Auna (never hear of this make before) 5.1 Surround System  £59.90 @ HiFi Tower UK

Auna (never hear of this make before) 5.1 Surround System £59.90 @ HiFi Tower UK

Found 4th Feb 2012
Not bad for the price - it was never going to sound like Bose or Marantz, but for 60 quid it sounds much better than I thought it was going to.
At lower volumes you'd think you'd paid about 4 times that.
I did change the surround speakers for some better quality ones I had, but overall for 60 quid, I doubt you'd find better than this.
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This is not a review site.
I suspect AUNA is a rip off of the brand AIWA which was not a half-bad brand, owned by Sony. I see this brand being peddled all the time on ebay so it's more than likely cheap junk.
+ £10 p&p
I'm aware that it's not a review site. However, without a description and/or opinion of goods like this where the quality impacts the fact that it is a good deal or not, no-one would have a clue if this is a good price or not.
If it sounded bad, then it wouldn't be a good deal. As it happens, it sounds pretty reasonable, and thus, IMO, it makes for a good deal.
Comments such as "this is not a review site" when dealing with goods where the quality clearly demonstrates that the goods are a good deal or not, just makes you look a little foolish.

Edited by: "dchurch" 5th Feb 2012
This has now been reduced by 14% (for Valentines day), so is now just over 51 quid, plus postage.
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