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AUKEY EP-T31 Wireless Charging Earbuds Elevation in-ear Detection Black - £8.98 Delivered With Code @ MyMemory

£8.98£13.9836% off
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Bargain TWS from Aukey

Streamlined ergonomic design, ultra-low-latency, IPX5 level extra water resistance, available single earbud using. Perfect sound transfer partner for every environment.
  • Wireless charging
  • water resistance
  • Mini size
  • Ultra light

30 hour playtime
5 hours, plus 25 hours more with the charging case. Good for workouts, runs, and sports.

IPX5 water resistance
Water resistant design protects against sweat & rain.

Powerful Charging Case
The earbuds could continue working for over 5 hours by a single charge. The charging case extends playback to more than 30 hours.

Key Features
  • Colour: Black
  • Playtime: 30 hour
  • Connection: USB-C cable
  • Weight: 8g

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  1. dkj255's avatar
    I've got several pairs of these and they're perfectly adequate for listening to music, but the kind I listen to isn't bass heavy and I don't have them turned up very much. I don't have any expensive ones to compare them with and I'm partially deaf anyway, but I liked the price and that they come with a Qi compatible wireless charging case. They support SBC and AAC but no form of Apt-X. (edited)
  2. Buzroastbeef's avatar
    Any experienced user opinion on this? Music only requirement. Thank you in advance.
    f1p's avatar
    Bought one sometime ago for the wife as she lost her Beats.

    Built quality is ok, does not feel £10 cheap, but nothing spetacular, sound as one would expect for sub £10 earphones, although one side frequently loses connections and needs resetting to re-pair the earphones.

    My wife also complaints about usint it for phone conversations, and when I call her I usually can'y hear her. (Mind you maybe she just does not want to talk to me).
  3. knobbly's avatar
    Got 2 pairs of these I use at work. Get around 5 hours out of a charge so 1 pair for the morning, other pair for the afternoon. I've never had them fall out, sound is very good (but I'm no audiophile). They work over an amazing distance... 50m+, let's me work in a laboratory and leave phone on office desk. Hot from me 🔥 (edited)
  4. sparks22's avatar
    Voted hot but doesn't seem to be compatible with the newly acquired Google Pixel 6a which is a shame. Any recommendations? Thanks
    keefly's avatar
    They work just fine with my Pixel 6a
  5. steve765's avatar
    Not used these. Here’s a recent review.


    Few of the Memory reviews mention them falling out of peoples ears. Charge doesn’t last that long (5h) so just read (also in description). But heat added for the price alone. (edited)
  6. vicx85's avatar
    Decent enough sound. Don't expect £200 quality for less than a tenner
    However, be wary of the company and only pay by PAYPAL. Royal mail lost my delivery, and They refused to refund me. Kept telling me to speak to RM and visit my post office. I had to put a claim through PP just to get my money back
    PenKnight's avatar
    MyMemory used to be great but after they got caught selling those fake 1tb hard drives I've lost all faith in them as a company.

    Tbh for £8 these are probably worth a try, although I've had bad luck with buds before which Amazon replaced immediately. Would rather shop with them and not deal with the hassle of MyMemory.
  7. Robert_John's avatar
    Out of stock
  8. iwo's avatar
    These must be pretty good judging by the bloke in the picture who is absolutely buzzing with them.
    reddeviluk's avatar
    49689225-03hwr.jpgYou're not wrong... Don't think I'd be THAT happy if I won the lottery.
  9. sheffield788's avatar
    Voted hot for the brand. I don't mind cheap earbuds. I've replaced my Tronsmart £20 earbuds with Samsung Buds2, which are about 5 times more expensive. I think I liked more the cheap ones. I'm assuming these are in that league and I like the brand. (edited)
  10. akustics's avatar
    Bought they are nice but fall out of ears very easily also sound level is low

    But quality is high
  11. Shah_AlivUs's avatar
    I had QCW T1S (one with case and lid). So good got a white for daughter and a black for son. Then got wife a QCY T1 which was just buds and charge case and no lids... Not sure if it was £12 from seller for reason but battery life 1hr 20mins max.

    My QCY was lost. Could not find for a month then realised I'd left it in the joggers and wife had put into a 2hr wash cycle. Worked perfectly as new despite this!

    Bought this for wife to replace her perhaps defective qcy
  12. memememe's avatar
    Don't need


    MrSwitch's avatar
    It happens
  13. Deakcracker's avatar
    Purchased, thanks for posting.
  14. farooqihsan's avatar
    Thanks Switchy just bought it.
  15. doorswitch's avatar
  16. osrick's avatar
    I’ve had a go purely because of the wireless charging case. I only want them for zoom as my T25’s are ageing a bit. Thanks MrS.
    dkj255's avatar
    You may find the microphones on them a bit lacking, unless you're in a quiet environment. Certainly they're useless for talking whilst on the bus.
  17. clever_dick1's avatar
    Bought these a couple of months ago, fall out of my ears easily when moving/eating. Sound is fine, battery life good but had to go back to the ep-T21.
  18. qweqwe1's avatar
    Gone for it, thanks. My son lost his expensive ear buds so will have to settle for these
  19. Usman_Zar's avatar
    Ordered thanks
  20. kshamim1's avatar
    These are decent, been using for last year, deffo does the job and beyond
  21. Smithers37's avatar
    Thanks ordered. Will be great for audible.
  22. tyke's avatar
    Sorry I’m being thick, but what’s the charging case adding another 25 hours of playback time all about? (Quite happy for you all to laugh at my expense).
    reddeviluk's avatar
    Essentially, if you're away from a plug, you use the battery up in the headphones, put them in the case to charge them up, so on and so forth.... So the case itself carries enough charge to power the headphones for 25 hours play..... (edited)
  23. Ashley_Kingston's avatar
    Just lost me last pair. Cheers!
  24. FlashGordon's avatar
    Order, worth a shot at this price. I'm a cheap ****** so these are right in my price range
  25. AvinashPat's avatar
    There was no 404 CMS page configured or found.
  26. Kush.V's avatar
    + possible 5.95% classic membership TCB?
  27. reddeviluk's avatar
    Thinking I might get a set for the Steam Deck..... Guessing they'll be fine for this (usually have audio off, so anything is better than nothing)
  28. stuartw's avatar
    I have these as backups and the Ear Fun Pro 2 as main so none to end. Both are good for sound, the main negative of these are the way they fit my ear and are weighted they feel like they may fall out. I've changed b the inserts but still the same 🤷
  29. josh971's avatar
    Good deal

    Are there any pairs of these which don't have connection issues for a bit more cash please?
  30. dazaman89's avatar
    I'm looking for a pair that would be good for walking outside and being able to use with Microsoft Team's calls.

    My assumption is these wouldn't be good for that. Can anyone advise please or recommend a good pair for MS Team's call when outside?
  31. 123cat123cat's avatar
    I bought a pair of these a while back They're well made, everything works except they have small bass drivers and who they wants to listen to music with lacking bass. I mentioned in a previous comment they are quite good because they keep me listening to spoken audio rather than mindless music because I can't stand music with them but the talk is fine and like I say everything else is well made it's just no bass
  32. NewsWagg's avatar
    Ordered. I have got this brand before, and more than happy.

    I listen to radio comedies mostly.

    And at this price it is not the end of the world if you loose or break them.

    Just do not cycle in them, as they may pop out.

    As for battery, do not forget the case (I believe) charges them, so once you pop them away they start charging.

    I have made phone calls with them. Some say they can hear me fine, others say they cannot.
  33. BrianButterfield's avatar
    Does anyone on Android make them like the AirPods with no rubber?
  34. botchtista's avatar
    These look like an amazing deal. Bit worried about the mic quality - anyone else have any first hand experience with it?
  35. Operation_Dabardos's avatar
    thanks ordered even dnt need them
  36. mountbats's avatar
    Fall out your ears, very easily! Sound ain’t bad, but not the best for comfort when jogging, mine fell out on 3 runs!
  37. Mark.Angel's avatar
    Don’t buy these for work.

    You sound like you’re underwater according to my colleagues
  38. Danny.Halliday's avatar
    Do not buy these they don't even work
    reddeviluk's avatar
    You should start a YouTube channel up doing in-depth product reviews.
  39. LAS00's avatar
    Elevation in-ear detection... What. Sounds like adding words for fun
  40. majadamaj's avatar
    Bought these last time they were listed. I think they are fine for music listening and pod casts. I haven't used them for calls also haven't had them fall out of my ears.
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