Auto Trader App Free @ iTunes
Auto Trader App Free @ iTunes

Auto Trader App Free @ iTunes


The Auto Trader Mobile application lets you use your iPhone's camera to search for information about a car you like whenever and wherever you are. As well as being a new way to find out about the vehicles you like our app lets you search for similar cars for sale around you.

- Take a picture of a car's number plate and we'll find you Auto Trader expert reviews and technical specs to match the make and model. Isn't that clever?

- Search for similar cars for sale around you, compare prices and models available to buy based on your location.

- Store the cars you're interested in and any photos you've taken in your app's Garage to make them easy to find later.

You can also look for cars the usual way, searching over 300,000 cars for sale on Auto Trader. Once you find the car you like it's easy to call or email the seller straight from the app. Our iPhone app simply makes it easier to search, compare and store cars you like.

Let the world around you inspire your car search. Auto Trader - the world of cars made easy.

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Very strange. Tried it on my car, came back with number of these cars for sale within 10 miles = 0. Number for sale nationwide = 0. It's not like I have an Aston Martin DB7, that's the nationwide results for a Renault Scenic!

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