August PC/Laptop USB Freeview TV Receiver £18.28 Delivered

August PC/Laptop USB Freeview TV Receiver £18.28 Delivered

Found 30th Oct 2008
Looks OK for the money...
* USB 2.0 digital Freeview TV receiver with remote control
* Watch over 30 Freeview TV channels on your PC or laptop
* Listen to over 20 digital radio stations
* Plug & play, powered by USB port
* Supports playback of DVD disks
* Timeshifting and Electronics Program Guide
* Universal and regional channel scan
* Real-time and schedule recording
* Mini antenna provided for watching TV where the signal is very strong


I'm gonna vot HOT coz I have one of these and they are brilliant. Just make sure you have a good signal reception, like anything else the technology can be great but if you have carp signal reception then its not gonna work for you.

I used this to watch digital freeview tv on my laptop at work during lunch hour n stuff (..n stuff meaning while I was supposed to be working! lol)...

Excellent piece of kit.

how do I find out if I have good signal strength? I only have sky.



how do I find out if I have good signal strength? I only have sky.

You can go online, type in your postcode and it will tell you.

This is a good starting point…tml

Is this mac friendly?

Cold for me I have a very similar looking one badged up differently but I suspect it's the same for about £12 on ebay as a buy it now. It's ok but the software is poor and reception flaky even with a mains areal that's fine with other DVB receivers.

As the analogue tv signal gets switched off over thenext few years, the digital signal will get a lot stronger, so this device may well work better than it does now.

bought one the same 2 years ago for the same price from a retailer. I suspect this is retail price and not such a hot deal.

Does anyone know the basic level of operating system (Windows) that this item requires? Win 2000, XP, Vista etc?

Many thanks
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