovisualonline
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Posted 3rd Dec 2013Posted 3rd Dec 2013
Monitor Audio Vector 5.1 speakers + Yamaha RX-375 receiver + cables £498 @ Audiovisualonline
Complete surround sound package, just add TV (and any other devices you might have) Deal: 30 metre Fisual Covert speaker cable 3 packs Fisual banana plugs 1 Fisual Pearl HDMI cab… Read more

£488 now


Now £548.


I know what you mean. :) I just wanted to point out the size to those who might have not understood what you meant when you refered to them as small speakers as some users may get confused. Then again, those same users probably just buy an all in one blu ray surround sound system. (Not knocking anyone as I used to do the same before I researched into it X)


Sorry just to say the dimensions are on the monitor audio site, which I linked above, so you can check yourself.


They are small speakers in that they have smaller drivers than bookshelf or floor standing speakers. The drivers here are 4". Big speakers might have 8" drivers, and often several of them. They aren't as small as the smallest systems, and they aren't as small as the Monitor audio radius, which have the same internals but look smaller/neater, but they are still technically small speakers in that the arent intended to go on the floor. Small by hifi standards I guess.

Sennheiser CX475 In-Ear Headphones - £19.99 (with code F01X1H2) @ audiovisualonline
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Posted 15th Jul 2013Posted 15th Jul 2013
Sennheiser CX475 In-Ear Headphones - £19.99 (with code F01X1H2) @ audiovisualonline
Got the code in an email, expires 30th. Repeat of deal seen in January here:

Any reason its cold? Its good headphones for lowest price.. no matter you can get... might be SoundMagics... I think we should vote for the product is listed.

Monitor Audio Vector 5.1 AV Speaker Package Black - £299 @ AUDIOVISUAL online (Qdco/Tcb 3% £290)
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Posted 8th Jun 2013Posted 8th Jun 2013
Monitor Audio Vector 5.1 AV Speaker Package Black - £299 @ AUDIOVISUAL online (Qdco/Tcb 3% £290)
Special Offer This premium Gloss Black finished speaker package is greatly reduced. Absolutely brand new boxed, only a small number of packs available so get yourself a bona fide h… Read more

Can anyone answer this? Which would you go for at £300? The Wharfedale DX-1 or Monitor Audio Vectors?


How do these compare to Wharfedales dx1 hcp?


These look good - but have you got the V20 hanging from one of these? All of the speakers are quite heavy, but the V20 really is quite a weight. You'd need a very strong wall for these to safely hold it wouldn't you? The proper monitor brackets are pretty much the same, but have a much wider weight dispersal on the wall. Not doubting it, just inquiring as I'm interested.


Apologies fior not getting back earlier - only just caught up with the post. I went for the B-Tech brackets referred to above for my front speakers. Rears are just sitting on strategically placed pieces of furniture! I hope you decide to go for them - you wouldn't be disappointed.


Suitable for speakers using M5, M6 and UNC 1/4" screwsB-Tech BT332 Home Cinema Speaker Wall Mounts (Pair) in Black £15 @ amazonBT332 ASSEMBLY LEAFLET pdfAVforumsB-Tech BT34 Home Cinema Speaker Wall/Ceiling Mount in Black £14.50 @ amazonOther models - B-Tech speaker stands

Arcam AVR400 Home Cinema Receiver - HALF PRICE - Now £999.99 at Audiovisual Online
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Posted 10th May 2013Posted 10th May 2013
Arcam AVR400 Home Cinema Receiver - HALF PRICE - Now £999.99 at Audiovisual Online
Top quality AV receiver, the Arcam AVR400 has just had a 50% price drop. It was £2000. Now available for £999.99. A brilliant piece of kit.

You didn't mention silver power leads to clean the sound..


The JVC HM-DH5U D-VHS had HDMI output.




£1 cheaper at Sevenoaks Sound and Vision


Think I'll stick with my Sony.

Jamo S 606 HCS3 5.0 speakers system £450 - sold by
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Posted 9th Feb 2013Posted 9th Feb 2013LocalLocal
Jamo S 606 HCS3 5.0 speakers system £450 - sold by
This is an excellent system that came down in price from £699 to £450 ! . Paired with TCB of 3.03% and Free delivery that makes a cracking deal . The Jamo S 606 HCS 3 is a 5.0 spe… Read more

You can`t compare PC speakers with home cinema speakers , that is just foolish...Anyway seems like an alright deal , heat added.

Yamaha BDX-610 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System £199.00 from Audiovisual Online
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Posted 1st Feb 2013Posted 1st Feb 2013
Yamaha BDX-610 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System £199.00 from Audiovisual Online
Hi all Normally only use HDUK for sourcing my ever increasing Blu Ray collection but today I spotted what looks like a decent buy in a mailshot from the company so thought I would… Read more

Better deal than this?


Sorry to have upset a few of you on here, I just thought it was funny and irrelevant stating that a poor 7.1 setup isn't better than a good 5.1. If the same individual is doing the setup then both will be awful or but the 7.1 will be better if setup correctly. Secondly you don't need to live in the odeon for 11.2 , 15.2, 17.2 etc single amps do this and have done for a while( and you can bi/tri and quad amps to output how ever many channels you would like given the appropriate ancillary equipment. Although as I was joking I too have 7.1 at the moment but have chosen to run cabling through the walls with custom mount plates so all is tidy as most people like to have a nice living room. Again a good deal for entry into 5.1 surround, if you want to line all the speakers up in a single row as happens often it seems them maybe a 2.1 setup would be better and look nicer. If however you read the setup manual it will give you the information to carry out an informed setup and help you in deciding the correct speaker locations, think room corners at listening head height and you wont go far wrong although a few feet either side of the tv and either side of the main listening location will also be adequate.


Do you live in the Odeon?


Hey seems crazy but most people i speak to are like, 'can't have speaker here' or there 'what will i do with the wires' there and 'can't you put them over there so i can't see them' then they end up lining all six speakers under the tv. Persoanlly i have a full 7.1 setup and wires everywhere couldn't care less. Still a good deal for the price. So 11.2? so you have front wide and front height? or extra surrounds, i have seen amps with 9 amplified channels and two subs but yours must be pretty cool ;)


I'm now extreamley conscious that my 11.2 setup is poorly positioned and too big for my room. I will definately be changing to this system as re-positioning my speakers would be just too difficult. I literally love this forum but on occasion its just exceptional. Good deal btw and don't let the audiophiles put you off, this will be great as an entry level introduction to 5.1 or even an upgrade to an ageing all in one setup.

Nordost Red Dawn LS Loudspeaker Cable 1metre (pair) £549.99 @AudiovisialOnline
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Posted 5th Jan 2013Posted 5th Jan 2013
Nordost Red Dawn LS Loudspeaker Cable 1metre (pair) £549.99 @AudiovisialOnline
Nordost's original Flatline loudspeaker cable introduced the audio world to both an entirely new level of performance and a unique production technique. Nordosts' proprietary, extr… Read more

I understand where your coming from but there are a lot of rich people out there. Spending money on bling cables isnt going to hurt their wallet. And people WILL spend this money if the sales demonstrator can convince them their IS a difference and it IS better. As for the USB cable, I came across this exact scenario at a hi-fi show for those that were trying to demonstrate some computer audio. They commented that when setting it up it sounded really bad and they could not figure out why until they asked for some help. Along came help in the form of a "audiophile" USB cable. They say this transformed the sound from unlistenable to really pleasing. Of course I never heard the before sound just the after. There will always be a big debate with cables. To some it's stupid and crazy to others it's a necessity.


I never understood people going for crazy cables though. Better speakers, better amp, better DAC, better power source is fine (speakers and amp first - then make sure everything is positioned correctly in the room). Speaker cable gives you the smallest return after a certain point (less than £50) and people spend thousands on it. Once I feel like it is time to upgrade my speaker cable, then I know I have a problem and must stop buying audio gear. I think audiophiles are a bit crazy in general. I read an article recently that claimed that a better USB cable from your hard drive to your computer could effect the quality of your digital audio files. In the comments there were computer engineers saying that it was absolute rubbish but the audiophiles were claiming that they could hear the difference...


But then again there's always the deminishing returns to think of. Sooner or later you'll reach a plateau and what else to spend your money on....... eh?


I give up, lol


well i would say depending on your setup this cable will surely boost analogue signals from your source. bear in mind, each of this cable is nearly an inch thick and again if money is not an object, you could always splash for bi-wire cables too (but i would suggest get a 2nd hand ones):

Onkyo TX-NR616 AV Receiver £339 @ AudioVisual Online
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Posted 18th Dec 2012Posted 18th Dec 2012
Onkyo TX-NR616 AV Receiver £339 @ AudioVisual Online
Open Box Grade 10 The product is cosmetically perfect. Box has been opened. Save £60 on one where the box hasn't' been opened!! Posted the wrong link the last time I tried this … Read more

Limited stock now.


Sharp wit...


Shows how crazy HUKD is right now as this has 200 heat and was NEVER in stock even when first posted....


Awesome amp and awesome price but its out of stock as far as I can see :(


I like a bit of Bush myself

Onkyo TX-NR616 £339 @ AudioVisual
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Posted 16th Dec 2012Posted 16th Dec 2012
Onkyo TX-NR616 £339 @ AudioVisual
Looks like a good price, the box is opened but the goods are brand new. If this doesn't bother you then feel free to save £60 Please use this link… Read more

Oh? Is it really? Haunted till the end of time, a legend tormented, a man wronged, he shall have his revenge.


No worries. Deal links are always a problem.


Cheers Jamgin, no idea why the link was wrong, changed the first post. Apologies all


Link is wrong. Currently pointing to a Denon amp. (luckily not a Sony one)This the correct link and nice piccyNot a sofa


Sofa, Sony, who! there we go now we can discuss the deal

Marantz SR5006 AV Recieiver £389 @ AudioVisual Online
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Posted 16th Dec 2012Posted 16th Dec 2012
Marantz SR5006 AV Recieiver £389 @ AudioVisual Online
Good price for a quality amp. LINK NOT WORKING FOR SOME REASON, COPY AND PASTE BELOW:… Read more

I have the Marantz SR5004, great receiver, The Chameleons played regularly on it :D


MAD!! What's mad? Marantz are renowned for musical sounding receivers, Onkyo are known for packing more of a punch in home theatre settings, depends what you want out of an AV Receiver. I opted for a Marantz for my needs, Marantz have a strong musical heritage that is still evident today.


Hmmm - this has pre-outs for front stereo. That's hard to find at this price and below. That Onkyo doesn't have them, for example. I've overspent this Christmas already though!


How can this be 181 degrees and the Onkyo is only 86 degrees? MAD!!


lol who said: not sony? Sony probably the worst brand for receivers...

Audica CX Systems 1/2/3 £399/499/599 with code audicawow @ AudioVisualOnline
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Posted 20th Oct 2012Posted 20th Oct 2012
Audica CX Systems 1/2/3 £399/499/599 with code audicawow @ AudioVisualOnline
Don't need new speakers myself, though was tempted. Got this voucher code by email: audicawow - £200 off listed prices until next Friday. Can't see it cheaper anywhere else. Looks … Read more

the one with 3 speakers is 899 - 200 = 699


Seems good but there's lots of competition

JAMO wEar In40i In Ear Headphones Half Price £44.99 @ Audiovisual
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Posted 19th Oct 2012Posted 19th Oct 2012
JAMO wEar In40i In Ear Headphones Half Price £44.99 @ Audiovisual
Great reviews and a good price. Made by Klipsch. Also slightly cheaper In30i @ £39.99 and in20i @ £34.99 models again both half price also available.

seems very good


These aren't made by Klipsch, the company is owned by them.


Anyone care to comment why cold guys?

Denon AH-D1100 Acoustic Luxury Over-Ear Headphones £97.95 Delivered @ AudioVisual Online
Posted 23rd Aug 2012Posted 23rd Aug 2012
Denon AH-D1100 Acoustic Luxury Over-Ear Headphones £97.95 Delivered @ AudioVisual Online
The AH-D1100 is a pair of over-ear headphones endowed with all the Denon technology you need to enjoy music in optimum comfort for as long as you like. Denon engineers conducted ex… Read more
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Ive had no trouble with my ah-d1100, although the plastic is hirrible and creaks like hell when you're wearing it. I really like the sound of these but be warned they're on the bass heavy side. I got mine for £50 a few months ago from currys but saw them.before that for £70 from peter tyson. Has the price on these shot up recently? They are being replaced soon aren't they?


thanks for your coments and feedback guys i have the denon AH-D510 at the moment which according to the reviews have flimsy arms too but ive had no trouble in the first year of use but i want something better than the AH-D510 so thats why i was looking at the AH-D1100 i may look at AKG K540 or the Sennheiser PX 360


Also available from Comet for £95.99 with voucher code 20HP.


"And now after half a year of use the silver plastic part cracked and I haven't even dropped them to floor once." - Amazon reviewer #1 "The downside though, is that the silver plastic arms that hold the cups on AREN'T solid." - Amazon reviewer #2 "However I feel Denon should recall this product as the quality of the materials supporting the two ear pads is vey cheap plastic that is sprayed to look metalic. I only had them for a few weeks and one of the arms on the ear pad completely snapped off when I was putting them on!" - Amazon reviewer #3 While most reviewers are praising the sound quality and comfort, they all claim it's flimsy just as raylist warned. I think I'll pass but it's a good price nonetheless.


I bought mine without checking the reviews, it cracked after few months just like others said... :( You've been warned

Tannoy Mercury V4 floorstanding speakers - £259.00 @ Audiovisual Online
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Posted 21st Aug 2012Posted 21st Aug 2012
Tannoy Mercury V4 floorstanding speakers - £259.00 @ Audiovisual Online
Edited price: was £249, price gone up to £259 now, but still a good bargain. I was looking for some floorstanding speakers for my hifi, and after reading reviews decided to give t… Read more

I have the little brothers of these, the V1s and they sound great. Very well balanced. You'd be better off getting the V1s if you don't need a lot of bass or are trying to save space. Otherwise these are great value. Hot.


Yup, I can vouch for these - superb sound.

Bargain price for a standard 20m HDMI.. naaaat @avonline £7999.95
Posted 18th Aug 2012Posted 18th Aug 2012
Bargain price for a standard 20m HDMI.. naaaat @avonline £7999.95
Seriously? Soo cheap! if you're looking for a basic cable for a pretty basic cable this is the one.
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for normal short runs, yes, for this length, no.


Why has this been expired?! Can a mod please unexpire it.


Great article in Computer Shopper recently 'proved' that HDMI cables, within spec, are all the same. This ones for lottery winners with nothing better to do other than spend.


mmmmmmmm cheap as chips oO


bloody automated correction!

Fisual Easy Fix Banana Plugs - 4 Pack £4.99 @ Amazon (Sold by AudioVisual Online )
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Posted 24th May 2012Posted 24th May 2012
Fisual Easy Fix Banana Plugs - 4 Pack £4.99 @ Amazon (Sold by AudioVisual Online )
Good customer reviews. Also available @ Play - £4.99 Pack of 4 gold plate… Read more
Optoma Themescene HD87 High Defintion Home Cinema Projector £1599.99 @ AudioVisual Online
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Posted 15th Oct 2011Posted 15th Oct 2011
Optoma Themescene HD87 High Defintion Home Cinema Projector £1599.99 @ AudioVisual Online
REDUCED FROM £3399.99 HD87 Stunning Performance •Supreme placement flexibility - full lens shift & lens options •Superlative motion performance using PureMotion3 processin… Read more

did anyone else order one? mine came without a lens/bulb ?? wtf


Looks like this deal is no longer available


I circled her feet, potatoes don't have groins but maybe your experience with them is different.


How can a projector have 'excellent black levels'? You cant project black light, black on a projection screen is achieved by NOT shining light, and by the surrounding colours contrasting so greatly.


Looks like a good projector, does it do 3D

Jamo A 101 HCS 5 £229 @ AV Online! RRP £299
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Posted 17th Aug 2011Posted 17th Aug 2011
Jamo A 101 HCS 5 £229 @ AV Online! RRP £299
This is a superb stylish 5.1 budget speaker set. They are slim line and will fit perfectly with your TV. Trusted reviews: "The A 101 HCS 5 is a sensational compact speaker system… Read more

Ok certainly will look at the offer - cheers


I would save a little for the Yamaha system because at £194 at bestbuy it is a bargain. Optical has no advantage over HDMI other than a couple of things don't support surround audio through it. Those however are few and far between.


Thats huge help - cheers. Had no idea bout needing amp before so glad someone knows whats what. :3 Also surprised you state HDMI as preferred audio connection as someone else advised the optical route. I may go down the sound bar as I don't think my partner would wanna spend £350+ on surround sound. Therefore I reckon I need a sound bar with HDMI rather than optical input. Thanks again


Hi, it depends what your after. I prefer these to the A102s as these 101s blend in with the slim line LCD/LED panels nicely. Both sets require an amp. These range from just £99.99 for a basic 2 input amp to thousands. HDMI can carry 7.1 sound in various formats so HDMI would be the correct route. Sky boxes however only send 2.1 PCM via HDMI so you would have to use optical out to your amp. Some TVs don't send out anything more than stereo over HDMI either. Many higher end TVs do though. Check your manual or AV Forums to be sure. Some sound bars have built in amps, others do not. This may be a better starter product if you havn't got the amp yet. or a bigger budget:


Being in the budget catagory I am looking at the value choices of sound improvements for a newly bought samsung 40" tv. Is the difference between the 101 and the 102 worth the extra? Do they need a seperate amp? Would I better off looking at the sound bar options? Will they all connect with optical audio lead from tv as I don't believe HDMI is correct route? As you can see, I'm a novice with the current audio options and would appreciate any help. Many thanks

Yamaha NSPB200 Bookshelf Speaker Pair - £49.99 delivered @ Audiovisual Online
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Posted 15th Jun 2011Posted 15th Jun 2011
Yamaha NSPB200 Bookshelf Speaker Pair - £49.99 delivered @ Audiovisual Online
2 bookshelf speakers. Cheapest I could find, Can also be found for the same price on audiovisual online's ebay profile if people feel more comfortable buying from there. I can get… Read more
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Not sure if I'll get any replies but let's hope for the best! How would this compare with a budget amp with a PC system for music mainly and streams secondary as opposed to a 2.1 PC speaker system at around £60-100 for a small 3x5m bedroom?


You're welcome, thanks for being politely courteous too, don't see much of that these days on HUKD, I enjoy discussing hi-fi and it's a vast world of learning with it. Unfortunately, you would not be able to bi-amp with a 5.1 amp, you need a 7,1 system and switch over the 2 channels to bi-amp, and unless you were considering upgrading your receiver, that rules a biwireable speaker set out is not the be all end all. If you could have bi amped, feeding both the tweeter and bass dome seperately does improve sound seperation though. If your room is small, then stand mount speakers could possibly be overkill, so compact bookshelf would be in that instance more suitable, with the bass being sufficiently tight and not overkill with the lack of surface area around it. You will notice a difference with speakers as opposed to satellites for sure, however if your music is being played via your laptop in mp3 format you are never going to have as "rich" an experience as with a dedicated cd player fed through your amp, but then thats where the fun begins in hi-fi and the prices keep going up and up and up! If as you say there still feels like something lacking with the artificial enhancing of your music, this can be down to two things the source i.e mp3 over proper uncompressed audio, as well as the artificial processing your receiver gives, and if the RX-367 you have has a pure/source direct mode, with decent enough speakers and a decent input you will notice a more natural sound than what you are getting now, depending on your choice of music too though.


I'd just like to start by saying thanks for the time to write up this comment, really appreciate it. I've got my system set up in a bedroom rather than a larger living room, it's hooked up to my tv (optical) and laptop (hdmi); it's mostly used for music though, not overly fussed about having 5 channels as very little music is actually released in this format. I'm using a yamaha htr-3063 (5.1 receiver) and the supplied speakers. The deal was on hukd as a matter of fact; Music through straight mode sounds very "flat", differentiation between different instruments is a lot easier and "richer" sounding with the enchancer, but it still feels like there's something missing. I don't think the amp can accept 7.1, but I wouldn't be overly bothered about losing the two rears if there's a big improvement in bi-amping. Thanks for describing the difference between the 9.0 and 9.1, couldn't find much information about the 9.0s online. So would the bass be the main difference between the two? And would this be a noticeable difference in a small room environment at mid-range volumes?


The Wharfedale 9.0s are not soley aimed as rear surround, they are compact bookshelf speakers, most decent manufacturers do compact bookshelf as well as standmounts, which is what their 9.1 Speakers are. It all depends on the size of your room and placement. In my lounge which is 14 foot I have standmount Mission V61 speakers (150mm bass cone, 25mm tweeter), however I do not have them on standmounts due to lack of floor space. I instead have them with (due to the depth of them) side clamped wall mounted speaker brackets. The Wharfedale 9.1s have 130mm bass cones and 25mm tweeters, as opposed to the "true compact" bookshelf speakers of the 9.0s which have 100mm bass cones and 25mm tweeters. Obviously for larger size rooms, standard compact bookshelf speakers are taken into account for rear surrounds paired with larger standmount/and/or floorstanding speakers. I like to listen to music on my Marantz Receiver in pure direct mode (2.0) switching off all other circuitry in the amp for the best possible sound for a receiver as opposed to a dedicated 2 channel amplifier. By doing this obviously I do not have my subwoofer operational to weight any bass (usually gives more of an unnatural weight to 2 channel music anyway) therefore I am happy with the extra "weight" in bass that my larger size (in comparision to the room size) gives me. So to sum up....what size is your room? What receiver are you using? Is sonic fidelity important to you listening in 2 channel sound? Or do you prefer the enhancement features of your receiver to give extra bass? If you are primarily using your receiver for music over surround sound, then these thought require careful consideration, to add further, if you have a 7.1 channel receiver and have a 5 channel set up, would you intend on bi-amping the front speakers, if so then obviously bi-wireable speakers are a consideration...9.0s are not, 9.1s are.


So you're saying the Wharfedsle 9.0 wouldn't be suited as mains? The Acoustic Energy Evo 1 seem to be selling for around £150. Looking for something near the £50 price mark, but I'm not sure what to go with now!


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