Auotglym Showroom Shine Set £12.50 (Half price) @

Auotglym Showroom Shine Set £12.50 (Half price) @

Found 21st Jan 2009
50% off this selected car care products at, including this Autoglym Showroom Shine set comprising 325ml bottles of shampoo, car polish and glass polish. For use on all areas of the vehicle.

Don't forget quidco for an extra wee bit off too!

I'm not sure if this is available instore or online only


Thats really good value to be fair. I've got the whole valet set, and most of the bottles, especially the polish, cost about a tenner each anyway. Don't think my store has them otherwise I would buy a spare set. Maybe my nearby watford store has them - fingers crossed - good spot

would buy it to keep for the summer as its a pain in asre in this weather , no sooner have you washed it than its bogging again . i know your supposed to use them to protect the car but cant be bothered in this weather

this is very good - i use it all the time - def protects as well as cleans! :-D
at halfords this set is 18.99, but sometimes they do a 3 for 2 offer and thats when I top up on supplies.

has anyone tried their (autoglym) high definition wax and is it any good as Id like to try it or the ultra deep shine polish?
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