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Auto Drive Screenwash Concentrate 2.5ltr - £2 @ Asda

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Auto Drive Screenwash Concentrate quickly removes dirt, grime and insect deposits from windscreens, leaving a bright streak free finish. Auto Drive Screenwash Concentrate contains a freezing inhibitor for winter conditions and is suitable for use all year round. Instructions: Add to windscreen washer bottle using the mixing ratios as a guide: For normal driving conditions use 25% Screenwash. For winter driving conditions use 50% Screenwash. For severe driving conditions use undiluted.
Asda More details at Asda

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  1. Besford's avatar
    " Freeze protection to -5c undiluted"

    Even if you believe that it's not suitable for winter use!
    catchacold22's avatar
    Depends where you live?
    Never had a problem using this on the south coast
  2. Roofer's avatar
    Protects down to -5C, so 'all seasons' except the season you really need it (winter)!
  3. samatshu's avatar
    To think I have been paying close to £8 because I needed screenwash as an emergency on the motorway 😡
  4. kalico's avatar
    Never used this before so no idea on quality, but I never dilute it anyway. 2 quid is a good price for anything concentrated.
  5. trevor_cook's avatar
    £2.89 for 5lts at euro car parts
    sajidtg's avatar
    Expired that one.
  6. barylkaq's avatar
    Waste of money. Put water and washer liquid instead
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    Assume you mean washing up liquid? No - that won't stop it freezing and the salt in it will spoil your paintwork. But go ahead if you wish! (edited)
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