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Aurora HDR 2018 for Win & Mac - FREE save £92 on 2019 ver Shareware on Sale
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Aurora HDR 2018 for Win & Mac - FREE save £92 on 2019 ver Shareware on Sale

Posted 19th Jul

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

The award-winning software used by the most recognized HDR photographers around the globe.

Aurora HDR is software to create amazing and vibrant HDR images. It’s your one-stop HDR solution.

(not sure why Get Deal button not working but above is a direct link)

Save £92 when compared buying the 2019 version.

Can be downloaded for FREE from Shareware On Sale for the next 3 days. You will have to provide an email address to receive a License key though it appears on screen as well when you download. It will download a small SoS installer in which you can UNTICK the SoS notifier app. After installing click on Activate enter email address and License key. I had no problems installing on Windows 10 64 bit though some are complaining, its worth noting it states only for 64 bit computers (so probably won't work on 32 bit windows.

The Aurora HDR website contains details about the features, video tutorials, example pictures, recommended spec requirements for PC / Mac, comparison between versions, Q and As etc,

There is a good description and list of features in the previous thread mentioned below.

This can also be used as a plugin with Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements. Lightroom, and Apple Aperture.

This was previously posted as Freebie deal by @matwalaboy in May at but the link never worked for me and a few others properly. Instead a 2019 14 day trial version was installed which I removed today then coincidentally noticed it was available at the moment on Shareware On Sale.

I was going to add this to the old thread but thought might as well dip my feet in and post my first deal, and indeed first post.

Hoping someone will find it useful.
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Does it install other blostware
Nice one, thanks also for the mention
TAZMANUK19/07/2019 09:16

Does it install other blostware

It does ask to download some Shareware on Sale notifier which you can untick during setup. I've not noticed any other bloatware being installed but have only used it briefly so far.

@matwalaboy Thanks only found out about the software through your original post.
I had to tick the "Save the installer..." box before the installation would work.
Awesome! Thanks! Downloaded the trial yesterday and got some great results!
Thanks for this. Saw this posted from a different site about a month ago and didn't work. This one does.

Just been fiddling with it for about 15 minutes, cool bit of software for free!

To respond to other comments in this thread, I also had to tick "Save the installer..." before the installation would work.

Also @TAZMANUK the installation asks once if you want to have deals every 24 hours or something from SharewareOnSale at the start, click no. Apart from that, there is no additional bloatware installed.
I only tried it with the "Save the installer .." option as I was guessing it would be the easiest way to reinstall it at a later date. (I'm not sure if there is an easy way to download software from Shareware on Sale after the free offer has expired.)
tried this vs lightroom - this seems to lose a huge amount of detail when doing hdr merges
i cant see a setting for quality anywhere
the colours did seem a bit better than i got from lightroom though so maybe merge in lightroom then import will do it
not sure though if the merge or tonemap are the main thing
To be honest not tried it enough to even to being to understand the quality issues you talk about or how to resolve them. The only thing I would say is that you are supposed to be able to use Aurora has a plug-in with Lightroom. Maybe if you use it that way with Lightroom it would maintain the higher quality that Lightroom allows but carry out the effects that Aurora allows.

If anybody wants to still try it they have another 12 hours in which to download it.
Is this a year free or life time free please
Is this life time free
1066196022/07/2019 20:22

Is this life time free

The Terma and Conditions say :

-This is a 1-computer lifetime license, for noncommercial use
-No free updates; if you update the giveaway, it may become unregistered
-No free tech support
-You must redeem the license key before this giveaway has ended
-May not be resold

So yes as long as you don't update to a newer version or expect support.

Was supposed to finish today but they have reset the countdown timer so another 7 days to get it.

Another photo editor I think has been on before but might be worth trying out while free again Corel Aftershot 3.
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