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15 Months AutoAid Breakdown Recovery For The Price Of 12 £48.31 @ Auto aid
31/10/2018Expires on 31/10/2018Found 6th JulFound 6th Jul
I just remembered my Autoaid was about to expire but by the time I looked it had already expired. To renew it would of cost me £43.31 but as it had expired they wanted £48.31 so I … Read more
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my policy expired 6 days ago. Tried to take it out as a new customer, but told me I was an existing customer.


Thank you! Just used it!


I'd give this a go with my girlfriend, but... Important Spouse/civil partner/common law partnerPlease note that if your spouse/civil partner does not have the same surname as you, we need to see a copy of your marriage/civil partnership certificate. If you are in a Common Law Partnership you will need to provide proof of partnership, the following documents are accepted: Joint bank statementShared ownership of residential propertyJoint leases or rental agreementsBills for shared utility accounts, such as:GasElectricityTelephoneJoint utility accountsJoint life insurance scheduleThe documents must be in joint names. A joint policy will be issued at this time, however we will require proof of partnership within 7 days or the additional person will be removed until we receive such proof. Can't actually provide any of that, as nothing is in both our names.


Seems a good price. My dads RAC is due to expire and even with the £20 tesco boost vouchers that he's accumulated over the year he'd still have to fork out almost an extra £100 for his usual joint RAC roadside, recovery & onward travel. If I'm reading this right AutoAid covers all that plus homestart and also same cover for spouse/partner.


How much is your RAC policy? Also to be clear this includes home start, is personal cover for you and your spouse in any car you are driving. I very much doubt RAC give you the same for less than £50

Full 1 years car breakdown cover includes home start £38 via Topcashback @ AutoAid
Found 16th Jun 2017Found 16th Jun 2017
Recommend by Auto Express and Moneysavingexpert. Home start and spouse or civil partner included. Also covers the policy holder not the car. £43.31 without Topcashback or £39 via g… Read more

This company are apparently arriving to me at 10.15pm after me having called them 7.45pm. This service is bot dit for purpose. Leave well alone!





Wow ''just a sorry about that'' is a tad better than getting called every obscenity under the sun.


This is amazing at the price.Been with them for years and just got even better because you don't have to claim now.You could pay the AA for the same service but just imagine how much that would cost.Hot.

Car breakdown & recovery cover £42.54 @ AutoAid
Found 26th Mar 2017Found 26th Mar 2017
This deal just gets better. Just renewed my policy through Groupon for £39 (£42.54 direct) It was always a good deal covering the policy holder & spouse or civil partner in any… Read more
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This company are apparently arriving to me at 10.15pm after me having called them 7.45pm. This service is bot dit for purpose. Leave well alone!


Cover starts from 48hrs after, so if you're buying today, cover will start from the 9th.


Just bought,thanks.


​Just saw this & tried your method. Rates are slightly less now but both tracked via TCB & if it pays up, will end up paying £29.65 ;) Thanks!


Thanks for replying. If it's 2 call outs then I will pass, I am with start rescue and they allow 6 call outs in a year.

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Car Breakdown Cover from AutoAid All-inclusive breakdown insurance the cheap way! £42.54 @ Auto aid
Found 30th Nov 2016Found 30th Nov 2016
Car Breakdown Cover from AutoAid All-inclusive breakdown insurance the cheap way! Benefit from: A full year’s wide-ranging cover for just £42.54 Free cover for your spouse* Nation… Read more

Been with them for years but cancelled last year and just got another one this morning plus £5.61 cashback tracked straightaway through TopCashback


It's a fact of life


I echo this - I have never had an issue contacting Autoaid or getting a response. This time, I paid via groupon and applied online, receiving my documentation and confirmation almost immediately. It sounds like either they are making a basic error with your email address, or the enail is not getting to you. I have a address and my solicitor's emails don't reach me, yet on a different email address they do ...... Email them and request an immediate confirmation by return this should mean that there can be no issue with your email address and your system is unlikely to treat the return email as spam.


Frustrating. Hope you get it sorted soon. Contact email received notification & policy from -


Paid on 30.11.16 via AutoAid breakdown website by Visa. £42 taken immediately, no confirmation sent (including junk mail). Phoned five days later and after repeating all my details, promised email & letter. Nothing has been received

Home start car breakdown cover for holder and spouse £42.50 per year @ Autoaid
Found 3rd Jan 2015Found 3rd Jan 2015
Just renewed mine for 12 months, this has been posted many times but is great value.

Joined online 3 weeks ago (on MSE recommendation) unable to get any confirmation of cover from them, even following chase up phone call, so as far as I know, they have just stolen my £42


Great service. Had to use it just last week.


In all seriousness though it looks a very good deal and thanks to OP for posting as I wasn't even aware of them. Was going to go with Green Flag personal cover for wife and self when my years Ford cover runs out but that would have been £63 for Recovery Plus (and no home cover) so this seems to beat it hands down.


I would be concerned that they would try and invalidate claim on the basis of not complying with General Condition 11 namely "Your vehicle must display a valid tax disc"


i have used this service for about 5 years now and had to call them for about 10 times so far.. yes my bad :( services are always great and prompt. we used to pay out of pocket and then claim, however its all changed, and you dont need to pay at all. once i broke down on bankholiday weekend in scotland(thats recovery of 150 miles) - on the way back to manchester they had to arrange for 1 recovery to Gretna, and provide me curtsy car to get back to manchester as they couldnt find any local recovery guys at that time of night, and arranged for my car to be recovered next day. all at the cost of just £42 a year, i take it as great service. Also - on 1 occasion last week, i have to call them twice with the same issue to move a non drivable car, 1st to recover to local garage and then 2ndly to recover from 1 garage to another, they happily sorted it out for me. further more, they provide services to the 2 named drivers in any car... it doesnt have to be your car that way if you are in someone elses car who dont happen to have breakdown cover - you can call these people and they will ensure you to get home safe.

Car Breakdown - Personal cover + wife / spouse all for £41 PA @ autoaidbreakdown
Found 13th Jul 2015Found 13th Jul 2015
Still only £41 per year - great level of cover, home start + recovery onward travel etc. Covers you and your partner. As recommended on moneysavingexpert. There are conditions +… Read more

Joined online 3 weeks ago (on MSE recommendation) unable to get any confirmation of cover from them, even following chase up phone call, so as far as I know, they have just stolen my £42


​Yes, any car... As long as your in it :D


Yea thanks I've switched from RAC even though it's cheaper but covers so much more..


thanks op, I'm about to switch away from the AA


The cover is personal, you can drive any car. Therefore, as long as you 'were' in the said car when it broke down (even in spirit), you can contact Autoaid, or local breakdown company, for recovery. It doesn't mean that you would be able to hang around for up to 90-mins for the tow-truck to arrive, hence leaving your partner ("her") to await recovery (_;) Obviously, if you are married or in a civil partnership etc. this would not be necessary as both of you would be covered under the policy.

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Car breakdown cover for you and your spouse including home start £41 @ Autoaid
Found 7th Dec 2014Found 7th Dec 2014
Just had my renewal through and thought this was worth a repost. For anybody that doesn't know, if you do breakdown you have to pay (£50 If I remember correctly) and then you are r… Read more

Why is it expired? It's still valid?


I've been with them for about 8 years now and (touch wood) never had to use them. But it is an insurance policy, and so at around £40/year for cover on both mine and my wife's car it is much cheaper than AA or RAC.


nationwide flexplus which gives you breakdown cover, travel and phone insurance is one to consider if you also take out phone or travel insurance elsewhere. its £10 per month for the account and you get all that free.


another vote here. Money paid back within a week. no issues


I broke down in Birmingham a care years ago and they towed us all the way back to London, with three young ones. If you let them know you have a seven seater then they'll add that to their system just means it may take longer to find a recovery truck that can take all of you. can't recommend them enough pay out with no hassle at all.

Car breakdown cover for you and your spouse £39 @ Autoaid
Found 1st Jan 2014Found 1st Jan 2014
Mine is up for renewal, has anybody had to claim with these recently as I thought you had to pay £50 if you broke down then claim it back. Now I am not sure if you have to pay the … Read more

I had an intermittent problem with my Scenic. Eventually refused to re-start in supermarket car park. Called them out. Arrived about 45 minutes later. Car, of course, then started straight away!! Paid by CC, reclaimed in a few days - paid by cheque. Mechanic suggested what the fault might be (crankshaft sensor) - my garage replaced this (approx £ 100). Problem went away. Am just about to renew. What I like about AutoAid it is that it covers two cars and two drivers - same level of cover with the AA was much more expensive (and I didn't like the way they kept trying to up the price but would then offer a discount if you complained on the grounds that they had lower introductory offers - what price loyalty?)


just bought it, seems the cheapest one, I don't think my car will break down soon, but it is best to have something in place just in case.


dogduck5 hours, 54 minutes ago #3 try rescuemycar been with them a few yrs now used them 3 times and not had to pay a thing , just looked at autoaid would stay clear of them Rescue my car was a nighmare experience for me,i called them out on a rainy Sunday, to be told i had not renewed my subscription and would have to pay and claim back when proven. I had renewed and it turned out they used an agency at weekends and had not updated my details, i had my subscription refunded in full and would not touch them with the proverbial B.P Dear premiums and had to pay and claim back, i would certainly consider Autoaid


Its always been this price, so why the post?


I've been with this company for 3 years and I've had no problem with them. Obviously you have to pay for any recovery services or repairs carried out which doesn't suit everyone. I've had to use them twice and both times claims have been paid via cheque. If you are married your spouse is covered as well, you just need to add their name.

Autoaid breakdown cover for you and your spouse including homestart £38
Found 1st Jan 2011Found 1st Jan 2011
A lot cheaper than the big names, but if you need recovery you have to pay the bill and then claim it back.

Sounds a good deal, no real compaints from all valued members so signing up now. The cover documents explain most of the details but some items are still concerning me since it may not cover everything that I think of. Does it mean if you are stuck in snow which is not an electrical or mechanical failure then you are not covered? If you are on holiday and your vehicle cannot be repaired you would probably have to try a local Garage or ask them to take you to a garage of your choice. Would you still get the refund for alternate travel if you were taken to garage of your choice and the cost of repair was either too high or they couldn't repair in few hours. And finally when you call for breakdown or wish to continue journey after your car can't be repaired, would operator tell you exactly what you are covered for and what you aren't covered so that you don't see any surprises when it comes to claim for refunds?


Seems like a excellent company looking at the reviews from members on here. I think they should hold there heads up nice and high as it seems they surely stand out from all the other shoddy companys out there who only want to either p155 or rip off there customers. Im going for it.


Been with them three years and claimed twice with a total cost of over £90 for recovery. Seem to a very good response and cover for your vehicle if you don’t mind doing a little admin.


Thanks for pointing this out, good deal, just signed up. I have a credit card, with 1% cashback on all purchases so no problem paying upfront.


Good deal. Bit of a shame you have to pay at the scene, but I'm taking this as the price is great.

breakdown cover £38 for you and your spouse @ Auto Aid
Found 21st Jun 2011Found 21st Jun 2011
This is a pay now claim later type cover (the company arranges for local repairer to come to you) This is a good deal as it covers the person (and spouse), not the car. Caravans an… Read more

If you'd read the thread correctly you'd see that I've not only read their website but held one of their policies. Whatever you say, I can assure you that autoaid do not get you home. As you said. they merely offer to put a local garage in touch with you. You are then responsible for paying them and accepting whatever service they may provide. You then have to reclaim your expenditure. It's an insurance policy, nothing more, nothing less. A Roadside Recovery Service it certainly is not.


There are lots of offers on Quidco, free fivers and other cash back sites. I just had a quick look on Quidco and unfortunately the cashback is pretty lousy at the min but they run special offers all the time. I joined last year and bought a £69 policy with the AA and then got cashback of £47. With the cashback sites you have to buy the product for the full price through the cashback site and then in a month or two you get the cashback amount paid straight into your account. The other discount you can get is from the NHS or the police. My Quidco policy is about to run out so I have cancelled that cover and will use my police discount for this year which is 50% off the cost. I think the NHS savings group are only getting 25% at the min.


Tut! Tut! you don't blindly "sort yourself out" Autoaid call a local garage for you !! Read the blinking website !!


you can't, the AA dont offer a 'sort yourself out and we'll refund you' insurance service. They offer something quite different, a roadside assistance service.


How do you get cheaper AA cover?

£37 full cover breakdown policy for 2 @ Auto Aid
Found 30th Dec 2010Found 30th Dec 2010
£37 full cover breakdown policy for 2. The price of AutoAid's policy including home start & onward travel for a married couple is increasing on 4 Jan, yet sign up now to still … Read more
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I am looking myself and this seems like a really good deal. Just for confirmation, does the following statement say any vehicles cant be over 2500cc or just motorised caravans? 'The vehicle – a saloon car, hatchback, estate car, car derived van or motorcycle. Motorised caravan under 2.5 tons gross vehicle weight and with an engine capacity of no more than 2500 cc.' Thanks


Bit of an old thread but its only gone up £1 bargin!


Sorry if I got confused, or got you confused, I don't often write too well :) I always want my car recovered to my home rather than a garage. I haven't had to have anything fixed at a garage for years, actually if ever, it's too expensive for me. Learning how to fix stuff, and suffering the occasional nightmare that can end up being, means I can have the sort of car that would be otherwise economically well beyond my means. The only stuff I pay someone else to do is simple fixes at MOT time just to get it through quick.


Perhaps I misunderstood what you meant. I thought you were saying that if your car CANNOT be repaired at the roadside, you would want it recovered to your home rather than to a local garage. Which, as your extract from the policy confirms, is covered. I don't think we have an argument here, m8, just a misunderstanding! (_;)


That's at odds with what AutoAid say the policy covers "Recovery of the vehicle and its passengers If the vehicle cannot be repaired at the scene of the breakdown, we will arrange and reimburse any reasonable cost of taking the vehicle, you and up to 5 passengers from the place where the vehicle has broken down to anyone place you choose." When I've broken down I've always gone through their call centre because it's easier than trying to figure out the best local garage or recovery guy. I don't think they would take it very well if I demanded a recovery of my car before one of their agents had had a look at it. I'd bet the majority of breakdowns are because people have just run out of fuel which is obviously a lot cheaper to fix by the roadside than potentially a several hundred mile recovery.

Full Car Breakdown £37.00 @ Auto Aid - Personal Cover and Spouse Too!
Found 12th Sep 2010Found 12th Sep 2010
Just renewed with them again yesterday, so thought may put back on here for anyone who may be unaware of the is amazing alternative to standard or insurance "discounted" - not brea… Read more
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Prove it. Right, and if an insurer told you over the phone you are covered you would rush right out in your car before getting paperwork/fax etc..... Quit passing the buck mate.. The guy probably saw you coming and told you you were covered as a wind up!!


I am not a muppet and I am not throwing my toys out of the pram, and it was just unlucky that after 6 years of cover and no breakdowns the first time I breakdown unfortunately I wasn't covered its more the point of how one person told me I would be and the next said I wasn't when I needed it, extremely bad customer service.


So dozens and dozens of positive reports.. near unanimous... and one muppet throwing his toys out the pram cos he tried to put in a bad claim.. hmmmm .....


My car had just been serviced and was running perfectly it was 125 miles into the journey when the problems started, someone gave me false information and told me I was covered when I wasn't, a cowboy outfit who I would advise anyone to avoid on my own personal experiences, hope your not sat on the jury next time Im up for murder, don't happen to work for these cowboys do you. Join a proper breakdown company would be my advice.


That's for one registered vehicle though. Not comparable to this. this is cover for husband and wife in any vehicle as far as I can see.

Full Car Breakdown Service for only £37.00...Free Spouse cover too!
Found 23rd Aug 2009Found 23rd Aug 2009
This is my first deal which I have put on this site, hope someone else also finds it great as I have. I was looking for a full breakdown service at the best price, and I came acr… Read more
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Hmm, I think they are being a bit naughty! I am just about to renew with them but the reminder I got quotes £42.50 for the same cover that costs just £37 online! I am not a happy bunny!


hi i spent ages looking into this last week. i found a deal with TOTAL garages. They have website that lists all garages. I think i searched hukd and found it. I purchased 30 litre of fuel and got total assistance free. Its 14 days cover only but you just keep topping up fuel there and renew it. I checked with customer services and read T&C. All appeared fine for me. My car is 2002. never had a problem. It did break down on our trip to London. They stated you are limited to 1 call out only per 14 days cover but they came out and fixed it no problem. hope this helps someone




I just wanted to check. Does this cover any vehicle or a specific vehicle?


Thanks, repped. I've gone for the one which takes you to your destination, although you're probably right in that they'll try not to but if they don't fix the car on the day they're gonna be getting me to my holiday as that's what they said on the phone!!

Full breakdown cover for you and your partner for only £36 per year - Auto aid
Found 11th Oct 2008Found 11th Oct 2008
This deal was taken from When there's a problem, call them and rather than send their own patrols, they utilise a local recovery firm (either selected by you… Read more

I use Autonational Rescue. Been using them for 5 years. Had to call them out several times for homestart and breakdowns away from Home (including a tow from Manchester to Cambridge). Never had a problem with them. It works similar to AutoAid in that they use local garages, except that you DO NOT have to pay and then claim back. From the payment side of things it's like AA/RAC where you make a payment and you're covered. They have a no-claims bonus (25%) and 50% discount for a 2nd vehicle. The no claims is protected too, meaning that you can have 1 claim within 2 years and still keep your no claims bonus. And if you have another claim and they don't arrive within 1 hour, you keep your no claims bonus. They currently have an offer of 15 months for the price of 12 with free 25% no claims bonus to get you started. The full package is £66 a year. Not as cheap as this offer, but you get what you pay for. Equivalent package is £135 on AA's website and £139 on RAC website. Hope that helps someone!


I can't speak for these guys as I've not used em and know no-one who has - but I'm HIGHLY suspicious of 'insurance based' schemes likes these - ESPECIALLY when it comes to the motor industry... A friend just took out cover with MoreThan - £45ish for everything except European and Home Start seemed a DAMNED good deal to me - nothing else to pay and no limits (that I could see) on claims. Note: You really won't miss Home Start unless a spanner is technically confusing to you - and the £65 these guys are offering wouldn't get your windscreen washed in recovery terms these days - let alone your car to a garage anyway. Also - EVERY breakdown company reserves the right to limit the number of claims you will make somewhere in the small print - some are just more honest about it than others. If your car breaks down frequently, you'll find out sooner or later about this. p.s. On the topic of roadside 'repairs' the AA/RAC etc. claim high rates of success - however what they DON'T say is that the majority of their work is dumbasses who ran out of petrol or don't know how to change a tyre or a lightbulb - or locked their keys in or something else 'decidedly non-technical' :) They're not breakdowns, they're just 'blonde moments' - otherwise modern cars are, sadly, quite resistant to roadside tinkering so all you're REALLY looking for is a 'magic carpet ride' to the garage of your choice really?? p.p.s. I have to be a bit cynical here - only 3 types of people take breakdown cover "Flappers" - people who take out insurance on EVERYTHING - and probably have insurance on their insurance - and insurance on that as well - and gap insurance on it too... "Self-Centereds" - people paranoid enough to believe wherever they/their loved ones end up being stranded there will OBVIOUSLY be a killer lurking to take them/their kids etc. and so they MUST have some "Guardian Angel" service - for an easy life in their sensible car... "People with **** cars" - hell you have to be MAD to pay recovery prices when you drive a shi**er :) With schemes like this you have to hope that the Flappers and Self-Centereds will pay and not claim enough to cover the "People with **** cars" - and at £36 - err - that's a LOT of em :)


OMG ! Just opened my wife's mail to find our renewal for the other AA - £214.50 It covers : joint cover £34 roadside £50.50 homestart £47 relay £47 stay mobile £36 This is what happens when you let your spouse loose with automatic renewal! Needless to say we will be cancelling the policy immediately.


I have been with AutoAid for a year now and i'm very impressed with their service. I've had to call them out twice and in each case a someone has arrived within 30mins and got my car going again - on the roadside. I should add that the £65 limit ONLY applies to HOME recoveries...please read the t&c's more carefully and stop scare-mongering. £36 a year is a great price especially since after two years, with no call outs, the RAC wanted to raise my premium from £90 to £120. +1 for AutoAid.


I wish people would read the thread / terms and conditions properly before posting things like this as it will put people off saving money for no reason.

Breakdown cover for you and spouse, for any car for only £36 per year!
Found 4th Oct 2007Found 4th Oct 2007
Got this off the Moneysaver website, and thought it was a very good deal. Auto Aid are a breakdown service that works on a claim basis - you pay for the repair, etc and claim it ba… Read more
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I have been with AutoAid for a year now and i'm very impressed with their service. I've had to call them out twice and in each case a someone has arrived within 30mins and got my car going again - on the roadside. I should add that the £65 limit ONLY applies to HOME recoveries...please read the t&c's more carefully and stop scare-mongering. £36 a year is a great price especially since after two years, with no call outs, the RAC wanted to raise my premium from £90 to £120. +1 for AutoAid.


Bump - worth a reminder........


I am with them for about a year and used twice, no problems whatsoever. One thing in favour which I see is not pointed out is; you can claim unlimited times a year where as with the big boys you have I think about max 3 or 4 claims a year. Voted hot


There still called autonational rescue thats another part of the company,They have been Autoaid for years i used them many years ago no problems at all.Although for £48 with more than i get full cover with european too.


The company used to be called Autonational Rescue (with no strings attached :-D ). I have been with them for about 10 years. Cannot fault them. They have fixed my car on the roadside miles from home without any cost to myself. I have the full cover just in case!