August MB300 Mini Wooden MP3 Musicbox With FM Clock Radio - £14.99 @ Play

August MB300 Mini Wooden MP3 Musicbox With FM Clock Radio - £14.99 @ Play

Found 3rd Apr 2011
The August MB300 is a stylish remote controlled mini MP3 Hi-Fi system with FM radio and alarm clock function, ideal for bedside, boat, party and travellers.

The high quality mini MP3 player comes with SD/MMC card reader and USB socket for music playback from memory cards and USB sticks.

A 3.5mm audio line-in jack is included for playing music from an external iPod, MP3 player or any audio player with an audio out socket.

The built-in Lithium rechargeable battery allows music playback for up to five hours and backup power supply to the clock and calendar is provided by two AAA batteries while the device is switched off or disconnected from the mains.

The MB300 has a built-in alarm clock which offers three wake-up modes including buzzer, FM radio and MP3 music.
High quality mini MP3 player & FM clock radio
Integrated calendar and alarm clock
Display temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit
Display time in 12 and 24 hour format
Alarm wake-up by FM radio, MP3 music or buzzer
Integrated SD/MMC card reader
Integrated USB and 3.5mm audio line-in jacks
FM radio frequency: 87.5 - 108 MHz
Built-in rechargeable battery for 5 hours playing
2 x AAA battery to supply power to clock
AC (110/240V)/USB power adaptor & charger
2 x 3 Watt high quality speakers (diameters 60mm)
Infrared remote control
Dimensions: 130(W) x 90 (H) x 95mm (D)
Weight 500g/525g inc. 2xAAA batteries
Gift box packaging and user manual
12 months manufacturer warranty…rch
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Got one of these the other week, great little box, Good sounds for the size and easy to operate, the SD andd USB slots make it great as an alarm. Well worth it for the price.
Does anyone know if the backlight is on all the time or whether you can just whack a button to turn it on?

Does anyone know if the backlight is on all the time or whether you can … Does anyone know if the backlight is on all the time or whether you can just whack a button to turn it on?

Amazon reviews are helpful
Already posted this last week...

Got one myself not bad for the money, wakes you up , gradually gets louder but only plays mp3 for 2-3 mins and then stops, would use as a back up to another alarm.

Its loud enough and works well a remote contolled hifi

Have some heat!
Bertt - backlight goes off after 10 seconds of button press, ie its not lit up all night
perfect for the bathroom
I bought one from from this thread…210

It is cheap, has pretty good sound quality, and a remote control. You can either play MP3 files from a SD card, a USB drive, or by playing music from something else with a 3.5mm headphone socket (an MP3 player, phone, computer etc). I received it a couple of days after placing the order. It was brand new in the box.

I really like that it has its own built in rechargable battery. It is really good for leaving in the bathroom - it doesn't need a power lead and you can control it with the remote. The remote isn't waterproof, but it is fine with wet hands.

There are some downsides. It doesn't feel like a premium product - the buttons work fine, but they feel cheap. The SD card pokes halfway out of the slot. It doesn't display any ID3 information about the MP3 files - just the track number, and you can only play, pause, skip to the next or previous track. The radio only plays FM.
can you tell me what like this is as alarm clock? read somewhere that you cannot see the clock during the night without pushing button. is that true?

[]Amazon[/url] reviews are helpful

Thanks mate, I'd not thought of looking elsewhere!
I've had one for over a year now. Good sound quality but it is a stubborn piece of cheap electronics apart from that. Very poor LCD screen with the viewing angle of 5 degrees (seriously). Can't go direct to tracks, you have to keep pressing next over and over. The buttons are horrible. The USB power supply failed twice (but were replaced).

Not a great alarm clock by any stretch. Just use it for listening to radio in the garden, for as long as the rechargeable battery lasts anyway. My advice = avoid.
now @ £18:25
Expire deal- now £18.
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