August offers from My Favourite Magazines
August offers from My Favourite Magazines

August offers from My Favourite Magazines

Fast Bike : £12.49 / quarter, get a 2 man tent

What Mountain bike : £9.99 / quarter, get a Specialised cycling Jersey worth £39.99

Photo Plus : £9.99 / quarter, get a LowePro fastpack backpack worth £64.99

Classic Rock : £9.99 / quarter, get Nuggets: Original Artyfacts of the Psychedelic CD

Photo Plus deal looks the best to me, if you like your photography.



Note that the minimum subscription is 12 months.

Link is playing up...

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Offers link changed to web.futuremail.net/?Iw…o9I

(basically the email I received).

I'd say still good offers, particularly the lowepro pack, despite the 12 month sub. Depends on whether you're interested in that sort of thing or not. Doesn't mean it's not a good deal if it doesn't interest you ...

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why so cold folks ? It'd be nice to know ...


I have no idea why this is cold. I went for the Photo Plus/Lowepro deal and received my bag this morning, they sent me a Fastpack 250 instead of the 200 which has a RRP of £75 and a real-world price of £59 @ Amazon. Altogether that's a year's worth of magazines and a £59 bag for a total of £33.96 (£6 quidco).

Hot for me, thanks for posting.

Mm, interesting. Is it really possible for them to force a 12 month subscription on me when that will require 4 direct debits?
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