Posted 14 May 2024

AutoAid Breakdown cover, home-start and onward travel = £63.64 a year + £16.80 Topcashback (£46.84 a year effective)

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About this deal

Topcashback is offering £16.80 cashback so effective cost will be £46.84

Or if you dont prefer TCB - you can go via this MSE LINK and get it for £57.28
This will include your partner for free

Note: If the vehicle at the time of breakdown is 10 years old or over, the first £25.00 of the cost will need to be paid by you direct to the Service Provider at the time of call out.

You get cover for cars, bikes, and vans — all under one policy.
We cover you in any eligible vehicle you are driving.
In the event of a breakdown, use our handy free app to help us locate you.
We will fix your vehicle and get you moving from the roadside 80% of the time.
If your vehicle can't be fixed at the roadside, we will take you and your vehicle anywhere in the UK.
We will come to your home if your vehicle does not start.
You will have unlimited call outs.
We have a network of over 5,000 recovery vehicles and 1,200 operators ready to assist.
AutoAid Breakdown More details at
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  1. DonnyBrago's avatar
    Autoaid used to be much better than this before they sold up, jacked the prices and added in a load of policy upgrades which used to be included.

    I still use them but resent the additionally fees I rack up for having an old car. (edited)
    EndemicAlarm's avatar
    My car is also old so I abandoned AutoAid I'm favour of theNationwide FlexPlus bank account for £13 a month which gives breakdown + travel insurance + phone insurance. Their breakdown service has no vehicle age penalty.

    According to my notes at the time, AutoAid was £78 a year or £6.50 a month, making FlexPlus an additional £6.50 a month for phone insurance + travel insurance + breakdown cover in Europe as well. And if I ever had to actually use AutoAid they'd charge another £25 per callout too.

    So yeah, it sucks but the difference was worth biting the bullet for even as a single person. FlexPlus also can be a joint account for free and some of those benefits cover kids too, so... yeah. Party time if that's you.

    Do check all of that though, it's a year or two since I wrote the notes. And there are one or two similar accounts from other banks but that was regarded the best at the time. (edited)
  2. jazzyglobe's avatar
    I think the nationwide flex plus current account is better. We have this as a joint account. So it's £13 a month for the account and covers both of us as personal top level breakdown cover. Plus we get worldwide travel insurance and mobile phone insurance included.

    It's really good.

    But thank you OP for posting up (edited)
    Galaxy4741's avatar
    I think national recovery are not included.
  3. danceswithhorses's avatar
    Shame about the 10 year + age of car cost 'penalty', as this doesn't mean that the car is not looked after well. (edited)
    cheekster's avatar
    There is also a £21.90 surcharge for vehicles 16+ years old. The standard policy only covers vehicles up to 15 years old. Increases the price a fair amount.
  4. maurice.cowanE9o's avatar
    Martin Lewis on MSE always recommends Auto Aid, can buy it through his website and get a discount.
  5. paulcdf's avatar
    Just a heads up that the cashback pays out on the monthly option as well - I did it a couple of weeks back and the £16 became payable within a few days which I was very impressed with.
  6. smicer07's avatar
    Annoying that they've introduced the 25 quid call out for an older car
  7. bargainking1984's avatar
    Have used AutoAid for the last 5 years unfortunately have had to call them out twice! Both times they were fantastic nothing to pay I would highly recommend them to anyone.
    hman's avatar
    I’ve been Autoaid for the same amount of time and they have always been reliable and contactable when needed. I would also recommend (edited)
  8. Pigsy.'s avatar
    Just got a renewal for 2gether - £19 for the year - Premium Cover. 5 star on defaqto
    Shane_rqC's avatar
    good look when you breakdown you get what you pay for lol


    never trust 1 review company always look at more then 1

    Defaqto have under 3 star review on google what does that say about them means they allow fake 5 stars for companies

    uk.trustpilot.com/rev…com (edited)
  9. beaufinder1's avatar
    I’ve got this it also covers your spouse 
    mickbay's avatar
    You have to now pay extra for spouse
  10. tada123456's avatar
    I'm just coming out of a one year AA deal for two of us, the renewal price is bonkers. Two old cars (one coming up to 18 years). Will look into Nationwide.... (edited)
  11. Shane_rqC's avatar
    they charge £25 fee callout if older then 10yrs but they charging you Cover for 16+ Years Old Vehicles membership and still want £25 a callout

    what a complete joke of a company
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