Aurora AS610C 6 Sheet Cross Cut Shredder with 11 Litre Bin: cheaper than [£19.98] with topcashback or Quidco then eBuyer + FREE delivery too

Aurora AS610C 6 Sheet Cross Cut Shredder with 11 Litre Bin: cheaper than [£19.98] with topcashback or Quidco then eBuyer + FREE delivery too

Found 26th Jun 2012
Protect yourself against identity theft and dispose your documents and cards with cross cut shredder. [£19.98]
RRP: £80.44

Cheaper than Amazon if you buy using topcashback…er/

Thanks to Mark43 for pointing out 6% office appliance cashback with quidco that will expire in 6 days…er/


redirecting to eBuyer's website…10c

compared to…247

FREE delivery as well.

6 Sheet Paper shredder for securely destroying your documents
Capable of shredding staples, paper clips and credit cards
Cross cuts documents into 4 x 47mm pieces - Security Level Din3
Maximum Shred speed of 3 m/sec and a spacious 11 litre waste bin
Safety cut outs and over heat protection as standard
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bought this from amazon about a week ago for £26 and have used it intensely for a week as my shred pile was pretty big.

my tips are:

dont put more than 6 sheets in... it's can't handle it
it will overheat after 20 mins constant use, so just leave it for an hour

At this price you can't go wrong
i just tear all mine, some even when they come, dont know ehy people store there letters oO
Thanks, ordered. As far as cashback goes quidco looks better for this if anyone uses both as they currently have 6% cashback on office equipment with ebuyer. I know we're not talking huge amounts of difference but it all adds up.
Just burn them and save yourself £20
Got this model form Amazon last week for £19.99. It is quite slow to shred (slower than my existing cheapy LIDL shredder). The size of the confetti it produces is quite long (not as secure as some cross-cut shredders). One plus point is that the bin is easy to empty (it doesn't have a lip around the edge, unlike my other shredder which is a pain to empty due to the shreddings getting caught on the lip). Overall it is all right for twenty quid. Does overheat and cut-out after 20 mins of continuous shredding (like most shredders).

I've noticed that my shredder also heats up after using in continuously for like 5 minutes, and needs to be left to cool down, annoying when you have great piles you're trying to shred off in one go.
I bought one of these from Amazon and killed it yesterday. I got about 3 months of quite regular use out of it before it jammed and died. I took it apart (for the 3rd time in its short life!) but it was a little too far gone!

Ordered another one from Amazon yesterday as at this price it's pretty much disposable anyway.


£5 more for an incinerator bin, does 10000+ sheets at a time, lasts 10x as long, pollutes the atmosphere, and annoys your neighbours to hell. What is not to love?

Also, as one reviewer notices, this provides a great excuse to get out in the garden with a beer. You could even cook some jacket potatoes at the same time, to save energy, and hence more money saved.. Really, a fabulous device.

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I bought this one from amazon too - in no comparison is it as good as my old rexel one. 4 sheets are a max i'd say - and even then you have to untangle/clog every few minutes as it cuts out!! It has cut my credit card up tho which i didn't think it would as it struggles with more than 4 sheets of paper! For the price its ok though! Wouldn't pay more than £20!
order one lets see
They appear to want £5 postage off me.... bah
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