Auto XS Digital Footpumponly £12.99 at Aldi

Auto XS Digital Footpumponly £12.99 at Aldi

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Found 25th Feb 2017
From tomorrow.

Digital Footpump is perfect for accurately inflating car tyres, footballs, bicycle tyres, air beds and inflatable pools. Features include an easy-to-use illuminated digital display and wide, ergonomic tread plate.

Accessories Included

PVC Hose with in-screw valve connector 3 x Adaptors


High-pressure double piston operation for quick inflation time

Anti-slip coating

Illuminated gauge

Quick inflation

PVC hose with screw-in valve connector

3 adaptors

Ideal for most inflatables
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Just bought one of these. It is really good at telling you what very accurately pressure the tyre is instantly. Makes checking your tyres a breeze even at night (the LED display lights up) - which is great as I only have street parking so can do the tyres at night when there is a lot less traffic to dodge when doing the farside tyres. Really quick at pumping up tyres. No adaptors needed it simply screws on the tyre value thread with minimal leakage. So it's REALLY fast when doing the tyres.

MUCH better than a typical £15 compressor pump that you have to fiddle with; plug into the ciggie lighter, keep the engine running or risk a flat battery, with leads trailing about everywhere, car door open.

Seems very well made and has a 3 year warrenty which I fully intend to use if things go wrong by laminating the typical 'self-erazing' till receipt! Tiny bit disappointed at the £13 price though - Similar non digital footpumps are half the price.

Would say about £8 is the right price for this being a no-brainer purchase.

But will vote hot anyway as its still a good purchase for many, and gets rid of the crappyness of checking tyres with a compressor or Stand pump and trying to read the dial, leads, etc etc

Good £5 Footpump at B&M stores here:…863

I actually think the LED lighting up at night is worth the extra £8...

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