Aurora 6W 12V MR16 Ultra Bright LED Light Bulb, White, 4000k (35W Equivalent) - £14.99 @ Amazon

Aurora 6W 12V MR16 Ultra Bright LED Light Bulb, White, 4000k (35W Equivalent) - £14.99 @ Amazon

Found 23rd Mar 2011
Product Specifications
Brand: Aurora
Colour: White
Shape: MR16
Voltage: 12 volts
Specific Uses: Indoor Use Only

Bulb Details
Type of Bulb: LED
Cap Type: GU5.3
EU Energy Efficiency Label: A
Luminous Flux: 300
Wattage: 6 watts
Incandescent Equivalent: 35 watts
Colour Temperature: 4000 Kelvin
Average Life: 40000 hours
Bulb Diameter: 50 millimetres
Bulb Length: 67 millimetres
Beam Angle: 38 degrees
Start Up Time: Instant
Warm Up Time: Instant
Lamp Power Factor: 0.5
Product Features

* High Power MR16 LED Bulb
* 38 Degree Beam Angle
* Aluminium Alloy Heatsink for Heat Dissapation
* Suitable for: Home, office, shop display. General lighting. Hotel, restaurant, bar lighting
* Lasts 20 times longer than an equivalent halogen lamp (40,000 hrs)


If they really do last 20 times longer than a normal Hologen which are ~£6 for 3 - then these will cost you ~£25 less to buy in the long run and provide a very decent energy saving.

We have 6 in our Kitchen - so I will be able to run all 6 for less than 1 of the 50W bulbs we currently have installed.

I've only ordered 2 myself - want to try them first before replacing them all.

Warm White also available.


Looks nice put pricey! As the title said 'bulbs' I thought this would be a back of 2 or 3 or so. For one 15 quid is a lot me thinks. Not voting however as I don't know the usual price.

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Normally around £20-£25 for the 6W ones ...

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Normally £12-£13 plus delivery.New 6.5w model out s … Normally £12-£13 plus delivery.New 6.5w model out soon:

Link to £12-13 models please - if the ones i've bought work out, I want to buy another 17 for the Kitchen, Hallway and Bathrooms.
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look good - i have spots in the kitchen - would be interested to know what these are like

Just make sure your transformer can handle such light loads, many transformers need a minimum load and will blow LED lights. Although things might have changed since I looked into it. I've purchased the 4 watt MR16's from Deal extreme and run them off an old car battery and solar panel in the garden, safer than mains and free to use once setup.

We've switched 8 in total in our stair hall and bathroom from 35/50w halogen to 1w LED that were €4 each. They give a little less light , 20w equivalent, but have been great for about 9 months now. Still got another 12 to switch so might try a couple of these. They seem a bit dear in comparison to the 1w we bought though.

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Having attempted to install these, I have found that they are too large to fit into the Halogen ceiling holders, and in addition, when I put the power on they do not light up.

Time for Plan B ...

Macdory - as per my note above not all transformers can handle the light loads, you might need a LED transformer.…tml

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