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Autoaid breakdown cover including spouse, home start, onward travel etc £61.49 possibly £16 topcashback @ Auto Aid

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Great service when we have had to use them in the past.

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So, what is Personal Breakdown Cover?

There are two main types of Car Breakdown and Recovery policies; Vehicle Based and Personal Based Breakdown Cover. Personal breakdown cover is offered by AutoAid which means the driver is covered under the policy for whichever car they are legally driving at the time of needing Roadside Assistance.

By covering an individual, Personal Based Cover can mean that those who have access to more than one vehicle are able to capitalise, and perhaps save money, by having one policy protecting all the eligible vehicles that they drive. This means that members who perhaps own a classic car, or a motorbike, or whom access multiple cars within the same household can benefit from peace of mind knowing that their Autoaid membership covers them in all these vehicles.

Does Personal Cover suit me?

People have different needs but for those who have access to more than one vehicle, and who require Breakdown and Recovery Cover, AutoAid’s Personal Breakdown Cover may suit your needs best.

In addition to providing cover for an individual in any eligible vehicle, Autoaid also covers the policy holders legal partner in any eligible vehicle that he, or she covers also…for free!

Our extensive list of benefits for our Personal Cover Based service includes onwards travel, cover for vandalism, cover for towed caravans or trailers and even home start.

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    I did not receive cashback  last time I signed up to Autoaid via topcashback, they for some reason withdrew from topcashback site all together and although transaction tracked just went to declined unwilling to settle payments for previous purchases. 
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    So, Home Start is now 1/4 of a mile from your house? Was about to sign up and read their definition of Home Start, or am l missing something?
    Are you getting confused with the screenshot deanos posted above of a different company?
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    I have been with them a few years now and so have a few family members too with no complaints. They use local mechanics and have always had a prompt call out service. Went over to these after I was left in the cold for 6 hours by the AA. Would definitely recommend them
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    Thought I was getting an iMac for 60 quid
    you would have to pay me £60 to have an iMac
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    This covers you if your spouse breaks down? Great !
    I'm in !
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    Thinking of joining has anyone used these and what are their experiences?
    Been using these for about 6 years had called them out about 4 times great service used them for my partner as well no problems.
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    Wow…they have become quite expensive, I got a year for £29 or so but that was two or three years ago so I guess everything is getting more expensive.
    Was £39 I think.
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    I'm on my 7th year, both myself and wife have had plenty of call outs over the years. Always got us home no matter where we are. My wife even use it to get her dad's car home as she was a passenger.
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    Really ? I hope not.
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    From their FAQs:

    Does AutoAid cover home breakdowns?

    Yes. If your breakdown occurs at your home, AutoAid Breakdown will arrange help. If your car can’t be repaired quickly, we will tow the car to the nearest available garage

    Does my breakdown insurance with AutoAid cover my spouse/partner/civil partner?

    AutoAid Breakdown covers you and your legal spouse or civil partner with total breakdown cover, which includes, roadside assistance, a vehicle recovery service to one place of your choice, home breakdowns, emergency travel or overnight hotel accommodation and an attached caravan or small trailer.
    Please help potential customer out, so you will come out if my car don’t start/work/broke down in my driveway/garage.
     Thanks for taking time to reply to customer’s comments!
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    Here ya go have a read ,,don't forget top cash back X
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    Start Rescue is cheaper these days (roughly £30). Used them for the last couple of years and no complaints
    Yes used to be with them until the price shot up (edited)
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    Was with Autoaid for many years & a great deal it was when they were owned by Redstar insurance. But they were bought out by Right Choice Insurance Brokers & the new owners wanted to gouge more profit from the business & prices were cranked up.
    AutoAssist is better for us nowadays. (edited)
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    Been with Autoaid for a number of years without needing to use them until earlier this year
    I live in the West Mids and we are travelling to Cornwall, i only got 40 mins away from home and my turbo went on my car so they picked me up and took us and the car to a garage of my choice.
    A family relative said i could borrow his car to go away so i picked his car up and continued my journey. I got as far as Bristol and the engine management light came on so i rang Autoaid again and explained to them and they again recovered us back home.
    I ended up hiring a car and drove to Cornwall the following day
    I cannot fault Autoaid on the day and the service and the people i dealt with were all 1st class
    I will have no problems renewing my cover with them in 2023
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    same cover is £46 for LV britannia breakdown via compare the market, covers your partner don’t need to be married, Auto Aid has to be your legal spouse (edited)
    Looks good for the price but the reviews aren't the best.
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    I took this out today after seeing it on the RAC deal, hopefully won't need it with 3yr old E300 cab but one tow off the motorway would pay for this! Mercedes assistance was rubbish with RAC, took ages when the roof wouldn't shut, all it needed was a fault clearing!
    Credit to @fibonaccideals (edited)
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    Will this cover a VW transporter T5 LWB?
    If you stretch it out enough.
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    Used to be the cheapest to get and one of the best but the more popular they have got the more expensive they are. Martin Lewis used to recommend these not sure if he still does
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    This still looks like the cheapest on the market?
    nope, see my post above 
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    Any other breakdown companies offer 'parts and labour' cover similar to the AA?
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    Been with Autoaid for a few years. Used to get RAC with Tesco Clubcard vouchers but stopped when Tesco drastically reduced the value of Clubcard vouchers. Never had need to call them out so can't comment on their service but even though prices have risen in recent years (used to be £49 year after year), it still seems to be the best cover for the money.
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    Just a vouch for this. Unreal cover and never any issues. Recovered twice in all the time had it and absolutely spot on.
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    And decent Europe cover deals?