Australia Land Beyond Time - Blue Ray Disc [Blu-ray] [2002] £6.98 @ Amazon
Australia  Land Beyond Time - Blue Ray Disc [Blu-ray] [2002] £6.98 @ Amazon

Australia Land Beyond Time - Blue Ray Disc [Blu-ray] [2002] £6.98 @ Amazon

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Test your Blu-Ray systems with this amazing High Definition Blu-ray DVD.

Australia Land Beyond Time, great price I love these Blu-Rays like Planet Earth to really show off your Blu-Ray player and a good price too at £6.98

Product Description
Extraordinary panoramic vistas, taken from a 2-engine plane with a camera attached to its nose, amazing geological facts, and marvelous animals, most of them unique to Australia, are what we get in this superb documentary of what is both the world's smallest continent, and its largest island. Once joined to Antarctica many millions of years ago, with high mountains and lush forests, time transformed Australia into 3 million square miles of mostly arid flat land, and its creatures adapted to the different weather conditions. This is a glorious but harsh land, with a strange beauty that fills the soul. Australia is described as being more like another planet than another country, and this documentary has many images rarely seen.

Originally seen in the massive IMAX format, AUSTRALIA: LAND BEYOND TIME is a documentary that explores the many climates and unique wildlife of the world's smallest continent. With an informative and unobtrusive narration to provide information, viewers will be treated to images of the variety of landscapes that can be found in Australia. A great deal of footage also illustrates the fascinating fauna of the continent, boasting some of the strangest animals in the world, which developed far from the evolutionary tracks of the rest of the world. AUSTRALIA: LAND BEYOND TIME is a glimpse into the environment and ecosystem of one of the world's most unique lands.

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This go up and down in price all the time as I got it for about £5 last month then it went back up then I guess it will drop again.
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