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QED Performance HDMI Cable - 5m £21.95 @ AudioVisual Online
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Posted 3rd Feb 2011Posted 3rd Feb 2011
QED Performance HDMI Cable - 5m £21.95 @ AudioVisual Online
QED Performance HDMI Cable - 5m, Only 10-20 left in stock so hurry! QED substantially improved the new Performance range including double-screening, enhanced gold-plated connectio… Read more
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From a retailer of HDMI cables... Nuff said! ;)


The extract from the What HiFi review below would seem to imply that the previous version of this cable was so inferior that it dropped so many data bits that this version has improved Bass presence and weight??? Did they quantify that statment with hard data? Or was it purely a human psychological trait of let’s invent things that we appear to have heard to write a review....... Based on the facts in the review this is total uninformed arrogant nonsense! "Sound gets an added heft, too. There's also an improvement over the old cable when it comes to sound quality. The New Performance HDMI conveys a clear, open, revealing sound. Treble is sweet with no hint of brightness. There's a real sense of heft and solidity in the lower frequencies that helps to emphasise the explosive action scenes of 'Casino Royale'. Dialogue sounds clear and uncluttered too." (What HiFi Review) "


By performance I was refering to the ability of the cable to carry the signal over its length, unaltered. WRT any other form of indemnification, I personally don't see the value in paying several times the price to protect myself against failure of something like a cable. Given none of my several HDMI cables has failed yet (nor has anyone else complained about the HDMI cables I've recommended), I think it unlikely purchasing on the basis of such a warranty would prove prudent.


I didnt realise that these cheap amazon cables came with the same lifetime guarantee as a QED cable.


I'm not sure that being made in China is necessarily an indicator of poor quality, similar bait and switches happened with production all over the world. If a cable is approved to carry the signal you require what do you lose by trying it? Should it fail you can return it as faulty, assuming you purchased from a reputable retailer. Its not as though the likes of QED and Monster provide any warranties/guarantees of performance above and beyond the cheaper cables.

Flat screen cleaning kit £1 @ AudioVisual Online
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Posted 7th Dec 2010Posted 7th Dec 2010
Flat screen cleaning kit £1 @ AudioVisual Online
Hi, long time lurker, first poster! Just got weekly email from Audiovisualonline with this deal, seems like a good one for a quid. Ordered 3 for stocking fillers. Cheers Adam
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Same here, the pad is a lot easier to clean screens than a soft cloth that gets crumpled up mid way


Just to praise this company - I ordered this on the 8th, delivered on the 10th, despite the Christmas mail problems. Excellent service from them - and Royal Mail. :D


sold out!


I have this and it isn't that good. Paid a lot more probably wouldn't complain for £1


Stocking fillers? Christmas sounds a right laugh round yours!

QED HDMI SR 2m Silver Reference Cable £14.99 @ AudioVisual Online - WAS £100.00
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Posted 25th Nov 2010Posted 25th Nov 2010
QED HDMI SR 2m Silver Reference Cable £14.99 @ AudioVisual Online - WAS £100.00
MY FIRST DEAL GO EASY HDMI-SR reference interconnect provides outstanding digital signal integrity for exceptional picture and sound. Recommended for direct digital connections b… Read more

quick, quick...there's another one been posted. You can say it all again ;)


With the way HDMI is being manufactured, at this length any HDMI cable will do as all of the cables are being tested for noise and bandwidth. So to buy or not to buy - that is the question :)


My cheap 7m hdmi cable I use to get the PS3 on my monitor when the mrs has the telly is noticeably worse than the Sony (belkin in a Sony box) cable that came bundled with my console. Green lines flashing up on screen, sparklies, the works. Put up with it as only gets used a couple of hours a week, but for me a real indication there is more to it than the "zeroes and ones they all perform the same" arguments.


Its FACT that there is a difference between cheap cables and high. doesn't matter what the length it is. depends on were its running like what it is next to eg. massive magnets in speakers and what the signal source is, I tried using a cheap flat hdmi lead, running from my computer to my amp, that wouldn't work, shielding on the cable was really bad and it just wasn't man enough, got a £15 cable which should have been £30 works fine. The cheap cable work on my up scaling dvd player, but not computer.


No it won't make any difference for a 2M run. If you used a cheap cable over long runs such as 10M+ then you may see the 'sparkles' which I've had using cheap ebay leads, which you don't see with better quality cables.

KEF Speakers --bargain clearance
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Posted 28th Oct 2010Posted 28th Oct 2010
KEF Speakers --bargain clearance
few weeks ago I bought a KEF C6 central speaker from AV online at a bargain price of £120 (it sells for £180 every where else). today i looked at the site to try to complete my hom… Read more

i am sure they are making some profit..after all they are in the business of making money..they are not charities.. but the important thing for me is that i made some saving from what other retailer would have charged me...can you imagine going to superfi and offering them £200 for the C4 sub (they sell it for £300)..they will think you are mad..but i had it today for £179. Retailers will always make some money out of us..even the poundland shops which get us excited in HUKD about their £1 item..I bet those item did not cost more than 10p from china but we are still happy as we do not think £1 is alot to pay so savings are very relative thing...Sorry for the long post


So not a good deal, I bought a pair of RX6 from a well respected dealer, told him I would pay cash right now, and how much for monitor audio rx6, he said pay now you can have them for 550.00. Thought they were ex-demo, and he was having me on, but he said sorry no walnut and he ordered from Monitor audio themselves. so 200.00 off. He gave you 40.00 off speaker, do you know how much these dealers get these speakers for? (_;)


yes HUKD should change the cold voting system to these different choices - 1) Don't Like Product 2) Don't understand Product 3) Don't Need Product 4) Cannot Afford Product. And finally 5) It is a bad deal because an identical product or equivalent of equal quality is cheaper elsewhere


I'm not having a go at you, just a passing comment.


you know what..i will expire the deal..clearly there are many Lidl bargain hunters around at this time who keep voting cold...good luck chasing cheap beans and lettuce

KEF KHT2005-K2 5.1 Speaker System & More - £549.99 at AudioVisual Online
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Posted 29th Sep 2010Posted 29th Sep 2010
KEF KHT2005-K2 5.1 Speaker System & More - £549.99 at AudioVisual Online
KEF KHT2005-K2 5.1 Speaker System £799.99.Use code KEFSEP1 to make the price £549.99. KEF KHT1005 5.1 Speaker System - Free QED Cable Pack £399.99.Use code KEFSEP15 make it £329.… Read more
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just ordered the central speaker C6LCR for £120...bargain as it is £180 every where else...shame as i wanted the C4 sub. but i m skint after buying the C7 floor standers off ebay..will leave for another sale


Am i the only one who clicked on this thread thinking it was in the nonsense section expecting to see a load of humourous comments....


Also you can still wire in the sub if you want to.

Ring them up and tell them..Someone on another forum rang them up and got the deal.


Ill probably start an arguement here but with the KEF speakers you are paying for the style as well as the sound so the reality is you can probably buy speakers at £300 -£400 that will sound just as good if not better but they will take up half your livingroom. I love the KEF speakers, they arent the best for playing music (compared to a decent set of front speakers) but they are so discrete in a smaller room. Highly recommended and a great price.

 Digital optical  to Anologue Audio Converter £39.99 delivered @ AudioVisual Online
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Posted 11th Sep 2010Posted 11th Sep 2010
Digital optical to Anologue Audio Converter £39.99 delivered @ AudioVisual Online
Just what is needed if your new plasma or lcd tv only has optical out and your stereo only has anologue in (like mine) . I thought i would have to buy a new stereo or av reciever … Read more
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Dunno if this is the same but a lot cheaper


same :)


if this had 5.1, it would have been great


i use this, does what it says on the tin, very pleased with it


Seems the version you need aren't as cheap as above and are a similar price so not so bad after all

Various x demo Denon av receivers £199 @ AudioVisual Online
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Posted 12th Jun 2010Posted 12th Jun 2010
Various x demo Denon av receivers £199 @ AudioVisual Online
Denon 1610 AV Reciever £199.99: A super versitile and ve… Read more
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Cheers for that :)


Richer sounds...£250 for the 1610 model and £350 for the 1910


Where was that? Closest I seen on the web was £349 for the 1610


savings are not great...for £50 more you can get brand new Denon 1610 or 1910

Vandamme Studio Grade 2x2.5mm Speaker Cable - £1.80 per metre - AudioVisualOnline
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Posted 29th May 2009Posted 29th May 2009
Vandamme Studio Grade 2x2.5mm Speaker Cable - £1.80 per metre - AudioVisualOnline
Very good quality Speaker cable if you want to upgrade from the standard Bell wire stuff without breaking the bank. Cheapest i could find it when you factor in the free/low-cost P… Read more

That's not the same cable. that is the 2x0.75mm cable. The site you linked to charge £1.91 per metre for the 2.5mm cable the same as the one i posted compared to £1.80 per metre at audiovisual online. In addition they charge £4.99 P&P so would be over £7 more expensive for the 20m length i purchased


a fool and his money.................... perhaps i can sell you some wi-fi spray sir? as you seem to think modern technology runs on witchcraft and not as most of us think the laws of physics. if you have actually ever bought a "high quality" powerchord for better sound then you have been properly doneover. i love so called clowns ever.


Is ]half the quoted price cheap enough for you ? An equivelant product is still cheaper from your local lighting store though (or your local Lidl if they still have stock from a couple of weeks back) and I agree with Mat. You will not be able to hear any improvement by spending more.


OK so you'd rather use a different type of cable fair enough that's your choice but the point of this site is for highlighting a certain product at a good price. Pop back when you've found this Brand of cable cheaper :whistling:


Of course you can hear the difference. Not that you've spent hundreds on the cabling and want to justify the ridiculous cost :w00t: Trust me, I used to be a hi-fi nut and get all the best cabling etc but then I actually realised after using cheap cabling as a stop gap when I was moving house there is no difference! :oops: As for the leccy, even better. Don't forget that power has ran thro miles of cabling, new and much of it year and years old, why do you think a metres worth of 'improved' cabling will make a sodding piece of difference :w00t:

QED HR Reference HDMI Cable (0.5 m) for £50 @  AudioVisual Online
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Posted 14th Apr 2009Posted 14th Apr 2009
QED HR Reference HDMI Cable (0.5 m) for £50 @ AudioVisual Online
I'm not starting a debate on the whether or not you should spend more than £4.99 on an HDMI cable. If you would like to though, here are some features: - Certified HDMI v1.3. - F… Read more

why isnt this the coldest deal of the year? Have you voted hot acecatcher3 (Mr KFC ;)


Component, annoyingly. For some demo's they use HDMI cables which are written off store stock - so they use the £90 Belkins etc. To people wondering about cables - they use nickel sockets on the back of the TV. If a 50cm cable costs £50 - imagine how much "high quality" cable is needed inside the TV? Oh wait yeah - it's all just cheap stuff. Because it makes no difference...


But your talking much longer distances there. Over the length of this cable (0.5m) interference isn't an issue.


I have not read all of this thread, but early on we were given the definitive answer. But more importantly do people not realise how little these expensive cables cost to import from China, and yes due to the increase in the price of copper, they have gone up by a few pence. The clue is in the last couple of words in the last sentence. So I am now going to listen to some music on my iPod classic that I know full well cost all of $8 to be manufactured.;-);-);-)


chill time

4 Port Full Size HDMI And Digital Optical Switching Unit £89.99 Delivered!
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Posted 7th Jul 2008Posted 7th Jul 2008
4 Port Full Size HDMI And Digital Optical Switching Unit £89.99 Delivered!
Cheapest HDMI and Optical switchbox that is of decent quality on the net i can find. Mine came on Friday gone...Real impressed with it. Other sites have the same model for £170..s… Read more

ebuyer sell them as well but they are out of stock atm hence the link to ebay


but why would you buy from ebay isnt that classed as an auction?


You should get one of these http://********* change ***** for cgi dot ebay 5 inputs Auto Switching No Psu totally auto the thing works great my amp handles the optical so its not a biggie for me you can also put multiple inputs into the same optical as long as only one is on at a time


lol :) no prob heat given :)


beat me to it lol, thanks goonertillidie

Sennheiser MX 50 In Ear Headphones £5.99 Delivered
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Posted 24th Aug 2007Posted 24th Aug 2007
Sennheiser MX 50 In Ear Headphones £5.99 Delivered
Good price for Sennheiser headphones The new Sennheiser Street Line really gets music going and the great sound and powerful bass from the Sennheiser Basswind System are especiall… Read more
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I've had two sets of CX300. One was a fake I now have the real ones, the difference was a tenner and I couldn't tell the difference in sound.... (The cables were the wrong length on the fake). These look good for the money and there is a huge difference on bass (In ear phones) copared to normal ones


You'd never catch me paying that much for Bose.


Ahh the HUKealer always looking for a cheaper price.


Or try the Sennheiser CX300 £16 at Amazon. 5 star rating in What Hifi at £40

Sennheiser PX200 Foldable Black Mini Headphones £19.99
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Posted 4th Apr 2007Posted 4th Apr 2007
Sennheiser PX200 Foldable Black Mini Headphones £19.99
Features Dynamic stereo mini headphones Great for travel and outdoor use with mobile sources such as CD, MD or MP3 players Fold and flip: registered design allows the ear cups … Read more

Hard to judge, but they do go relatively small. The ear pads might be SLIGHTLY large, it depends how big the kids lug'oles are. Just remember to not have them too loud and damage those delicate young ears! :-D


These are excellent headphones, I got mine for about £22 from Amazon a month or so ago, and I can now hear my iPod when I'm on the bus. My lodger has since also bought some after borrowing them.


bloody out of stock!!! :(


Can anyone who has these headphones tell me if the head strap is adjustable for a small head, e.g. a child? Some of the straps don't go small enough.


I saw these in an Orange phone shop (Ealing Broadway, Tuesday) reduced to £15.99 from £20, so if there's a branch near you, it might be worth checking there first. I didn't buy a pair because I don't really need one right now... though that hasn't stopped me in the past, of course. This website costs me a fortune in bargains.

Quality Scarts at Decent Prices (IXOS from 8.99)
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Posted 22nd Oct 2006Posted 22nd Oct 2006
Quality Scarts at Decent Prices (IXOS from 8.99)
Seems like a fairly decent place to buy all the different cables you might need. Free delivery over £10 is nice too. Example of deals: Ixos XFT02 1.5 m Gold Plated Scart Cable *… Read more

Gold plated is only tiny part of a good scart lead and even then don;'t make much difference at all except slightly better connections, the cables itself, the seperation and interference of cables all matters, my parents have a good Squart on their dvd player, and you DO NOTICE the difference between this and the OEM generic black one that came with the dvd player. far richer colours in RGB Scart mode.


Hmmmm, I'm not sure. I know a lot of poor quality "gold-plated" stuff gets sold on ebay cheaply, such as audio leads. I have bought some of these myself, and they are fine for the price, but they are by no-means expensive quality cables. I don't know anything about these scarts though - they could be fantastic, just saying "gold-plated" doesn't always mean expensive.


Double post!


See It doesn't say anything about quailty perse but offers greater protection to the signal path. Or so the theory goes. Basically gold offers better cohesion.


i was told only if you have really expensive stuff


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